Food Trust: How Blockchain Digitally Transforms Food Chains

Apr 26 2019, 11:00 CET

45 minutes


Free of charge

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Food Trust: How Blockchain Digitally Transforms Food Chains

How would you trace any origin of products back to its source? How can you ensure the right partner has the right information at the right time to enable frictionless trade? With global supply chains becoming increasingly complex it is hard to connect the dots. In today’s world, information needs to be shared across organisational boundaries to allow for visibility and trust in food chains. To aid this, the industry needs tools that allow for collaboration in their search for operational efficiency. Food Trust enables digital transformation within your supply chain so you can meet consumers' demand for more traceability, producers can aim to improve the quality of their products and suppliers need to optimize logistical management. Leading to more transparent, efficient and sustainable operations for all parties

Event Contact

Pernille Hembre

Retail Industry Specialist