IBM United States
Hardware Announcement 100-309
October 3, 2000

IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400

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At a Glance


IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400 ... Intelligent Integration, Innovation, Application Flexibility

  • New look, new product line...Models 270, 820, 830, 840, SB2, SB3, and the Dedicated Servers for Domino™, which include IBM's industry-leading copper and SOI technology
  • IBM e(logo)server advantages that allow you to manage your risk, growth, and costs
  • Solution Offerings
    • Robust e-business solutions
    • Optimized for a full range of e-business requirements
    • Offered with world-class testing support, services, and financing options
  • Capacity Upgrade on Demand
    • Extra processors built-in for Model 840
    • Pay for additional capacity as needed
  • Rack Mounting
    • EIA standard racks
    • Selected iSeries models


IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400 — powerful integrated e-business servers — extend and leverage the popular AS/400e™ product line.

The iSeries 400 is a key part of a comprehensive new brand of servers from IBM that forms the foundation of an adaptable, reliable, and more secure e-business infrastructure.

The IBM e(logo)server brand includes server product lines based on new tools for managing e-business, application flexibility, and innovative technology, all designed to help you capitalize on the e-business revolution.

The function, flexibility, and breadth of IBM e(logo)server can be tailored to your business. Solutions can range from startups and small businesses to NetGens and large enterprises. Seize e-business opportunities fast, with heightened confidence.

With the IBM iSeries 400, you can rapidly transform your business. The differentiators?

  • Complete application flexibility
  • Some of the industry's most innovative technologies
  • World-class services and support

IBM e(logo)server Advantages

Success today requires vision, leadership, the right solutions, and a robust infrastructure. Within this infrastructure, businesses must be able to effectively manage risk, growth, and cost. The IBM e(logo)server brand offers unparalleled support, services, and flexibility. Offerings include electronic support, flexible capacity and growth options, availability services, and more.

IBM e(logo)server Solution Offerings

Businesses can gain a significant competitive edge by implementing integrated e-business solutions. IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400's rich portfolio of solutions leverage the exclusive IBM e(logo)server advantages.

Capacity Upgrade on Demand

Step up to the world of dynamic growth and put your foot on the accelerator ... Capacity Upgrade on Demand puts you, the customer, in the driver's seat.

IBM is delivering a quick, non-disruptive method of activating "extra" processor capacity ... built directly into iSeries 400 servers. You can activate additional processors and pay only for the new processing power as needs grow.

Rack Mounting

Racks designed for industry-standard EIA mounting can be ordered to house two Model 270 servers, or one Model 830 (with room to spare), or a rack with a Base I/O Tower and PCI Expansion Tower for a Model 840. iSeries 400 rack mounting is the perfect way to conserve valuable floor space when multiple servers are put to work in a single location.

Planned Availability Dates

  • Available now — iSeries Models 270, 820, 830, 840, SB2, SB3, 270 DSD, and 820 DSD (excluding the new features announced in this RFA)
  • October 17, 2000, Specify codes #0043 and #9057
  • December 1, 2000, All other features and specify codes


IBM iSeries 400

IBM allows businesses and other organizations to accelerate into the next generation of e-business. As an integral part of the IBM e(logo)server brand, the iSeries 400 delivers e-business value via:

  • Intelligent integration
  • Innovation
  • Application flexibility

The IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400 includes the recently announced Models 820, 830, 840, Model 270, Models SB2, SB3, and the Dedicated Servers for Domino.

Intelligent Integration

The iSeries 400 combines leading-edge technology with a flexible, innovative operating environment, developed for the AS/400® and extended to the iSeries line of e-business servers.

The "i" in iSeries 400 stands for intelligent integration, and features open systems functions built-in to the operating system and pretested for reliable, turnkey function. These integrated functions include the Web servers (IBM HTTP server and the Apache server), the Web Application server (WebSphere™ Standard Edition), the Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM), database (DB2® Universal DataBase for AS/400), Communications (TCP/IP), OS/400® PASE, e-business security and LINUX® in the future. The iSeries 400 intelligent integration allows businesses to deploy solutions faster, more reliably, and with a low cost of ownership while implementing a wide range of e-business applications based on industry standards, with superior performance.


The iSeries 400 is based on IBM's leading-edge microprocessor technology, which includes two industry breakthroughs: copper and Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI).

IBM has replaced the aluminum connections between transistors with copper, resulting in denser packages, lower power consumption, and higher performance. SOI is a revolutionary method to prevent electrical leakage from the chips, and together with copper, accounts for between 20% and 35% in processor performance improvements. The iSeries 400 also boasts the new IBM memory-switching technology, with switch speeds of 36 GB per second. High Speed Links (HSLs) allow data transfer at rates of up to 1 GB per second. With copper, SOI, memory-switching, and HSL the iSeries 400 is in the forefront of technological innovation in the industry today. The iSeries 400 has demonstrated it's scalability with these innovative technologies by delivering 152,346 transactions per minute (tpmC) on the TPC-C benchmark. iSeries 400 also demonstrated superb collaborative performance, supporting 75,000 concurrent Notes™ Bench Domino R5 Mail Users with an average response time of 276 milliseconds, and exceptional Java scalability by exceeding 80,000 operations per second with the industry-standard SPECjbb2000 benchmark. The iSeries 400 intelligent integration of this technology allows businesses to benefit from enterprise-class computing without an "enterprise size" IT support staff.

Application Flexibility

The iSeries 400 offers a wide range of application choices to businesses of all sizes and in any industry, allowing an unprecedented level of flexibility and independence. The iSeries 400 architecture features a flexible operating environment that runs any combination of AS/400, ported UNIX® applications, Linux (in the future), Windows™, Domino, or Java applications concurrently. Combined with the iSeries 400 inherent workload management capabilities, Logical Partitioning (LPAR) and the integration of IBM xSeries, the iSeries 400 enables businesses to run several diverse application environments on one physical machine. Businesses can now choose whether to grow their server farm, maintain their server farm, or consolidate server footprints on the iSeries 400 for simplified management, increased availability, and lower total cost of ownership. The iSeries 400 embraces standards-based computing with a full range of application choices while offering independence from proprietary solutions.

The iSeries 400 also offers businesses the freedom to grow without disruption through the new Capacity Upgrade on Demand features of the Model 840. These features enable a customer to activate immediate incremental processing power non-disruptively, when it is needed, and pay for it only when initiated.

The iSeries 400 is perfect for growing companies looking to do business-critical B2B, ERP, supply chain management and CRM applications. The new iSeries 400 is an ideal e-business server for those companies who prefer fast deployment of integrated e-business solutions rather than "do it yourself" or "contracted services" systems integration. The iSeries 400 delivers the intelligent integration, innovation, and flexibility that businesses need to accelerate successfully into the new e-business economy.

IBM Advantage Components

Success in the marketplace today requires vision, leadership, the right solutions, and a robust infrastructure. Within this infrastructure, businesses must be able to effectively manage risk, growth, and cost. The IBM e(logo)server advantages will challenge the industry to redefine the standards of support that companies expect — or demand — from a server provider.

For more information on IBM e(logo)server advantages, visit:

IBM Customer Care Advantage

The challenges and opportunities in the e-business world abound. Businesses need to focus time and attention on real business, not on the maintenance of their IT infrastructure. IBM Customer Care initiative is designed to minimize the time that must be spent on operational concerns in favor of projects that deliver real business value. Customer Care includes PM/400e, a graphical, personalized tool shipped with every iSeries 400. PM/400e delivers easy-to-use reports about system performance, flags potential resource constraints, and allows customers to plan more predictably. Customer Care delivers the ability to remotely monitor your iSeries 400 via a PDA, Web phone, or browser. And, Customer Care provides easier and smoother access to a wide range of IBM e(logo)server technical support Web sites.

IBM Capacity Advantage

The pace has changed in the e-business world. Growth is harder to predict. Vertical Capacity Upgrade on Demand offers new processor features for the iSeries Model 840, which provides customers the flexibility to respond to unpredictable workload growth. Customers may install an iSeries Model  840 with a full complement of processors, but only enable and pay for a subset of the processors needed. When additional capacity is required, the customer can immediately and, in most cases, non-disruptively activate additional processors, and pay for the incremental capacity at the time of activation.

IBM Horizontal Capacity Upgrade on Demand enables businesses to flexibly and quickly respond to additional capacity requirements. Extra capacity, specifically extra servers, can be shipped, readily available to meet business needs. These servers can be held in reserve, minimizing capital investment, yielding a cost-effective and flexible answer to unpredictable growth.

IBM Availability Advantage

IBM servers are inherently designed to be highly available. In addition, IBM provides support to assure that not only your server but also your entire IT system, including middleware applications and network are up and running when you need them.

IBM assists organizations in assessing their business environment, deciding upon the best architecture, and then selecting and implementing the optimal business solution. It is important to spend time up front in the assessment phase in order to maximize the odds for a successful implementation. However, businesses often do not have the time for complete assessments. IBM offers customers and Business Partners access to proven methodologies which can be used for speedy self-assessment. IBM also offers a suite of services consulting methodologies to assist in determining what is needed to implement an e-business solution, as well as implementation services once the solution decision has been made. Ongoing support provides customers the ability to monitor their systems, analyze trends, and ensure adherence to the high-availability practices.

IBM Solution Assurance Advantage

Companies moving into the new e-business world require quicker time to market for their offerings, placing new demands on application deployment and business infrastructures. e-business solutions integrate all areas within a business and also are interconnected with individual suppliers, customers, and e-marketplaces. It is vital that these solutions be deployed reliably, quickly, and with confidence.

IBM e(logo)servers offer you an unmatched level of confidence in the solution you choose based on the expertise and experience of literally thousands of IBM specialists around the globe. There's hardly a solution that they haven't seen and tested in support of customers and in our testing centers.

IBM has by far the largest, most experienced system and solutions testing infrastructure in the industry. Our experts test product interoperability, scalability, proof of concept, and performance. This extensive testing capability enables IBM solution providers and customers to understand which products work.

IBM's solution assurance offerings assist companies in implementing e-business solutions more rapidly, more predictably, and with less risk. Customers and partners may choose from a range of offerings which can assist them in building and executing solution implementation plans. For example, the new Solution Assurance eSAR is a Web-based tool which generates implementation recommendations based on customer input, and is designed to speed implementations while mitigating risk.

The e-marketplace today is unforgiving. On the Web, outages can spell lost customers, lost revenue, and lost market share. Continuous availability is becoming a fundamental element of the e-business infrastructure. ClusterProven applications have been designed with this in mind. ClusterProven is IBM's certification of an application software package signifying that the application has been designed to take advantage of the iSeries 400 clustering technology. This means that the application participates in the cluster as part of a total solution targeting continuous availability, but with the added benefits of centralized management and automatic procedures. Clustering technology encompasses both the data and applications, and is the only way that true application and data availability can be achieved. An IBM ClusterProven application means that highest degree of availability and transparency on an iSeries 400 cluster will be achieved.

IBM Financing Advantage

Budgets are always tight and managing costs is vital, whether you're a new e-business in startup mode or an established business expanding your capabilities.

IBM's financial offerings allow deferred payment, payment streams customized to fit within individual budgets, and other flexible plans that make it possible for IBM customers to optimize their IT infrastructure today, rather than defer to tomorrow. We also offer technology upgrades, pre-approved additional solution capacity, trade-ins, and other financing programs that respond directly to your needs and the needs of your organization. No two organizations are the same. Our goal is to design the financing program that is just right for you.

IBM e(logo)server Solution Offerings

Businesses can gain a significant competitive edge through implementation of integrated e-business solutions. IBM offers a rich portfolio of solutions which function seamlessly on one or more of the IBM e(logo)servers. For each of our targeted customer markets .. Enterprise, mid-market, and NetGen, solutions are being developed with the capabilities that you require to meet today's e-business demands. IBM e(logo)server Solution Offerings for the iSeries 400 include:

  • IBM Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive
  • Siebel eBusiness Solutions
  • Logility Voyager
  • Clear Technologies Engage

For additional details, refer to:

IBM Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive

IBM Solutions for Ariba enables suppliers to build an e-commerce site on the Internet that is automatically connected to multiple buyers and marketplaces on the Ariba Commerce Services Network. The offering provides integrated, plug-and-play solutions for suppliers, allowing participants to generate B2B transactions rapidly for a low up-front cost.

Based on WebSphere Commerce Suite and the IBM iSeries 400 and xSeries platforms, Ariba SupplierLive offers easy access to multiple procurement systems and e-marketplaces from a single platform.

Siebel eBusiness Solutions

Siebel eBusiness Solutions enable organizations to manage, synchronize, and coordinate sales, marketing, and customer service across all communications channels and points of customer contact, including the Web, call centers, field sales, and reseller channels.

With it, companies can increase customer satisfaction and maximize revenues by capitalizing on every moment of value in each customer interaction, anytime, anyplace.

This offering provides expanded functions in three critical areas:

  • Marketing and Sales Applications — Sales, service, and call center applications are integrated to enable companies to maximize sales, customer service, and marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Applications — Customers can browse product catalogs, use powerful shopping tools to purchase products/services over the Web, and benefit from 24 x 7 customer self service — all with dynamic personalization capabilities.
  • Channel Applications — A Web-based application that enables companies to broaden their sales and customer service systems to all their partners and distributors

This solution is based on IBM iSeries 400 and xSeries server platforms

Logility Voyager

Logility's suite of Internet-designed B2B collaborative commerce applications is targeted at mid-market companies seeking quick implementations and a rapid return on investment.

Logility's supply chain management capabilities enable mid-market companies to:

  • Better manage interconnected trading communities
  • Seamlessly link customers and the sales force
  • Drive real time demand information from customers

This solution is based on IBM iSeries 400 and xSeries server platforms.

Clear Technologies Engage

Clear Technologies Engage is a mid-market CRM offering that supports the needs of a wide variety of businesses in the areas of Sales Force Automation, Customer Service Automation, and Marketing Automation. It is a cost-effective solution that supports Domino for collaboration across the enterprise.

Engage consists of four application modules:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Service/Help Desk Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • Call Center

Businesses can select one or more of these modules to address the unique CRM needs of their business.

Capacity Upgrade on Demand

You can purchase a new Model 840 with extra processors built-in, but not immediately usable. There are three new processor on demand (POD) processors: 8/12 (eight base processors with four on-demand), 12/18 (12 base processors with six on-demand), 18/24 (eighteen base processors with six on-demand).

After installation, you can purchase an activation feature that provides an activation code to unlock the reserve processor capacity. Entering the activation code at the server console will enable you to "turn-on" your incremental stand-by capacity on a processor by processor basis.

Capacity Upgrade on Demand capability is available only on new Model 840 servers shipped from the plant. An installed Model 840 cannot be field upgraded with one of the new on-demand processor features.

For more information about Capacity Upgrade on Demand for iSeries 400 servers, click on:

A planning guide for iSeries Capacity on Demand can be found at this Web site. It contains important information for partners/customers wanting to take advantage of this new capability.

POD Processors

POD processors are available on the Model 840. Three new POD processor features now complement the existing choices of 12-way or 24-way processors.

The three new POD processor features come with a base number of processors "active" and a number of on-demand processors in "stand-by" mode.

                Base       On-Demand
Feature      Processors    Processors      Total
Number        (Active)     (Stand-By)    Processors
2416              8            4             12
2417             12            6             18
2419             18            6             24

Model 840 POD Processor/Interactive Performance Options

Processor     Interactive
Feature       Processor          Feature            Interactive
Number        CPW                Number                 CPW
2416          7800/10000         1540 (Default)         120
                                 1541                   240
                                 1542                   560
                                 1543                  1050
                                 1544                  2000
                                 1545                  4550
                                 1546(1)              10000
Processor     Interactive
Feature       Processor          Feature            Interactive
Number        CPW                Number                 CPW
2417          10000/13200        1540 (Default)         120
                                 1541                   240
                                 1542                   560
                                 1543                  1050
                                 1544                  2000
                                 1545                  4550
                                 1546                 10000
2419          13200/16500        1540 (Default)         120
                                 1541                   240
                                 1542                   560
                                 1543                  1050
                                 1544                  2000
                                 1545                  4550
                                 1546                 10000
                                 1547(1)              16500
Interactive performance is limited by total capacity of activated processors.

Temporary Activation Option

You can add performance instantly using the Temporary Activation Option. All of the processors on the server will be activated for up to 14 days. No IPL is required, unless LPAR is used on the server and a customer wishes to move activated processors between partitions. The 14-day clock counts the elapsed hours while the server is powered up.

The Temporary Activation Option provides an excellent opportunity to try out the full processor capacity of the server prior to permanent activation. Using this option enables a customer to have immediate access to dynamic capacity.

During the 14 days of temporary activation, the customer should order a permanent activation for a specific number of processors to maintain a desired level of overall performance. After the purchase of a permanent activation (for any number of processors) the Temporary Activation Option is reset and a new 14-day Temporary Activation Option for the remaining On-Demand processors is available.

Permanent POD Activation

Once you have decided that you want to permanently activate some or all of your On-Demand processors, you must contact your Business Partner or IBM representative to place an order for some quantity of feature #1604. Once an order reaches the IBM manufacturing site, a POD Activation Code unique to the target server is generated and posted at a Web site for quick access in addition to being mailed.

Several days should be allowed for order processing and POD Activation Code posting to take place. This is an important consideration in the use of your Temporary Activation Option.

As part of the order process, vital product data must be collected from the target server and sent to the IBM manufacturing site responsible for the fulfillment of the order. This data will be used in the generation of a POD Activation Code that will work specifically for the targeted server to activate the desired number of On-Demand processors.

A detailed step-by-step outline for the order process associated with POD Activation Codes can be reviewed in the following document: Planning Guide for iSeries Capacity Upgrade on Demand . Visit:

POD Processor Conversion

Upgrade paths offer you the ability to grow your iSeries 400 server as your business grows, while leveraging your existing investments.

A two-step upgrade process is used to upgrade from a POD Model-Processor to a POD Model-Processor or a Standard Model-Processor.

Step 1 — All POD Processors must be activated on the original machine by ordering additional quantities of #1604

Step 2 — Processor conversion is ordered

The upgrade price is based on the charges associated with moving from an iSeries 400 with all POD processors activated. By paying for the full activation of all the POD processors before the processor conversion, IBM is able to attractively price the upgrade to reflect the fact that the POD processors have already been activated.

Following an upgrade, all #1604 features are removed from the install record associated with the server, and the new processor feature starts with the base number of processors active.

The following POD Processor conversions are offered to provide scalable growth paths for customers investing in the Capacity Upgrade on Demand technology.

From           To
2416           2417
2416           2419
2417           2419

In addition, the following processor feature conversions enable you to move out of the Capacity Upgrade on Demand technology and step back into the standard set of processors offered for the iSeries 400.

From           To
2416           2420
2417           2420

iSeries 400 Rack Mounting

The initial offering of iSeries 400 rack mounting includes three configurations:

  • A rack with two Model 270 servers
  • A rack with one Model 830 server
  • A rack with a Base 1.8m I/O Tower and a PCI Expansion Tower for a Model 840 server

These rack configurations are available only from the plant, with a new system order, or in the case of the Models 830 and 840, as part of an upgrade to those models. The iSeries 400 racks are 1.8 meters high (36 EIA units) with EIA standard 19-inch width. Configurator support is not available for the management of empty space within the rack. Only specific iSeries 400 units capable of rack mounting will be merged by manufacturing in the plant. Customers are responsible for placement of any customer-owned rack-mount devices in the empty space. Empty space will be shipped with filler panels.

830 Rack #0550: Ordered with a Model 830 server, this feature provides a 1.8 meter iSeries 400 rack for housing the Model 830 CEC along with a 30-disk expansion (equivalent to #5101). Ten EIA units of space remains, which is not managed by the configurator. Because the iSeries 400 rack does not have power distribution, the Model  830 requires a line cord of sufficient length to reach the central power distribution point. #0550 feature is available from the plant on new Model 830 orders, or upgrades to Model 830.

270 Rack #0551: This feature, ordered with a Model 270, includes an iSeries 400 rack for mounting two Model 270 servers. Both Model 270 servers require the #7104 System Unit Expansion unit. The 1.8 meter rack will have six EIA units of empty space remaining, not managed by the configurator. Because the iSeries 400 rack does not have power distribution, each Model 270 requires a line cord of sufficient length to reach the central power distribution point. #0551 is available from the plant only, on new Model 270 orders.

Model 270 Rack Specify Codes #0121/#0122: When ordering Model 270 servers in a rack (#0551), specify code #0121, 270 Lower Unit Specify must be included on the order for the first Model 270 to indicate that the server is mounted in the bottom position in the rack. A specify code #0122, 270 Upper Unit Specify must also be ordered with the second Model 270 order to indicate that the second server will be mounted in the top of the rack.

Features #0121 and #0122 are valid on initial Model 270 orders only.

Only certain upgrade paths are supported for Model 270 servers that are mounted in a rack.

Supported upgrades

From           To
2248           2250
2252           2253
2423           2424

Upgrades not supported

From           To
2248           2252
2248           2253
2250           2252
2250           2253
2422           2423
2422           2424

Optional Base 1.8 m I/O Rack #8079: This feature is an option to the #9079 Base I/O Tower for the Model 840. It supports up to 90 disk units (which can be Ultra2 SCSI), up to 22 PCI IOAs and up to four removable media units.

#8079 is available from the plant on new Model 840 orders, or upgrades to the Model 840.

The #8079 is a 1.8 m rack that includes a bottom and top enclosure. The bottom enclosure is the same as a #9079 Base I/O Tower and the top enclosure is the same as a #5074 PCI Expansion Tower. Both enclosures have their side covers and casters removed and include 30-disk expansions (equivalent to #5101).

Included with the bottom enclosure is one JTAG cable and one VPD-S cable, required to attach the bottom enclosure to the Model 840 CEC. Also included are features #9943 Base PCI IOP, #9748 PCI Disk Unit Controller, and #9737 Base HSL Ports — 16 Copper.

Included with the top enclosure is #9691 Base Bus Adapter to provide the HSL interface to the server, #0574 5074 Equivalent Specify, and #9943 Base PCI IOP.

Each enclosure supports 45 disk units for a total of 90. Disk units are partitioned groups of 15. Each group of 15 disk units is further divided into three groups of five disk units. Each group of five disk units are supported on a separate Ultra2 SCSI (LVD-SCSI) bus from a #2748/#9748 PCI RAID Disk Unit Controller.

The #8079 also supports up to four removable media devices (internal tape or CD-ROM). These removable media devices are supported by the two #4748/#9748 PCI RAID Disk Unit Controllers which support the first group of 15 disk units in each enclosure.

The two enclosures in the #8079 are separately attached to the system unit via HSL cables as if they were a stand alone #9079 and #5074. They are treated as separate units for HSL loop plugging and configuration rules and recommendations. As such, the bottom enclosure must be attached to the system unit's first HSL loop. Also, if a #5077 Migration Tower II is on the system, then the top enclosure must be on a different HSL loop.

On a system without #5077 the upper and lower enclosures may both be connected to the first HSL loop. In this case it is recommended that the two enclosures be connected by the 3m HSL cable (#1460). The top enclosure of the #8079 may be used on a different system than the bottom enclosure, but cannot be ordered that way. Once the system is installed, to use the top enclosure on another system, specify #0574 must be removed from the install record of the original system, and added to the install record of the new system, using an Record Purpose Only (RPO) change.

Select three or four of the following HSL cables:

  • #1460 — 3 m HSL Cable
  • #1461 — 6 m HSL Cable
  • #1462 — 15 m HSL Cable

Select two of the following SPCN cables:

  • #1463 — 2 m SPCN Cable
  • #1464 — 6 m SPCN Cable
  • #1465 — 15 m SPCN Cable
  • #1466 — 30 m SPCN Cable

Select two line cords from the following list:

Note: Some countries offer fewer choices of line cords and some countries are shipped a default line cord type (that is, no 14xx cord is specified on the order).

  • #1451 — 200 V 6-Ft Line Cord
  • #1452 — 200 V 14-Ft Line Cord
  • #1453 — 200 V 6-Ft Locking Line Cord
  • #1454 — 200 V 12A 14-Ft TL Line Cord (default)
  • #1455 — 200 V 6-Ft Watertight Line Cord
  • #1456 — 200 V 14-Ft Watertight Line Cord
  • #1457 — 200 V 6-Ft Upper Line Cord
  • #1458 — 200 V 6-Ft Upper Locking Cord
  • #1459 — 200 V 6-Ft Upper Watertight Cord

Year 2000

These products are Year 2000 ready.

Product Positioning

The IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400 includes the recently announced Models 820, 830, 840, Model 270, Models SB2, SB3, and the Dedicated Servers for Domino.

The iSeries 400 is a member of the IBM e(logo)server brand, which also includes the new IBM e(logo)server pSeries, xSeries, and zSeries.

IBM e(logo)servers are specifically designed to provide the foundation of a comprehensive, adaptable, reliable, and more secure business infrastructure, providing integration and investment protection. IBM e(logo)servers offer unparalleled application flexibility, hot technology, and server guarantees, which will enable any business in any industry to capitalize on the new Internet economy with confidence.

Today's e-business world is fast paced, ever changing, and growing rapidly. A business' infrastructure is one of the foundation elements required to meet the challenges of this new world and take advantage of rapidly emerging opportunities. In selecting an IT infrastructure, it is important to identify the solution, the solution requirements, preferred operating environment, current and available skills, availability requirements, and scalability requirements. Since these can vary widely by customer set and by industry, IBM offers a complete portfolio of servers, each optimized for differing customer requirements and preferences. These servers, all e-business enabled, can be standalone or combined into seamless, integrated solutions. Although each offers a different customer value proposition, each IBM e(logo)server has certain common characteristics and IBM advantages, ranging from Linux enablement to unparalleled IBM support and guarantees.

The iSeries 400 is an ideal choice for businesses that:

  • Are interested in high-performance, scalable servers which are capable of managing multiple workloads on one physical footprint
  • Have the requirement to run applications which span operating environments (OS/400, Domino, UNIX, Windows NT™, and Windows 2000, Java, and in the future, Linux), yet do not want to proliferate diverse servers and do not want to staff diverse skills
  • Value the integration of the database, HTTP server, Web application server, security, Java, and more, recognizing that much of the systems integration work and testing has been done before the system leaves the IBM plant
  • Are predisposed to implement turnkey solutions with some customization rather than implement "built from the ground up" customized solutions requiring significant systems integration skills
  • Want to minimize management and operational complexity
  • Place a high priority on "speed to implement"
  • Require 99.9+% single system availability
  • Require a highly secure server
  • Are looking to extend core business applications to the Web

Capacity Upgrade on Demand

Other vendors have introduced something similar to iSeries 400 Capacity Upgrade on Demand, but IBM has combined the "best-of-breed" features from several competitive offerings:

  • Activation code management (keys)
  • Temporary activation option (14 days)
  • Non-disruptive activation (no IPL in most circumstances)
  • Single processor activation granularity
  • Upgrade Capability

ISP/ASP and Large Customers

ISP/ASP and large customers with dynamic capacity needs driven by unplanned for spikes in processing power will find exceptional value in Capacity Upgrade on Demand.

Capacity Upgrade on Demand is a good fit for any customer who requires the starting capacity of a Model 840 8-way or larger.

Capacity Upgrade on Demand, even with the small premium on the base, is a good fit for customers who don't or cannot do solid capacity planning. This technology also offers some added granularity: an 8-way processor complex, an 18-way processor complex, and single processor activation steps.


e(logo)server, iSeries, iSeries 400, xSeries, AS/400e, and WebSphere are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
AS/400, DB2, and OS/400 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Windows and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries exclusively through X/Open Company Limited.
Domino and Notes are trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation.
LINUX is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Optional 8xx Server Features

Processor and interactive features for the iSeries 400 servers are IBM installable. iSeries server to iSeries server interchange of processor or interactive features is iSeries 400 system password protected. iSeries server to iSeries server interchange of processor or interactive features outside IBM standard practices and procedures, may void 8xx server warranty or service contracts.

Education Support

The appropriate curriculum will be updated, as necessary, to include the content of this announcement.

Call IBM Education and Training at 800-IBM-TEACH (426-8322) for education catalogs, schedules, and enrollments.

Find additional information on iSeries and AS/400® products, education support, and service offerings on the Internet.

Technical Information

Refer to IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400 Model 270 and Model 8xx sales pages for physical specifications and hardware and software requirements.

Software Requirements

IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400 Model 270 and 8xx servers require OS/400® V4R5, or later.

Planning Information

Cable Orders: No new cables required.

Security, Auditability, and Control

IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400 servers use the security and auditability features of IBM Operating System/400®. Use of these facilities is optional. The security measures supplied by OS/400 are designed to reduce the risk of users changing or destroying data resources, but do not prevent it. The OS/400 security features include the use of passwords, a security option to limit a user to only those functions provided by customer-designed menus, and a security option to limit read/write access for files, libraries, and folders during normal operations. To achieve increased security, the OS/400 controls should be combined with physical security, division of duties, and other appropriate measures.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

Terms and Conditions

This product is available for purchase under the terms of the IBM Customer Agreement (ICA).

IBM hardware products are manufactured from new parts and used parts. In some cases, the hardware product may have been previously installed. Regardless, IBM's warranty terms apply.

All other terms are the same as those applicable to the IBM machine in which the feature is installed.


The prices provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.S. only and are provided for your information only. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Prices are subject to change without notice. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

                          Feature       Purchase
Description                Number       Price            MMMC(2)
830 Rack                    0550        $ 11,800         $  450
POD Activation              1604          41,000            120
Model 840 8/12-Way          2416               0            498
Model 840 12/18-Way         2417         165,000          1,062
Model 840 18/24-Way         2419         410,000          1,904
Optional Base 1.8m          8079          38,700          1,276
  I/O Rack
Storage Exp Unit            9057               0            220
Monthly Minimum Maintenance Charge

Features Without Maintenance Charges

                                Feature       Purchase
Description                     Number        Price
270 Rack                        0551          $2,800

Feature Removal Prices: Feature removals not associated with MES upgrades are available for a charge.

No-Charge Specify Codes

                                Feature       Purchase
Description                     Number        Price
Mirrored System Bus Level       0043          $0
270 Lower Unit Specify          0121           0
270 Upper Unit Specify          0122           0

Feature Conversions

Processor Feature Conversions

From                     To                   Price
9402/4/6:                9402/4/6:
2403 (830)               2418 (840)           $200,000
9406:                    9406:
2416 (840)               2417 (840)             65,000
2416 (840)               2419 (840)            300,000
2416 (840)               2420 (840)            540,000
2417 (840)               2419 (840)             65,000
2417 (840)               2420 (840)            295,000

Net Priced Return Parts: Yes

Continuous Maintenance: Yes

Non-Processor Feature Conversions (9402/9404/9406)

From        To          Model           Price
5055        9057        830/840         $0
6425        6325        840              0
9251        5077        830              0

Net Priced Parts Returned: No

Graduated Charges

The following processor groups apply for software with graduated charges.

Feature             Interactive         Processor
Number              Capacity Card       Group
Model:  840
2416                1540                P40
                    1541                P50
                    1542                P50
                    1543                P50
                    1544                P50
                    1545                P50
                    1546                P50
2417                1540                P40
                    1541                P50
                    1542                P50
                    1543                P50
                    1544                P50
                    1545                P50
                    1546                P50
2419                1540                P40
                    1541                P50
                    1542                P50
                    1543                P50
                    1544                P50
                    1545                P50
                    1546                P50
                    1547                P50

For ServiceElect (ESA) Maintenance Service Charges, contact IBM Global Services at 888-IBM-4343.


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