The BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Connections and IBM Lotus Quickr extends the core capabilities of IBM's enterprise collaboration and social software to end users on their BlackBerry devices

IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa Software Announcement ZP10-0041
January 12, 2010

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BlackBerry Client for IBM® Lotus® Connections and IBM Lotus Quickr™ provides:

  • An intuitive means of reaching out to discover expertise within an organization and to securely collaborate and stay connected with the team in real time even while away from the desk
  • A compelling user experience with the Lotus applications being deeply integrated with core BlackBerry smartphone functions
  • Ability to add colleagues to the collaboration applications with one click and automatic configuration

The key advantages for the IT organization managing the end-user experience on the BlackBerry are:

  • A simple-to-manage, unified control point
  • Administrator-friendly manageability and security
  • Control and awareness on how the company's data flows
  • Ability to optimize the data that social networking services send to BlackBerry smartphones

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The BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Connections and BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Quickr allows people to collaborate in real time with their colleagues, maintain their productivity while away from their desk, and speed up decision making while "on the go". Users are able to share work items, work on initiatives together, find expertise, contribute to their communities and leverage their collective knowledge base to drive better outcomes wherever they are.

BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Connections 2.3:

  • Allows mobile knowledge workers in enterprises to access the productivity and collaboration features (Profiles, Communities, Blogs, Bookmarks, and Activities) of Lotus Connections from their BlackBerry smartphones
  • Extends Web 2.0-style features with "traditional" BlackBerry strengths such as integration, security, and manageability
  • Integrates tightly with native BlackBerry core applications - e-mail, contacts, tasks, browser, media player, and camera
  • Has a rich client application that enables delivery of information and updates with increased immediacy compared to browser-based applications
  • Is supported in the back end by mechanisms that ensure data pushed to the user is optimized for mobile viewing

BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Quickr 1.0:

  • Helps users share content, collaborate, and work faster online with their teams - inside or outside of the corporate firewall, wirelessly while away from their desks
  • Allows BlackBerry smartphone users to download, edit and post documents, add folders and organize their documents
  • Supports several Quickr capabilities: navigating and viewing library content, designating libraries as "Favorites" for fast access, sorting and filtering folder content, reviewing file and folder details for modification history, previewing or downloading and checking out documents and checking in documents to replace older versions
  • Allows users to e-mail document authors with questions or send a link to a document or folder using their smartphone
  • Integrates tightly with native BlackBerry core applications: e-mail, browser, contacts, tasks, media player, menu, camera, and Docs To Go
  • Is supported in the back end by mechanisms that ensure data pushed to the user is optimized for mobile viewing

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Key prerequisites
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Refer to the Hardware requirements section for details.

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Planned availability date
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January 12, 2010: Electronic software delivery

January 12, 2010: Media and documentation

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IBM Blackberry Clients for IBM Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr allow you to access your colleagues in real time, share documents, and discover expertise using the enterprise social software capabilities of IBM Lotus Connections and IBM Lotus Quickr from your BlackBerry devices. Together, the IBM Lotus software and the BlackBerry clients create a connected enterprise where end users can tap into the resources of their enterprise (find skills, access company information, access their communities, share documents) through applications that they are already familiar with on their desktop.

You no longer need to be tethered to the desktop, find a Wi-Fi spot or fire up your laptop to be able to respond quickly, and actively collaborate with your team, while on the go.

Road warriors can access business-critical knowledge or contribute to the knowledge of the enterprise by blogging and participating in communities even while being away from the office.

You can search for the most extensive skills within the organization, immediately connect with them, and have access to their expertise all from their mobile device with a few taps on their BlackBerry device, and even talk live with just a couple of clicks.

Using Quickr, you can upload, download, read, and share documents from the BlackBerry devices.

The BlackBerry Clients for Lotus, as an extension of Lotus software, provide a compelling user experience that:

  • Have a common look and feel across the BlackBerry smartphone native applications and Lotus applications
  • Are intuitive and has the key features that users are familiar with on their desktop and laptop
  • Allow you to tap the power of your favorite core BlackBerry applications (Address Book, Media Manager, Camera, Browser) from within the Lotus applications

The IT departments supporting the end users are able to:

  • Have a simple-to-manage, unified control point across its entire user base
  • Leverage the existing administrator-friendly manageability and security from the BlackBerry administration tools
  • Ensure that employees use enterprise tools for enterprise collaboration and not consumer tools that can expose company confidential information
  • Work seamlessly with installations of all or a subset of installed Connections Services
  • Optimize the data that goes to end-user devices resulting in higher responsiveness of applications on their BlackBerry smartphones
  • Get a clear direction on plans around BlackBerry clients for Lotus software with a roadmap that is synchronized with Lotus' release of major server upgrades for Connections and Quickr

Specific enhancements built into the BlackBerry clients for IBM Lotus software for Connections and Quickr

With BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Connections 2.3, there is now support for Blogs, Activities, Bookmarks, and Communities, and an enhanced Profile information capability including pictures. The richer integration with BlackBerry core applications makes the application appear as an integral part of the BlackBerry device, and is easier to use.

This is the first BlackBerry client for IBM Lotus Quickr in the market and with it the enterprise users can perform most of the key activities from their BlackBerry devices that they would wish to do when working with documents.

  • Navigate and view library contents
  • Designate libraries as "Favorites" for fast access
  • Sort and filter folder contents to highlight material the user wants to find easily
  • View file and folder details - when and by whom it was created and modified
  • Preview documents via the BlackBerry Attachment Service
  • Download and check out documents for editing
  • Check in documents, in addition to or to replace older versions
  • Organize documents in new folders created from the BlackBerry smartphone
  • E-mail document authors with questions
  • Send a link to a document or folder rather than sending the entire document

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Product positioning
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The two clients extend the capabilities of IBM Lotus software (Connections, Quickr) to BlackBerry users in the enterprise.

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Program number
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Program    VRM                          Program name
5724-Y93   1.0.0                        Blackberry Client for IBM
                                        Lotus Software

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Education support
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IBM training provides education to support many IBM offerings. Descriptions of courses for IT professionals and managers are on the IBM training Web site

Contact your IBM representative for course information.

IBM Software Services for Lotus Education provides education to support many Lotus offerings. For a complete list of offerings visit the Web site at:

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Offering Information
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Product information is available via the Offering Information Web site

Also, visit the Passport Advantage® Web site

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No publications are shipped with this product.

The IBM Publications Center

The Publications Center is a worldwide central repository for IBM product publications and marketing material with a catalog of 70,000 items. Extensive search facilities are provided. Payment options for orders are via credit card (in the U.S.) or customer number for 20 countries. A large number of publications are available online in various file formats, and they can all be downloaded by all countries.

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Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

The BlackBerry SNAP server requires Intel® 2.40 GHz dual-core processor (or greater) and minimum 2 GB of RAM.

For more information, refer to #tab_tab_connections #tab_tab_quickr
Software requirements


The program's specifications and specified operating environment information may be found in documentation accompanying the program, if available, such as a README file, or other information published by IBM, such as an announcement letter. Documentation and other program content may be supplied only in the English language.

Planning information



Security, auditability, and control

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

Global Technology Services

Contact your IBM representative for the list of selected services available in your country, either as standard or customized offerings for the efficient installation, implementation, or integration of this product.

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Ordering information
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For ordering information, consult your IBM representative or authorized IBM Business Partner, or visit

Product information

Licensed function title             Product group   Product
BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus     Domino/Notes    Domino/Notes
 Connections software                Advanced        Services
BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus     Domino/Notes    Domino/Notes
 Quickr software                     Advanced        Services
Program name                          PID        Charge unit
                                      number     description
BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus       5724-Y93   Per Authorized
 Connections software                             User
BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus       5724-Y93   Per Authorized
 Quickr software                                  User

Charge metrics definitions

Authorized User

Authorized User is the unit of measure by which this program is licensed. An Authorized User is an individual (named or unnamed) within or outside of your enterprise. The program may be installed on one or more computers or servers and accessed by the number of users authorized by the Proof of Entitlement (PoE). You must have an entitlement for each Authorized User accessing the program or any program component in any manner directly or indirectly (for example, via a multiplexing program, device, or application server) through any means.

Program licenses

Blackberry Client for IBM Lotus Software

Part description                  Part number
BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus
 Quickr software
BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus   D0BG6LL
 Quickr sw AU Subscrpt w/o
 support 12 Mo

Blackberry Client for IBM Lotus Software

Part description                  Part number
BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus
 Connections software
BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus   D0BG8LL
 Connections sw AU Subscr w/o
 suprt 12 Mo

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Terms and conditions
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Supplier's license terms apply.

Limited warranty

Not warranted by IBM. Warranty, if any, provided by supplier.

Volume orders

Not applicable

Educational allowance

No. Special education prices are available through Passport Advantage.

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IBM Electronic Services
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IBM has transformed its delivery of hardware and software support services to help you achieve higher system availability. Electronic Services is a Web-enabled solution that offers an exclusive, no-additional-charge enhancement to the service and support available for IBM servers. These services are designed to provide the opportunity for greater system availability with faster problem resolution and preemptive monitoring. Electronic Services comprises two separate, but complementary, elements: Electronic Services news page and Electronic Services Agent.

The Electronic Services news page is a single Internet entry point that replaces the multiple entry points traditionally used to access IBM Internet services and support. The news page enables you to gain easier access to IBM resources for assistance in resolving technical problems.

The Electronic Service Agent™ is no-additional-charge software that resides on your server. It monitors events and transmits system inventory information to IBM on a periodic, client-defined timetable. The Electronic Service Agent automatically reports hardware problems to IBM. Early knowledge about potential problems enables IBM to deliver proactive service that may result in higher system availability and performance. In addition, information collected through the Service Agent is made available to IBM service support representatives when they help answer your questions or diagnose problems. Installation and use of IBM Electronic Service Agent for problem reporting enables IBM to provide better support and service for your IBM server.

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For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

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Announcement countries
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All European, Middle Eastern, and African countries except:

  • Iran
  • Sudan
  • Syria

Quickr and Electronic Service Agent are trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

IBM, Lotus and Passport Advantage are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Terms of use

IBM products and services which are announced and available in your country can be ordered under the applicable standard agreements, terms, conditions, and prices in effect at the time. IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this announcement at any time without notice. This announcement is provided for your information only. Reference to other products in this announcement does not necessarily imply those products are announced, or intend to be announced, in your country. Additional terms of use are located at:

For the most current information regarding IBM products, consult your IBM representative or reseller, or visit the IBM worldwide contacts page


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