Software withdrawal and service discontinuance: IBM Lotus Notes and Domino V5.x and IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator V3.1 and V3.2 — Replacements available

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 904-157
August 10, 2004


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Effective September 30, 2005, IBM Lotus Notes® and Domino™ V5.x will be retired from service. Effective on the dates listed below, IBM will withdraw support from the following product releases licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement.

Product and release                           withdrawal date
LOT0-050 Notes(R)/Domino V5.0.0               September 30, 2005
LOT0-058 Notes/Domino V5.0.3                  September 30, 2005
LOT0-097 Lotus(R) Enterprise                  September 30, 2005
 Integrator V3.1.0
LOT0-124 Notes/Domino V5.0.6                  September 30, 2005
LOT0-140 Notes/Domino V5.0.7                  September 30, 2005
LOT0-153 Notes/Domino V5.0.4                  September 30, 2005
LOT0-155 Notes/Domino V5.0.1                  September 30, 2005
LOT0-161 Notes/Domino V5.0.5                  September 30, 2005
LOT0-169 Notes/Domino V5.0.2                  September 30, 2005
LOT0-179 Notes/Domino V5.0.8                  September 30, 2005
LOT0-187 Lotus Enterprise                     September 30, 2005
 Integrator V3.2.0
LOT0-194 Domino V5.0.9                        September 30, 2005
LOT0-200 Notes/Domino V5.0.1x                 September 30, 2005

Replacement information: With Lotus Notes V6 and Domino V6 in market for over three years, and Notes V6.5 and Domino V6.5 for two years, customers will have taken advantage of the easy upgrade and many improvements of V6 and subsequent upgrades.

For more information on the latest release of Lotus Notes and Domino V6.5.2, refer to Software Announcement 204-123 , dated June 8, 2004.

You can upgrade to Lotus Enterprise Integrator™ V6.5.2 or one of the other 6.x versions of Lotus Enterprise Integrator. Lotus Enterprise Integrator V6.5.2 provides enhanced usability, performance, and improved real time integration when compared to V3.x.

For more information on Lotus Enterprise Integrator V6.5.2, refer to Software Announcement 204-123 , dated June 8, 2004.
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Additional information

Innovation driven by focus

It is clear that innovation is paramount to the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino product line and to our customers. The vitality of Lotus Notes and Domino as market-leading collaboration offerings is a result of constant improvement and innovation, and is achieved by continuously assessing our product line and priorities to make sure that they are aligned with the demands of our customers and market.

With the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino V6.x family firmly in market and a decade or more of new releases in planning, IBM and Lotus software will start the process of withdrawing the R5 release of Lotus Notes and Domino (and all underlying products) from market. This process will take its course over the coming year, but there are some key dates to be aware of.

Date                    of date              Comments
May -- June 2004        V5.0.13 Ship         The final release
                                              of the V5
September 2004 --       End of Life          Withdrawal of V5
 September 2005          (EOL) for V5         from market,
                                              meaning that V5.x
                                              will no longer be
                                              available for
                                              sale.  Customers
                                              under existing
                                              contracts will
                                              continue to be
                                              entitled to
                                              releases and hot
                                              fixes using
                                              normal channels.
September 2005          End of Service       End of phone
                         (EOS) for V5.x       Technical Support*
                                              and Maintenance
                                              Engineering (code
                                              fixes) for Domino
                                              and Notes V5.x.
Customers can submit a request to purchase an IBM Service Extension to extend phone support beyond this date if desired. For more information, contact your IBM representative or your Lotus Service Manager, if applicable.

Since its introduction to the market in the Spring of 1999, R5 has been embraced by millions of users and thousands of organizations worldwide. It's now time to take advantage of withdrawal of R5 from market as the opportunity to move up to the power and potential total cost of ownership savings of Lotus Notes V6 and Domino V6.

IBM Business Partners and IBM Software Services for Lotus (ISSL) are equipped to assist with upgrades to Lotus Notes V6 and Domino V6 and beyond. ISSL has extensive experience helping customers evaluate the costs, time, and benefits associated with upgrading from Domino V5 to Domino V6. The Domino V6 assessment provides customers with infrastructure analysis, solution blue prints, business impact analysis, and knowledge transfer requirements needed to execute migration successfully. For more information on ISSL, contact your IBM representative or visit us at

All media, documentation packages and program packages will be withdrawn from marketing on the dates shown below.

                                              Effective software
Product                                       withdrawal date
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino                    September 9, 2004
 V5.0.10 and below
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino                    March 25, 2005
 V5.0.11 and V5.0.12
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino                    September 23, 2005

On or after these dates, you can no longer obtain the withdrawn part numbers directly from IBM. They may be obtained on an as-available basis through IBM authorized remarketers.

Technical support

The question submission function under IBMLink™ Ask Questions — Support will be withdrawn by the specified support withdrawal date. The IBMLink ServiceLink library of answered questions and other technical information for programs remains available.

Refer to the software support Web site for product support information


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