The IBM Edge 2016 conference offers you a unique opportunity to meet with a select number of IBM executives throughout the week to close or progress your current sales deals and perhaps generate new ones.

To request an IBM executive one-on-one meeting, please fill out the form below – COMPLETELY. This form will be used to prepare the executive with whom you will be meeting and to provide the conference team the information required to make your meeting as successful as possible. Due to limited availability of certain executives, not all requests can be fulfilled, and we may need to contact you in order to make other arrangements.

In order to request a meeting, clients and/or Business Partners must be registered attendees at IBM Edge 2016. If you have questions, refer to the FAQ tab.

The fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are required to complete this transaction; other fields are optional. If you do not want to provide us with the required information, please use the back button on your browser to return to the previous page.

Client / BP information

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IBM Champions are recognized by IBM for their extraordinary contributions and advocacy. For a list of award winners, please visit

Requester information

This form is for Business Partners ONLY. Please click here to be redirected to the form to be used by the IBM sales reps.

On-site contact

Requested IBM executive(s)

Please choose the executives that you would like to attend the meeting. If you would like more than two executives in this meeting, please add the additional executive names to the Comments section at the bottom of this form.

Meeting logistics

Meeting objective

Current implementations in the above selection can relate to strategy, design, optimization, migrations/releases, roadmaps/product enhancements, questions/issues

Meeting opportunity information

All client meeting requests require a valid SalesConnect opportunity number and the client name and email address you are requesting in this meeting, must be listed in the SalesConnect opportunity.

SalesConnect numbers are being validated. If the number is not valid, the meeting request form will be returned and will need to be resubmitted with a valid number. If the form is not resubmitted within three days, the meeting will be declined.

For Business Partner or IBM Champion requests, enter 9-999999 as the SalesConnect opportunity number.

Meeting agenda

Please provide brief and relevant agenda input to help the executive(s) prepare for this meeting.

(Specifics related to: needing input to close sale, technical strategy and solution design discussions, migration and roadmap discussions, client input for product enhancements, optimization and performance discussions, problem discussions, other)

(Competition, GTS/Business Partner involvement, other relevant IBM hardware and/or software, issues and/or obstacles).

Thank you for your one-on-one executive meeting request. If you have any questions, please e-mail