How can I …

1. Search for Announcement letter documents with “IBM Cloud” in Title for United States?

Enter “IBM Cloud” as title in the search bar, enter “Announcement letter” from the 'Information type' menu and enter “United States” from the 'Country' menu.

2. Search for Software Announcement letters with Product number “5737-D59” as offered for Canada?

Enter “5737-D59” and select “in product or document #” from the menu of the search bar, enter “Announcement letters” and “Software” from the Information type menu and search for “Canada” from the Country menu.

3. Search for all Marketing materials and sort the result by most recent date?

Enter ?^?^?Marketing materials?^?^? in the Information type box, then click on “Search button”. Go to “Sort by” dropdown, select “Newest first” option to view the result by most recent documents first (i.e., ascending order by Date).

4. Search for Marketing materials with G8DV0GX7 (AMS Id) for Japan and Language is “Japanese” ?

Enter “G8DV0GX7” as a keyword, “Marketing materials” as Information type, “Japan” as Geography and “Japanese” as Language. When there is no option selected (as title, Letter #, Product or document #) then the keyword will be searching in the 'entire document' by default.

5. Can I save my search results and how to clear my selected filters at a time ?

Yes! Enter your values and search for the results. The current selected filters along with the returned result will be stored in the Browser cookie. Whenever you open the browser, the previous filter values will be auto selected in the fields and returns the search results. Once you search for the results, 'Reset' button will be displayed along with the selected filter values. Click on 'Reset' button which clears all the filters and it goes back to Home page.

6. Search for most recent Announcements and Sales Manuals for different Geographies?

Go to “Additional resources” on top right corner, you will find “Most Recent Product Announcements” and “Most Recent Sales Manual Update” under Publication & News section. Click on the specific Geography which you would like to see.

7. Search for Presentations & White papers for “Power Server” which is updated in the month of July 1997 to till date ?

Enter “power server” as a title, “Presentations” & “White papers” as Information types and Search. Then go to “Filter by” menu on top right corner. Select “Custom range”, then select 'From date' as '1997-07-01' and click on 'Today' button to select current date from the Calendar pop-up window. You can also see the selected Date range below the Leadspace. PN: Default year will be started from year 2017, keep on clicking the first value of the year from the menu to select the previous years till you get the year 1997.

8. Search for “Announcements” and translate the page to “French Canadian”?

Select “Announcement letters” from Information type menu, then go to “Translate site” on top right corner. Select “French Canadian” to translate the web page.