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Dr. Daniel Sabbah Dr. Daniel Sabbah
General Manager, Tivoli Software
IBM Software Group

As general manager of Tivoli Software, IBM Software Group, Dr. Danny Sabbah is responsible for the strategic direction and ongoing operations for the Tivoli brand, which at the forefront of IBM’s Smarter Planet and Cloud strategies, manages today’s dynamic infrastructures, giving customers the ability to manage resources and risks, optimize human capital and manage service levels and business processes. Tivoli offers solutions in seven key service areas: Integrated Service Management, Asset Management, Storage Management, Security Management, Application Management, Network Management and Energy Management.

Prior to his current role, Danny served as general manager, IBM Rational Software, leading IBM’s efforts to advance the discipline of software development. Danny has also previously served as chief technology officer for IBM Software Group, overseeing strategic direction and leading the evolution of IBM's middleware technology and architecture. Danny began his IBM career in 1974, focusing on telecommunications software, then moved to IBM Research where he was responsible for artificial intelligence research, programming languages, and finally, software technology. Danny received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rochester in 1981, where he specialized in artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Mr. Frank Gens Mr. Frank Gens
Senior Vice President & Chief Analyst
International Data Corporation

As IDC's Senior Vice President & Chief Analyst, Frank Gens guides IDC's research into broad IT industry trends, particularly the strategic adoption of technology by Global 2000 businesses and the industries in which they compete.

Mr. Gens is the producer of IDC eXchange (, IDC’s blog and podcast on the state and future of the IT industry, and is a frequent speaker at executive forums around the world. He is the author of IDC Predictions, the company's annual forecast of major changes in the global development and use of technology. Mr. Gens is a member of IDC's worldwide management team, a lead developer of IDC's global research architecture, and a member of IDC's Research Quality Board.

Mr. Gens is a 25 year veteran of the IT research and advisory services business, including over 15 years at IDC in a variety of senior roles, including leading IDC's end-user research business and developing IDC's global Internet research capabilities. He is well-known for his provocative and accurate forecasts of IT industry change, and the impact of those changes on business and industry.

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