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Respond faster to own cloud needs with their visual management

Flexible service in 52 countries, the visual management tool TargetProcess makes it easy to scale agile processes as a company grows, with help from cloud technologies. You no longer have to wait 15 to 30 minutes for the networks to be rerouted when needed.

Missed the Think Warsaw event?

Pick-out your topic and see the best take-outs via page below. Courtesy of our best global and local Subject Matter Experts and partners.

When Security is an issue

Building your own Security Operations Center? Make the first step and schedule a consultation with our expert. Come see our IBM Security X-Force Command Center in Wroclaw.

Time to get up to speed with new CIO Study

How do CIOs cope with latest challenges? From digital workforce to current change agents, fast evolvement asks we patch our knowledge again.

Learn how to prepare for security incidents

Ask specific questions directly to our experts or join one of the webinars.

Do not migrate, move your applications into cloud

Easily deploy VMware workloads to the cloud for a seamless hybrid cloud experience.

Be one of first to implement digital workplace

What is your Digital strategy? Is your workplace transforming and intelligent?

Gartner found the top 3 Cloud object storage heroes

See the extract with charts at glance. They show cases for analytics, archiving, backup, content distribution, and cloud storage.

While diversifying your cloud, boost your SAP transformation

Are you looking to diversify your cloud estate and use SAP solutions or applications on it? Here is how it will look like on IBM Cloud.


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