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IBM Announcement Letter No. ZA97-0347 dated November 18, 1997.

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  • IBM Announcement Letter No. ZA97-0347 dated November 18, 1997.

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    Warp Product Family Overview


    The value of customer investments in the OS/2 Warp family of products has been enhanced during 1997 with a number of improvements and changes that have been made in response to customer requirements. With the price increases that will become effective on 1 January 1998, customers may want to consider taking advantage of current prices to make decisions on migration and upgrades that may be appropriate to address their needs for Y2000 readiness, as well as to take advantage of functions that can help lower their total cost of ownership.

    Updates to the Warp Family of products have been:

    OS/2 Warp Family Benefits

    Terms and Conditions Changes effective 1 January 1998

    Price Actions
    Client and server prices for the OS/2 Warp family of products will be increased effective 1 January 1998. We are providing customers with information about these increases now, so that they can take advantage of of the benefits of the OS/2 Warp offerings at the current prices. In addition, this early information on the price changes provides customers with timely information for their 1998 budget planning. For pricing information, contact your IBM marketing representative.

    Warp Server Use Based Feature (UBF) Simplification

    Effective on 1 January 1998, customers that purchase OS/2 Warp v4 will also have eligibility to connect to Warp Server v4 without the purchase of a separate Warp Server Use Based Feature (UBF). This change makes administrative procedures for both customers and IBM remarketers much simpler, and is consistent with structure that has been announced for the new WorkSpace On-Demand Client.

    For more information, refer to Announcement Letter:

    Product Improvements

    Software Choice

    During 1997 the Software Choice Offering was made available to customers in order to provide early, easy access to new features, updates, and technical information. This offering allows customers to obtain and use specific functional improvements that meet their needs without having to wait until new versions of the product become available. With this new way of obtaining improvements, customers can expand on their existing network implementations much sooner. For more information on this improvement, refer to Announcement Letters:

    WorkSpace On-Demand

    WorkSpace On-Demand provides customers with a way to bridge the evolution to Network Computing and extend their current PC investments to take advantage of server managed client facilities to potentially reduce their total cost of ownership. This new way to manage clients provides tools that provide better control of software utilization and deployment that minimize problems and the resulting costs. For more information, refer to Announcement Letter:

    Network Computing Evolution

    With the increased focus on using networks, the emphasis with the OS/2 Warp Product Family has been to enhance its Network Computing capability. Improvemnts in the browser support, the addition of the Java support, and the utilization of the server managed client technologies have all enhanced the strength of the OS/2 Warp offerings on the network. With the introduction of Software Choice, Network Computing technology is being used to make the latest Network Computing improvements available to customers on a timely basis.

    Y2000 Readiness

    Extended Defect Support

    IBM has announced an extension of the free defect support period on OS/2 Warp v4 and OS/2 Warp Server v4 until 31 December 2000. This allows all customers to plan for and manage their Y2000 activites with the knowledge that their migration and rollout activity is supported. For more information refer to Announcement Letter:

    Y2000 Fixpacks

    Starting in 4Q97, IBM is making available Fixpacks to the OS/2 Warp family products, that will make them Y2000 ready. The products that will be updated to support Y2000 are:

    In addition to these fixpack updates to the current products, the WorkSpace On-Demand product will be shipped Y2000 ready. With these Y2000 offerings available, customers can began the process of testing and evaluation of their environments on a timely basis to determine what updates may need to be made so they can be implemented prior to the turn of the century.

    Services Promotion

    Customers that make a purchase of OS/2 Warp Family products prior to 19 December 1997 may be eligible for either planning assistance with WorkSpace On-Demand or an additional year of defect support on Warp or Warp Connect, Version 3 for no additional cost. For more information on eligibility and the terms of this promotional offer, refer to Announcement Letter:

    Additional Information

    For more information regarding OS/2 Warp Family of Products refer to the following URL: http://www.software.ibm.com/os/warp

    Announcement Countries

    All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries.

    The data in this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter ZS90-0112, which is available from IBM on request.

    Please note this is an international announcement letter. If applicable you should also refer to your local country complementary document to check for country specific information.

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