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We sincerely appreciate your commitment and contribution to the success of Think. Speakers review the information on this site to help them understand their role, our procedures, and how to have the best experience as a speaker.

About this Speaker Center

Helpful information on this page is available to all. Once speakers log in, they will find these tabs.

GENERAL INFO Find general information about speaker participation.
MESSAGES Speakers log in to view conveniently stored messages sent to speakers about their participation.
CHECKLIST Speakers log in to find information and actions specific to their role as a speaker at Think. The checklist is accessible to the speaker only.

How to log in as an accepted speaker

To log in as an accepted speaker, please click the Log In arrow. Log in using your IBMid email address and password. If you don't see a Log In arrow, you are already logged in. Look for the three tabs described above.

About IBM ID - All speakers need their own IBMid as this is how the system identifies each user upon log in. Your IBMid will be used to personalize your Think 2019 experience. An IBMid is an active email address and a password created by the speaker. If you do not already have an IBMid, the process for creating one is quick and easy. Click the Log In button, then follow the prompts to create a new IBMid.

IBM ID Assistance

Speaker Timeline

Please use this timeline to help you keep track of important deadlines.

Task or Action Due Date
Speakers notified: Beginning in September
Speaker registration: Speakers should register as soon as guidance on their checklist instructs them to do so
Hotel reservations: Speakers should secure a room as soon as they register as there is limited availability
Sessions scheduled: Beginning in October
Session Expert live: Mid October
Presentations due December 7
Mobile app live In January

Pre-registration Requirements: Consent Form and Photo Upload

New this year, all speakers must complete two pre-registration requirements:

Speakers must complete the consent form in their checklist by providing an electronic signature at the prompt. Speakers are also asked to upload a photo of themselves for display on the mobile app for their session and possible pre-conference promotion. Once completed, speakers should review and then follow the registration instruction in their speaker center checklist.

Speaker Enablement Videos

Speaker Presentation Skills Videos

Think speaker presentation skills videos will introduce our Think speakers to best practices for crafting a compelling narrative while embedding a presentation with the right tools to more effectively inform, persuade, motivate and connect with an audience.

What's your story
Presentation Tools

Then, check-out these tips and tricks for session presenters as they prepare to come to Think and get in front of an audience as a session presenter.

Presentation Basics
Presentation Tools

Presentation Guidelines and Template


Clients and Business Partners should use their own company template and include the following information on the title slide:

Session ID number
Session title
Speaker name(s)
Speaker company(s)
The conference name, "Think 2019"

If Clients or Partners prefer, they may use this conference template.

IBM led sessions must use the conference template.

InnerCircle speakers must use the dedicated template and upload PDF version for review by January 11, 2019.


Presenters are required to provide a final presentation to be delivered in US English by December 7. Presentations should be uploaded in PDF format for review and sharing. Speakers will present the PPT/X source files from their own laptop. The Content Team will review all presentations and only provide feedback if necessary.

When building your presentation, please keep in mind the following:

  • Content should be consistent with the title/abstract for the session.
  • Content should not be sales-focused in nature.
  • Content should not have any inappropriate material.
  • Volume of slides should be aligned with duration of session.
  • Keep your slides to minimal text; you should talk to them / elaborate verbally.
  • Review for overall look/feel, typos, grammar and punctuation.
  • Content should not have logos or other material that would be protected.
  • Content should not have outdated product names or content that is unannounced or not available.
  • Look up correct IBM product / solution names you are referencing in your slides on our IBM Copyright and Trademark information page.
  • Include a summary slide, quick tips, action items, etc. at the end of the presentation.
  • Remind attendees to provide feedback and complete the session survey.
  • Put your contact information on the final slide.
  • Remember the copyright info, cite references, etc.
  • Please do not make a claim you cannot support.

Legal review may be required if:

  • Presentation contains an offer of a "free" product or service.
  • Presentation references a competitor or uses comparative claims to a competitor's products, services, or price.
  • Any use of comics taken from a third-party source.
  • Any use of pictures unless they are from an approved site.
  • Use of other company's logo/information.

Use of pictures guidance:

  • Third party material cannot be used in a presentation without written permission. This includes product and Web page screen shots.
  • Images must come from a 'free to use' source. Consider:
    • Microsoft Clip Art library http://www.freebyte.com/clipart_images_photos_icons/#freevectorgraphics
    • http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

Q: May I use photos or other artwork that I downloaded from the Internet in my presentation?
A: Photos, drawings, and/or other images or artwork you find on the Internet -- or from any other source -- are likely to be copyrighted works. The same can be said of any work of authorship or other creative work (e.g., movie or video clips, recorded music, quotes from books or articles, etc.). The odds of any such items being in the public domain and no longer protected by copyright are fairly low.

There is a concept known as fair use in connection with copyrighted material. Fair use involves noncommercial uses, such as use in scholarly or journalistic criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching or research. Fair use typically allows de minimis quotation of a copyrighted work for the foregoing purposes, but such use should include proper attribution.

Otherwise, to include a copy of a copyrighted work in your presentation - for example, that great clip from the Avengers movie or your favorite Far Side cartoon -- you need the express permission of the owner of the work. Unless you are downloading or obtaining the material from a site that is clearly licensing the material for reproduction in a commercial context, and your use is in accordance with the applicable license, you should not include them in your presentation.

If you have any doubt, don't use them.

Q: May I use information from an analyst report in my presentation?
A: Analyst reports are an example of copyrighted works. In addition, they are often provided to customers of the analyst companies subject to obligations of confidentiality or specific restrictions on republication. You will need to confirm that your use is in accordance with such restrictions. If you have any questions, contact IBM Analyst Relations.

Q: May I reference an IBM customer and their experience in my presentation?
A: If you are explicitly identifying the customer by name or in some other way that makes their identity obvious or discernable (e.g., "the largest U.S. auto manufacturer") then you need to obtain the customer's express written permission before referencing them in your presentation. (The only exceptions would be referencing an experience provided from an approved internal database of references or that is already published in a public source - for example, in a magazine or newspaper of general circulation or on a publicly accessible website.) Failure to obtain the customer’s permission may not only put IBM at risk for violating confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with the customer, it also risks causing damage to the customer relationship and trust.

Q: May I use a customer or other third-party logos or trademarks in my presentation?
A: Like copyrighted works, logos and trademarks are protected by law and typically may not be reproduced without the express written permission of their owner. There is a limited "fair use" right with regard to trademarks. As a general rule, if you are using a trademark to make a statement of fact, you can do so without express permission. (For example, when necessary to express the compatibility between products or that another product is a pre-requisite -- e.g., "This product requires Microsoft Windows 8.1 or later".) Generally, the fair use doctrine would not give you the right to use a stylized logo. (An example of a stylized logo is the blue IBM eightbar logo.) You should certainly not use a customer or third-party's trademark or logo without permission in any context that would suggest an endorsement of IBM or its products and/or services.

Presenter preparation and responsibility

Presentation preparation

  • View these presenter tips & tricks recordings:
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Review session room equipment description on the Speaker Center.
  • Check your session schedule to confirm the session duration.
  • Check your session type as described on the Speaker Center to confirm expectations for presentation delivery style.
  • Consider preparing questions to initiate discussion ensuring attendees get the most value from your session.

Presentation day checklist

Ensure a seamless presentation

Session Room Equipment

All speakers are expected to present from their own laptop, which must have the necessary ports to connect to session room equipment.

We suggest all speakers bring a backup of their presentation on a thumb drive.

The following standard audio/visual equipment will be provided, but speakers are encouraged to visit the Speaker Ready Room prior to their session to conduct a tech check and seek assistance if necessary.

Specific rooms designated for panel sessions will have 6 stools and five wireless lapel mics plus the podium mic.

Additional session room equipment may be available at the speaker’s expense and pending approval. Please request an order form from thinkspeakersupport@maritz.com.

Speaker Ready Room

A dedicated Speaker Ready Room is located in Room 314 on Level 3 in Moscone South. Speakers should use this workspace to meet with co-presenters and review their presentation. The room will be equipped with a screen and projector so speakers can test the presentation equipment prior to their session and seek assistance if necessary. IBM client and Business Partner speakers who stop in will receive a gift as a thank you for their contribution to Think.

The Speaker Ready Room hours:

Day Hours
Monday 12:00PM - 5:00PM
Tuesday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Wednesday & Thursday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Friday 8:00AM - 12:00PM

All other venues where sessions are scheduled will have an Equipment Tech Check Desk if you have questions about session room equipment. The desk will be staffed by Audio Visual Technicians during the following hours: Tuesday-Thursday 7:30AM - 3:30PM.

Session types at Think

Core curriculum program sessions (40-minute duration)

Business/industry session: The emphasis is on you! Tell us how you created a service, solution or solved a challenge. These sessions can take place in the breakout rooms or in a campus theater.

Technical session: This session is a deep dive into how problems are solved. Can be either a technical or business level – or both. These sessions can take place in the breakout rooms or in a campus theater.

Panel: Expert cross-discipline teams of 2-3 presenters led by a moderator bring a use case or client story to life with creative storytelling elements. Panelists should work with the moderator to coordinate their contribution. These sessions can take place in the breakout rooms or in a campus theater.

User experience session: Focused, interactive sessions where customers and business partners (who’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement) engage with IBM Design to provide their domain expertise, ideas and feedback on our design efforts and products. These sessions take place at the Hilton.

Think tank demo: Scheduled in a campus think tank, this demonstration provides a deeper understanding of a solution or technology.

Thank tank round table: Scheduled in a campus think tank, experts describe how they solved the business or technical challenge outlined in a campus theater session. Focus should be on discussion and collaboration.

Think tank shared interest: Scheduled in a campus think tank, like-minded groups meet (ala birds of a feather or meet ups) to have follow-up discussions or compare tips and tricks.

Think tank meet the expert: Scheduled in a campus think tank, this is chance for individuals to dive deeper with industry experts to learn how they solved technical business problems.

Think Academy

Instructor led lab: First-hand technical learning on laptops with step-by-step lab instruction written and delivered by subject matter experts. Durations vary.

Self-paced lab: Some of the same technical learning sessions as instructor-led labs but available without scheduled times, time limits or proctors.

Certification test: Validate your skills and demonstrate your proficiency in the latest IBM technology and solutions. Choose from any of 200+ certifications or 100+ technical sales masteries to prove your expertise.

Get Social and Promote Your Session

We invite you to promote and share what attendees can expect to hear at Think 2019 through your social channels and with your networks. Please see the below resources and check back later for more.

Website: ibm.com/think

Twitter @IBMLive
Facebook Page IBM Live
Facebook Event Think 2019
LinkedIn IBM Think
Youtube IBM Live

Link to I am speaking

Conference Attire

To demonstrate an image of professionalism and to gain the confidence of your audience, we suggest dressing in business casual attire.

Competitors and The Press

Please be aware that media and, in some cases, competitive companies may be present during presentations. Recording of presentations by attendees may also occur. Thus, information that is not generally available to the public should not be shared.

Special Assistance Requirements

Do you have any special assistance requirements i.e. mobility impaired, visually impaired? Please alert the conference team at thinkspeakersupport@maritz.com.

InnerCircle Speakers | Conference Presentation Template

InnerCircle is an inclusive event for C-level, senior executives, technical leaders and practitioners. InnerCircle sessions are restricted to InnerCircle participants and require a confidential disclosure agreement.

InnerCircle sessions with IBM speakers must use the InnerCircle presentation template. Clients may use their company template.

InnerCircle presentations will be uploaded to the system with all conference presentations. However, ONLY InnerCircle registrants will have access to the InnerCircle presentations.

Use this dedicated template for InnerCircle presentations. Upload PDF version for review by January 11, 2019.

General Speaker Registration Information

Speakers must log in and complete their consent form and upload their photo before obtaining their individual registration instructions in the speaker center checklist. Once these pre-registration requirements are completed, speakers should review their registration instruction so they know what registration rate to expect. See Terms & Conditions below.

A speaker's registration instruction may be pending IBM legal review and approval. If Checklist instructions show as "in progress", speakers should not register until they receive the notification letting them know the pass is available to use. Thank you for your patience with this process.

Some speakers will be asked to pay the prevailing rate at the time they register. However, if the speaker has a promo code they prefer to use for a lower rate, they may apply that code.

Speakers presenting a sponsored session should refer registration questions to their Sponsor Team.

IBM employee speakers must obtain travel approval from management and register at the IBM rate. IBM employees are not eligible for a complimentary registration for delivering a session. The IBM employee registration fee applies to all IBM employee speakers.

Terms & Conditions

Client and Business Partner speakers who are selected to deliver a breakout session may be eligible to receive a conference registration waiver. Only one waiver may be available for a non-IBM speaker per session. A conference registration waiver will be offered to the speaker if IBM determines, after legal review of applicable laws, that it is appropriate. Restrictions apply. A speaker is NOT eligible if already registered. Speakers must deliver their session in US English. The waiver is not transferable. If both a client and Business Partner are speaking in a session, the client will receive the waiver. This waiver is given to the speaker and not aligned with the session. For example, if a client or Business Partner is speaking in two sessions, the single waiver covers both sessions. Lab presenters are not eligible for a waiver. Sponsor sessions are also excluded. Speakers will be informed about the conference waiver status and any other documentation that may be required. The conference registration waiver allows admission to all conference meals, elective sessions, Campuses, and networking events Monday through Friday. Speakers are responsible for their own travel and hotel expenses.

Hotel Reservations

Attendees must register for the conference before booking a hotel room in the conference block. After completing the conference registration form, you will be taken to the hotel reservation section of the form. Please take time to complete your hotel reservation while completing the conference registration process. Conference hotels often sell out early, so it is recommended you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.

Please check ibm.com/think for the latest conference updates and hotel information.

Speaker Profiles, Personal Information and GDPR

Speakers are asked to provide their personal information to complete their speaker profile. Information provided here is used to support and promote their participation at Think.

Social Skills Resources

Think speaker social skills resources will provide our Think speakers best practices for amplifying your message, promote your session and connect with Think Conference attendees.

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