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Software Announcement 200-291
September 5, 2000

IBM MQSeries for VSE/ESA

 ENUS200-291.PDF (37KB)

At a Glance

Enhanced MQSeries function better aligns VSE/ESA with other MQSeries family products

  • Fully participates with other MQSeries family members on the other 35 platforms
  • Offers MQSeries Integrator and MQSeries Workflow capabilities via connectivity to the other family members

Version 2.1.1 enhancements

  • New security feature
  • Data conversion for message data
  • Automatic VSAM reorganization
  • Support for Java clients
  • Enhanced batch interface

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: LE001).


MQSeries® provides a single, multiplatform API.

Messaging and queueing services support data transfer between distributed applications.

Applications can communicate without:

  • Knowledge of the lower levels of the communications network
  • Specific knowledge of the location of other applications

A key factor is time-independent processing. Your message can be dealt with even if one of the recipients is temporarily unavailable. MQSeries can be used as a mail transport offering with the additional benefits of assured, real-time delivery and transactional recovery.

The new release offers support for:

  • Codepage conversion of MQSeries message data
  • Protection of MQSeries resources from unauthorized access
  • Java™ classes allowing programs to use MQseries for VSE/ESA™ services from remote sites

MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 replaces MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.

Key Prerequisites

The following prerequisites should have the latest maintenance applied:

  • VSE/ESA 2.3, or later.

    New security support of MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 requires VSE/ESA 2.4 and CICS TS 1.1, or later.

  • CICS/VSE® 2.3 or CICS® TS for VSE/ESA 1.1, or later.

    MQSeries for VSE/ESA is a CICS subsystem. Its features are provided via a set of CICS transactions and programs.

  • Language Environment® (LE) for VSE/ESA 1.4, or later.
  • IBM TCP/IP for VSE/ESA 1.3, or later, or ACF/VTAM® 4.2.

Planned Availability Date

September 29, 2000



VSE/ESA 2.4 introduced the SAF RACROUTE interface between systems and external security managers (ESMs).

MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 exploits this interface to provide general security for MQSeries objects including:

  • Connections
  • Queues
  • Access authorities

MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 uses a standard subset of the RACROUTE interface. This means it is not tied to any particular ESM, allowing customers the flexibility to chose the ESM that best suits their operating environment.

With 2.1.1, security becomes an installation option. When active, MQSeries requires application programs to have the appropriate authorization to access MQSeries objects. Secure application programs include CICS transaction programs, client connections, and batch programs exploiting the MQSeries for VSE/ESA batch interface.

The new security feature requires CICS TS for VSE/ESA 1.1., or later.

VSE/ESA 2.3 remains the prerequisite for MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1.

CICS/VSE 2.3 is supplied with VSE/ESA 2.3. Consequently, you can install MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 on VSE/ESA 2.3, but you cannot install the security feature.

VSE/ESA 2.4 is supplied with CICS/VSE 2.3 and CICS TS for VSE/ESA 1.1. If you want to install security, you need VSE/ESA 2.4, or later, and CICS TS for VSE/ESA 1.1., or later.

Message Data Conversion

Before release 2.1.1, MQSeries for VSE/ESA did not provide data conversion for message data. Data conversion was limited to internal MQSeries message headers. This allowed MQSeries to communicate with other MQSeries systems running on different hardware, with different operating systems and potentially divergent code pages.

MQSeries/VSE 2.1.1 introduces code page conversion for message data. You can configure MQSeries for VSE/ESA to convert message data for a standard set of built-in message formats including SAP (a third-party vendor product), Programmable Command Format (PCF), and others. It is also possible to define conversion exits for non-standard message formats.

PCF is a feature of MQSeries systems that allows the remote execution of system commands (for example, define queue and define channel).

Code page conversion for message data is extended to manage Unicode, DBCS, Euc, and ISO.

The message data conversion feature of MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 does not provide anything more than the code page translation of standard messages in SAP, PCF, and other documented formats (that is, the full PCF feature is not available with 2.1.1).

Automatic VSAM Reorganization

MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 uses VSAM for data storage. Queues specifically are implemented as keyed sequential datasets, which, in normal operation, require reorganization to maintain healthy performance. This can pose a problem for application systems that require 24 x 7 availability.

Version 2.1.1 expands and improves the automated reorganization mechanism for its VSAM datasets. MQ-dependent systems do not require downtime for scheduled VSAM reorganization. The mechanism is configurable, automatic, and generally transparent to MQSeries for VSE/ESA applications.

The reorganization mechanism is expanded to reorganize queues containing messages (not just empty queues).

Additionally, the batch submission element is eliminated.

The process is now executed entirely in CICS. This removes the CICS/VSE Report Controller product prerequisite. The mechanism is also considered more robust with the elimination of cross-partition communication.

Support for Java Clients

Java Message Service (JMS) offers developers an API for writing messaging applications in Java. JMS is available for MQSeries for AIX®, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Windows NT™. MQSeries Client for Java is an additional set of Java classes that allow Java applications to establish MQ client connections with remote MQ queue managers.

Support for Java clients connecting to MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 means client programs written in Java running on supported platforms will be able to connect to and use MQSeries/VSE services.

TCP/IP Adaptations

Support for TCP/IP clients and connectability between MQSeries queue managers was introduced in V2.1.0. TCP/IP for VSE is improved and extended since its initial release. Version 2.1.1 takes advantage of these improvements.

With 2.1.1 channel definitions can use domain names in addition to IP addresses.

Extension to the BSD socket interface allows MQSeries to improve performance for TCP/IP client and queue manager connections.

Trigger Userdata Support

Support for triggering transactions and programs based on message queue activity is an integral feature of MQSeries for VSE/ESA. Trigger programs can be activated when messages begin to arrive on a queue or every time a message arrives on a queue.

The triggering feature in MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 allows the configuration of trigger user data. User-defined data can optionally be passed to trigger instances on invocation.

Enhanced Batch Interface

MQSeries for VSE is implemented to run under CICS. Consequently an MQSeries Batch Interface is needed for non-CICS applications to exploit MQSeries services.

Originally, the batch interface allowed one task per VSE system to establish a connection to the MQSeries for VSE/ESA V2.1.1 queue manager at a time. Further connection requests were rejected until an active connection terminated.

The enhanced batch interface expands this service to allow multiple batch subtasks in multiple partitions to access the VSE Queue Manager simultaneously. This new interface, already available via PTF, is included in the MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 base product.

Year 2000

This product is Year 2000 ready. When used in accordance with its associated documentation, it is capable of correctly processing, providing, and/or receiving date data within and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, provided that all products (for example, hardware, software, and firmware) used with the product properly exchange accurate date data with it.

Product Positioning

MQSeries Family

e-business is accelerating the pace of change. Speed to market and quality of service are critical for success so companies need to be agile to survive. The MQSeries family provides a versatile platform for e-business.

The MQSeries family comprises five key elements:

  • MQSeries — The core of the MQSeries family, the base messaging servers and clients provide once, and once only, message and queuing capability on 35+ platforms.
  • MQSeries Adapter Offering — A framework and tools that build and customize MQSeries adapters for existing and new pre-packaged or custom developed applications
  • MQSeries Everyplace — Extends the capabilities of MQSeries base messaging to mobile workers using laptops, PDAs and phones. It brings the strengths of MQSeries messaging, together with rock solid security, to a failure-prone communications environment.
  • MQSeries Integrator — A one-to-many connectivity model together with transformation, intelligent routing and information flow modelling. It facilitates the development of new application services that comprise the functions of multiple disparate existing business systems
  • MQSeries Workflow — A business process management system which facilitates the rapid development and management of business processes that integrate the IT and organizational infrastructure of a company.

Hardware and Software Support Services

SmoothStart™/Installation Services

SmoothStart Services, an on-site implementation and training startup services designed to accelerate your productive use of your IBM solution is provided by IBM Global services or your IBM Business Partner at additional cost.

Reference Information

MQSeries for VSE/ESA homepage


VSE/ESA and SmoothStart are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
MQSeries, CICS, CICS/VSE, Language Environment, ACF/VTAM, and AIX are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Technical Information

Hardware Requirements

MQSeries® for VSE/ESA™ 2.1.1 will run on any System/370™ or System/390®.

Software Requirements

Although MQSeries for VSE/ESA R2.1.1 will run on VSE/ESA 2.3, the new security feature requires VSE/ESA 2.4, or later, and CICS® TS for VSE/ESA Release 1.1, or later.

Connectivity: MQseries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 can be run only if the following access method is installed:

  • VTAM® V4R2, (5686-065)
  • TCP/IP for VSE/ESA 1.3, or later


  • Language Environment® for VSE/ESA, V1R4 Runtime library, or later (5686-067)
  • CICS/VSE® 2.3, or later (5686-026). MQSeries for VSE/ESA is a CICS subsystem. Its features are provided via a set of CICS Transactions and programs.


  • IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA Version 1.1, or later (5686-068)
  • IBM PL/I for VSE/ESA Version 1.1, or later (5696-069)
  • IBM C for VSE/ESA, Version 1.1, or later (5686-A01)

Limitations: MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 is SBCS enabled only and offered in U.S. English without product or publication translation.

Planning Information

Customer Responsibilities: MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 supports clients. You can order Client Attachment Use Authorization (feature #5809).

This feature is an authorization to attach up to 50 clients per server.

If the customer environment needs to attach more than 50 clients, then an appropriate number of extra Client Attachment Use Authorizations are required to cover the number of clients to be attached. The customer can order the Client Attachment feature in multiple quantities to cover the requirements.

Direct Customer Support: Direct customer support is provided by OS/390® Support Line. This fee service enhances customers' productivity by providing voice and electronic access into the IBM support organization. The OS/390 Support Line will help answer questions pertaining to usage, "how to," and suspected software defects for eligible products.

Installation and technical support is provided by Global Services. For more information on services supporting this product, call 800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968).

Packaging: MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 will be distributed by the normal IBM Program Library channels for licensed programs.

Media selection is part of the initial order; the options are:

  • 4-mm tape
  • 3480 tape cartridge

The media is no longer shipped on 6250 bpi tape.

The media contains server program code, and machine-readable information in U.S. English. The following hardcopy books are in U.S. English:

  • MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 System Management Guide
  • MQSeries for VSE/ESA 2.1.1 Licensed Program Specifications
  • MQSeries Clients

Customer Financing

IBM Global Financing offers attractive financing to credit-qualified commercial and government customers and Business Partners in more than 40 countries around the world. IBM Global Financing is provided by the IBM Credit Corporation in the United States. Offerings, rates, terms, and availability may vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization. Country organizations are listed on the Web at:

Ordering Information

New Licensees

Unless a later date is specified, orders entered before September 29, 2000, will be assigned a schedule date of October 6, 2000.

Shipment will begin on September 29, 2000.

  • Orders entered with a scheduled date before September 29, 2000, will be shipped MQSeries for VSE/ESA Release 2.1
  • Orders entered with a scheduled shipment date after September 29, 2000, will be shipped MQSeries for VSE/ESA Release 2.1.1.
  • Unless a later date is specified, an order is scheduled for the week following order entry.

New users of MQSeries for VSE/ESA V2.1.1 should specify: Type 5686 Model A06

Basic License: To order a basic license, specify the program number and feature #9001 for asset registration. For graduated monthly license charge (MLC), specify the feature number below that corresponds to the group that contains the designated machine.

Also, specify the feature number of the desired distribution medium.

Group                                      Graduated MLC
Number                                     Feature Number
10                                              1002
15                                              1003
18                                              1004
20                                              1005
25                                              1006
28                                              1007
29                                              1008
30                                              1009
31                                              1010
32                                              1011
35                                              1012
38                                              1013
40                                              1014
50                                              1015
60                                              1016
70                                              1017
80                                              1018

Multiple Operating System — PR/SM™ (MOSP): For a graduated MLC, specify the feature number below that correspondsto the group that contains the designated machine.

                                             MOSP Basic
Group                                      Graduated MLC
Number                                     Feature Number
18                                              1071
20                                              1072
25                                              1073
28                                              1074
29                                              1075
30                                              1076
31                                              1077
32                                              1078
35                                              1079
38                                              1080
40                                              1081
50                                              1082
60                                              1083
70                                              1084
80                                              1085

Note: The group can be determined by referring to Exhibit for IBM System/390 Machines (Z125-3901) that are associated with the IBM Customer Agreement (Z125-4575).

Entry Support License (ESL): To order an ESL license, specify the program number, feature #9001 for asset registration, and the applicable ESL OTC feature number. Also specify the feature number of the desired distribution medium.

                                                  ESL OTC(1)
Program   Program                                 Feature
Number    Description                             Number
5686-A06  MQSeries for VSE/ESA V2R1.1             1070

ESL machines can be determined by referring to the IBM Entry End User/390 Attachment (Z125-4379).

One-time charge.

Growth Opportunity License Charge (GOLC) To order a GOLC software, specify the program number, feature #9001 for asset registration, and the GOLC monthly charge feature number from the table below. Also, specify the feature number for the desired distribution medium.

GOLC                                                   Feature
Category                                               Number
H30                                                    2000
H50                                                    2001
H70                                                    2002

Single Version Charging: To elect single version charging, the customer must notify and identify to IBM the prior program and replacement program and the designated machine the programs are operating on.

Basic Machine-Readable Material: To order, select the feature number of the desired distribution medium:

Environment         Feature number           Distribution medium
VSE/ESA             5882                     3480 tape cartridge

Withdrawn Feature Number: Feature 5881 (media type 6250 bpi tape) will be withdrawn, effective September 5, 2000.

Environment         Feature number           Distribution medium
VSE/ESA             5700                     4-mm tape

Customization Options: Select the appropriate feature numbers to customize your order to specify the delivery options desired. These features can be specified on the initial or MES orders.

Example: If publications are not desired for the initial order, specify feature #3470 to ship media only. For future updates, specify feature #3480 to ship media updates only. If, in the future, publication updates are required, order an MES to remove feature #3480; then the publications will ship with the next release of the program.

Description                                         Number
Initial Shipments
Serial number only (suppresses shipment             3444
 of media and documentation)
Ship media only (suppresses initial                 3470
 shipment of documentation)
Ship documentation only (suppresses                 3471
 initial shipment of media)
Update Shipments
Ship Media updates only (suppresses                 3480
 update shipment of documentation)
Ship documentation only (suppresses                 3481
 update shipment of media)
Suppress updates (suppresses update                 3482
 shipment of media and documentation)
Expedite Shipments
Local IBM office expedite                           3445
 (for IBM use only)
Customer expedite process charge                    3446
 ($30 charge for each product)

Expedite shipments will be processed to receive 72-hour delivery from the time IBM Software Delivery and Fulfillment (SDF) receives the order. SDF will then ship the order via overnight air transportation.

Optional Machine-Readable Material: To order, select the feature number for the desired distribution medium:

Optional Feature — Client Attachment Use Authorization Feature

Client                   Basic MLC
Attachment               Feature Number
50 clients               1000

This feature is only available in blocks of 50, it can be ordered in multiple quantities to cover the customer's requirements. Contains Restricted Material of IBM .

DSLO License: To order a DSLO license, specify the program number, feature #9901 for asset registration, and the feature number below for a graduated MLC that corresponds to the group containing the designated machine.

                                           DSLO Graduated
Group                                    MLC Feature Number
18                                              1038
20                                              1039
25                                              1040
28                                              1041
29                                              1042
30                                              1043
31                                              1044
32                                              1045
35                                              1046
38                                              1047
40                                              1048
50                                              1049
60                                              1050
70                                              1051
80                                              1052

MOSP: For a graduated MLC, specify the following feature number that corresponds to the group that contains the designated machine.

                                                  MOSP DSLO
                                                  Graduated MLC
Group                                             Feature Number
18                                                1101
20                                                1102
25                                                1103
28                                                1104
29                                                1105
30                                                1106
31                                                1107
32                                                1108
35                                                1109
38                                                1110
40                                                1111
50                                                1112
60                                                1113
70                                                1114
80                                                1115

Ordering a DSLO feature will result in IBM maintaining a record of this customer location as a DSLO user only. All material for the DSLO license will be provided through the basic license location. If a user selects DSLO, no other feature numbers are valid for this order and no program materials or updates will be shipped.

Unlicensed Documentation: The following publications have been updated for this release and are supplied automatically, in hardcopy format, with the basic machine-readable material:

Title                                                  Number
MQSeries for VSE/ESA System                            GC34-5364
  Management Guide
MQSeries Clients                                       GC33-1632
Licensed Program Specifications                        GC34-5365
Memo to customers                                      GI10-2512

The MQSeries for VSE/ESA (SG24-5647) red book is available immediately.

Additional copies of unlicensed publications are available for a fee immediately. These copies may be ordered via direct order or you may contact your IBM representative.

Subsequent updates (technical newsletters or revisions between releases) to the publications shipped with the product will be distributed to the user of record for as long as a license for this software remains in effect. A separate publication order or subscription is not needed.

Support Line: Yes. Current charges are unaffected by this announcement.

Order Now

 Use Priority/Reference Code: LE001
 Phone:     800-IBM-CALL
 Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX
 Mail:      IBM Atlanta Sales Center
            Dept. LE001
            P.O. Box 2690
            Atlanta, GA  30301-2690

You can also contact your local IBM Business Partner or IBM representative. To identify them, call 800-IBM-4YOU.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


System/370, VSE/ESA, and PR/SM are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
MQSeries, System/390, CICS, VTAM, Language Environment, CICS/VSE, and OS/390 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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