Directions to the site:

Speaker presentations:

Please upload your presentations to a Box folder. We will preload them for you on a presentation laptop in the auditorium.

Important things to know:

  1. You will receive an invitation to the BOX folder in a separate email.
  2. Due to privacy restrictions you may only upload your presentation but you cannot delete it or modify it afterwards. Therefore please make sure your presentation file has the following format:
    FirstName: your first name, 
    LastName: your last name, 
    PresentationDescription: presentation description, 
    Version#: the version number
    For Example:
  3. At the time and day of your presentation the latest version of your file will be displayed!
  4. We advise that your presentation is in Microsoft Powerpoint
  5. PLEASE submit your final presentations 48 hours before the start of the Symposium to test presentations
  6. Feel free to email (Alex Karargyris) for questions/issues
  7. Poster presentations:

    Those who wish to present their posters, please bring your own posters. They should be within the size of 30'x40' to hang on our foam boards. If you wish to submit a poster, please contact the program chair, Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood

    Startup showcase setup:

    Each company will get a display monitor, a table to put their brochures, a high round table for demos/discussion, and is allowed to bring a vertical standup banner up to 3ft wide. Please contact Program Chair with the name of the exhibitor from your company that will be on site.

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