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IBM Performance 2012 - Philadelphia
May 17, 2012


Stephen Dubner Stephen Dubner
Co-author of Freakonomics & SuperFreakonomics

An award-winning author, journalist, and radio and TV personality, Stephen J. Dubner is the co-author of the international bestselling business books FREAKONOMICS and SUPERFREAKONOMICS. Originally published in the U.S. in 2005, FREAKONOMICS instantly became a cultural phenomenon. Hailed by critics and readers alike, it went on to spend more than two years on The New York Times bestseller list, having sold more than 4 million copies around the world, in more than 35 languages. Dubner is also host of FREAKONOMICS RADIO, which includes radio, podcast, web, and live event programming imbued with the bestselling book’s iconoclastic approach to everyday economics.