IBM System Storage N series function authorizations for IBM System Storage N6270

IBM Asia Pacific Hardware Announcement AG11-0048
May 9, 2011

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The IBM® System Storage® N series function authorizations are for billing purposes only. They establish authorization for use of the licensed functions on the following IBM System Storage N series hardware:

  • N6270 Model C22: 2870 Model 58F
  • N6270 Model E12: 2870 Model 58G
  • N6270 Model E22: 2870 Model 58H

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IBM System Storage or N6270 Model C22, Model E12, or Model E22

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June 3, 2011: N6270 and features
August 5, 2011: Model conversions

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All N6270 licensed functions are enabled, authorized, and activated at the 2858 system level. The following terms are defined in the context of licensed functions.

2858 system refers to the 2858 Model C22, Model E12, and Model E22.

Enablement refers to the selection of a 2858 licensed function indicator feature number to technically activate a licensed function.

Authorization refers to an acquisition of an N series function authorization (IBM 2870) feature to establish authorization for use of a licensed function.

Activation refers to the installation of an activation code into the 2858 system. The activation code is made available by IBM.

Enablement: Each licensed function is enabled for a 2858 system when you select the appropriate licensed function indicator feature on the 2858 system. These features cannot be selected on any attached expansion units.

Authorization: Authorization for the use of a licensed function on a 2858 system is established when you acquire 2870 function authorization feature numbers for the 2858 system.

Each function authorization that you acquire for a 2858 system establishes the authorization level for the 2858 system. For example, a 2858 system with a Model C22 requires only one Data ONTAP (2870 Model 58F #5810) function authorization.

When you initially acquire 2870 function authorization feature numbers with a 2858 system (plant order), your 2870 function authorization is assigned an IBM serial number. To acquire additional function authorizations for that system, you must order function authorization features using the 2870 serial number associated with that system.

Each system can have only one associated 2870 function authorization serial number.

Activation: Licensed functions are activated when you install activation codes into the 2858 system. The activation codes are made available by IBM.

The installation of activation codes is a client responsibility; however, IBM may choose to factory-install the activation codes on new machine orders.

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Description                      Machine  Model        Feature

N6270 58F Func Authorization     2870     58F
N6270 58G Func Authorization     2870     58G
N6270 58H Func Authorization     2870     58H
Licensed Function Indicators

 Data ONTAP Essentials           2870     58F, 58H     5800
                                          58G          5850
 CIFS initial                    2870     58F, 58H     5801
                                          58G          5851
 CIFS secondary                  2870     58F, 58H     5802
                                          58G          5852
 FCP initial                     2870     58F, 58H     5803
                                          58G          5853
 FCP secondary                   2870     58F, 58H     5804
                                          58G          5854
 iSCSI initial                   2870     58F, 58H     5805
                                          58G          5855
 iSCSI secondary                 2870     58F, 58H     5806
                                          58G          5856
 NFS initial                     2870     58F, 58H     5807
                                          58G          5857
 NFS secondary                   2870     58F, 58H     5808
                                          58G          5858
 SnapLock Compliance             2870     58F, 58H     5809
                                          58G          5859
 Data ONTAP                      2870     58F, 58H     5810
                                          58G          5860
 SnapRestore                     2870     58F, 58H     5811
                                          58G          5861
 SnapMirror                      2870     58F, 58H     5812
                                          58G          5862
 SnapVault                       2870     58F, 58H     5813
                                          58G          5863
 FlexClone                       2870     58F, 58H     5814
                                          58G          5864
 SnapManager Suite               2870     58F, 58H     5815
                                          58G          5865
 Complete Bundle                 2870     58F, 58H     5816
                                          58G          5866
 MetroCluster                    2870     58H          5817
 Flash Cache                     2870     58F, 58H     5818
                                          58G          5868
 SnapLock Enterprise             2870     58F, 58H     5819
                                          58G          5869
 Data ONTAP Essentials - GW      2870     58F, 58H     5825
                                          58G          5875
 CIFS initial - GW               2870     58F, 58H     5826
                                          58G          5876
 CIFS secondary - GW             2870     58F, 58H     5827
                                          58G          5877
 FCP initial - GW                2870     58F, 58H     5828
                                          58G          5878
 FCP secondary - GW              2870     58F, 58H     5829
                                          58G          5879
 iSCSI initial - GW              2870     58F, 58H     5830
                                          58G          5880
 iSCSI secondary - GW            2870     58F, 58H     5831
                                          58G          5881
 NFS initial - GW                2870     58F, 58H     5832
                                          58G          5882
 NFS secondary - GW              2870     58F, 58H     5833
                                          58G          5883
 SnapLock Compliance - GW        2870     58F, 58H     5834
                                          58G          5884
 Data ONTAP - GW                 2870     58F, 58H     5835
                                          58G          5885
 SnapRestore - GW                2870     58F, 58H     5836
                                          58G          5886
 SnapMirror - GW                 2870     58F, 58H     5837
                                          58G          5887
 SnapVault - GW                  2870     58F, 58H     5838
                                          58G          5888
 FlexClone - GW                  2870     58F, 58H     5839
                                          58G          5889
 SnapManager Suite - GW          2870     58F, 58H     5840
                                          58G          5890
 Complete Bundle - GW            2870     58F, 58H     5841
                                          58G          5891
 MetroCluster - GW               2870     58H          5842
 Flash Cache - GW                2870     58F, 58H     5843
                                          58G          5893
 SnapLock Enterprise - GW        2870     58F, 58H     5844
                                          58G          5894
Host software

 SnapDrive for UNIX® - AIX®      2870     58F, 58G     8024
 SnapDrive for UNIX - Solaris    2870     58F, 58G     8025
 SnapDrive for UNIX - HPUX       2870     58F, 58G     8026
 SnapDrive for UNIX - Linux®      2870     58F, 58G     8027
 SnapDrive for Windows®           2870     58F, 58G     8050
 ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO      2870     58F, 58G     8052
 SnapManager/Oracle - WIN        2870     58F, 58G     8129
 SnapManager/Exchange - Host     2870     58F, 58G     8131
 SnapManager/VI - Host           2870     58F, 58G     8133
 SnapMgr Hyper-V - Host          2870     58F, 58G     8135
 SnapManager for SAP - Win       2870     58F, 58G     8140
 SnapManager for SQL - Host      2870     58F, 58G     8141
 SnapManager for Oracle          2870     58F, 58G     8143
 SnapManager for SAP             2870     58F, 58G     8145
 SnapManager SharePoint-Host     2870     58F, 58G     8147
 SM SharePoint Mgmt. Bundle      2870     58F, 58G     8149
 Single Mbox Recovery 100pk      2870     58F, 58G     8150
 Single Mbox Recovery 500pk      2870     58F, 58G     8151
 Single Mbox Recovery 1000pk     2870     58F, 58G     8152
 Single Mbox Recovery 2500pk     2870     58F, 58G     8153
 Single Mbox Recovery 5K pk      2870     58F, 58G     8154
 Single Mbox Recovery 10K pk     2870     58F, 58G     8155
 Single Mbox Recovery 50K pk     2870     58F, 58G     8156
 SMBR CA-ARCSERVE Extract Wiz    2870     58F, 58G     8158
 SMBR Tivoli® Tape Extract Wiz   2870     58F, 58G     8159
 SMBR Legato Tape Extract Wiz    2870     58F, 58G     8160
 SMBR NetBackup Extract Wiz      2870     58F, 58G     8161
 SMBR PST Tape Extract Wiz       2870     58F, 58G     8162
 SMBR HP Extract Wiz             2870     58F, 58G     8163
 SMBR Commvault Galaxy Ex Wiz    2870     58F, 58G     8164
 SMBR UltraBac Extract Wizard    2870     58F, 58G     8165
 SMBR Agent for Adv Search       2870     58F, 58G     8166
 SMBR Content Analysis Wizard    2870     58F, 58G     8167
 SMBR Administrative Server      2870     58F, 58G     8168
 SMSP Migrator 100 - Host        2870     58F, 58G     8181
 SMSP Migrator 250 - Host        2870     58F, 58G     8182
 SMSP Migrator 500 - Host        2870     58F, 58G     8183
 SMSP Migrator 1000 - Host       2870     58F, 58G     8184
 SMSP Migrator 5000 - Host       2870     58F, 58G     8185
 SMSP Archiver - Host            2870     58F, 58G     8186
 DFM Server License              2870     58F, 58G     8255
 Gateway Indicator               2870     58F, 58G     9551

Model conversions

   From           To
 Type Model    Type Model    Description

 2870  58G     2870  58H     N627 Model 58H

Feature conversions

  Type   From   To     Description

  2870   5850   5800   Data ONTAP Essentials
  2870   5851   5801   CIFS initial
  2870   5852   5802   CIFS secondary
  2870   5853   5803   FCP initial
  2870   5854   5804   FCP secondary
  2870   5855   5805   iSCSI initial
  2870   5856   5806   iSCSI secondary
  2870   5857   5807   NFS initial
  2870   5858   5808   NFS secondary
  2870   5859   5809   SnapLock Compliance
  2870   5860   5810   Data ONTAP
  2870   5861   5811   SnapRestore
  2870   5862   5812   SnapMirror
  2870   5863   5813   SnapVault
  2870   5864   5814   FlexClone
  2870   5865   5815   SnapManager Suite
  2870   5866   5816   Complete Bundle
  2870   5868   5818   Flash Cache
  2870   5869   5819   SnapLock Enterprise
  2870   5875   5825   Data ONTAP Essentials - GW
  2870   5876   5826   CIFS initial - GW
  2870   5877   5827   CIFS secondary - GW
  2870   5878   5828   FCP initial - GW
  2870   5879   5829   FCP secondary - GW
  2870   5880   5830   iSCSI initial - GW
  2870   5881   5831   iSCSI secondary - GW
  2870   5882   5832   NFS initial - GW
  2870   5883   5833   NFS secondary - GW
  2870   5884   5834   SnapLock Compliance - GW
  2870   5885   5835   Data ONTAP - GW
  2870   5886   5836   SnapRestore - GW
  2870   5887   5837   SnapMirror - GW
  2870   5888   5838   SnapVault - GW
  2870   5889   5839   FlexClone - GW
  2870   5890   5840   SnapManager Suite - GW
  2870   5891   5841   Complete Bundle - GW
  2870   5893   5843   Flash Cache - GW
  2870   5894   5844   SnapLock Enterprise - GW

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No publications are shipped with the N series function authorizations. Publications are shipped with the N series hardware machine.

All N series publications are available on the N series support website

Publications are only available for download for existing IBM N series clients who have registered their N series products on the N series support site.

Product publications are available in English. IBM may translate key product publications.

When completed, translations will be available through country ordering systems and the N series support website.

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Technical information
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Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

The N series function authorization (IBM 2870) establishes authorization for the use of licensed functions acquired for IBM System Storage N series hardware. Each 2870 function authorization is applicable only for the specific N series hardware machine (by serial number) for which it was acquired and is not transferable to another serial-numbered N series hardware machine.

Each 2870 function authorization feature number requires a corequisite licensed function indicator feature number on the N series hardware machine for which it was acquired.

Current license terms for the machine code provided with this product prohibit transfer of the machine code without approval from NetApp.

Planning information

You are responsible for downloading or obtaining from IBM, and installing designated Machine Code (microcode, basic input/output system code (called BIOS), utility programs, device drivers, and diagnostics delivered with an IBM machine) and other software updates in a timely manner from an IBM Internet Web site or from other electronic media, and following the instructions that IBM provides. You may request IBM to install Machine Code changes; however, you may be charged for that service.

Cable orders

No cables required.

Security, auditability, and control

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

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Terms and conditions
Bottom rule

Volume orders: Contact your IBM representative.

Warranty period

Warranty for a licensed function is entitled as a feature of the N series hardware machine for which the licensed function is authorized, under the terms and conditions associated with that machine.

Warranty service

Warranty service for a licensed function is provided on the N series hardware machine for which the licensed function is authorized, under the terms and conditions associated with that machine, and is available until the expiration of that machine's warranty period.

Warranty service upgrades

Usage plan machine


IBM hourly service rate classification

Not applicable. Service activity for a licensed function is performed on the N series hardware machine.

When a type of service involves the exchange of a machine part, the replacement may not be new, but will be in good working order.

Field-installable features


Model conversions


Machine installation

Installation is performed by IBM. IBM will install the machine in accordance with the IBM installation procedures for the machine. In the United States, contact IBM at 1-800-IBM-SERV (426-7378). In other countries, contact the local IBM office.

Refer to IBM System Storage N6200 Series Filer Installation and Setup Instructions (GA32-0840) for information on site preparation, physical requirements, installation (operating) environment, and any cabling included in the installation. Customer requests for installation of items not covered in the installation guide may be performed at IBM's hourly service rate designated for the machine.

Graduated program license charges apply


Licensed machine code

This product contains, or is provided together with, code which is licensed to the user, not sold. That code is copyrighted and may be the property of IBM, its supplier(s) or other third parties. You are authorized to use the code to the extent set forth in the applicable license agreement(s) provided with the product. You may also obtain a copy of applicable license agreement by contacting your IBM representative.

Current license terms for the machine code provided with this product prohibit transfer of the machine code without approval from NetApp.

Machines using machine code:

     Machine     code

     2858-C22    2870-58F
     2858-E12    2870-58G
     2858-E22    2870-58H

IBM may release changes to the machine code. IBM plans to make the machine code changes available for download from the IBM System Storage technical support website

If the machine does not function as warranted and your problem can be resolved through your application of downloadable machine code, you are responsible for downloading and installing these designated machine code changes as IBM specifies. If you would prefer, you may request IBM to install downloadable machine code changes; however, you may be charged for that service.

Educational allowance

A reduced charge is available to qualified education customers. The educational allowance may not be added to any other discount or allowance.

The educational allowance is 15% for the products in this announcement.

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For all local charges, contact your IBM representative.

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 India/South Asia**          Yes
 Australia                   Yes
 People's Republic of China  Yes
 Hong Kong S.A.R of the PRC  Yes
 Macao S.A.R of the PRC      Yes
 Taiwan                      Yes
 Korea                       Yes
 New Zealand                 Yes
Japan IOT
 Japan                       Yes
 * Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic
   Republic, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
 **Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, and

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