IBM Print Services Facility for z/OS, V4.5 delivers Advanced Function Presentation enhancements

IBM United States Software Announcement 214-099
April 1, 2014

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IBM® Print Services Facility™ for z/OS®, V4.5 is designed to provide:

For ordering, contact your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: LE001).

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Print Services Facility (PSF) for z/OS, V4.5 replaces Print Services Facility V4.4 for z/OS, and is the latest release of the IBM flagship production print product for z/OS. This new release delivers a set of core functions for host-based enterprise printing. It offers support for industry-standard Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) architecture and a number of printer standards including IPDS, and support for other important industry standards, such as XML and International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles.

PSF V4.5 introduces support for z/OS Product Registration Services, with product enablement and disablement capabilities using a parmlib member, improved SMF recording to help with accurate chargeback for printing costs, support for additional printer functions, Extended Address Volume (EAV) support, and other additional enhancements.

PSF running on z/OS is designed to provide the advanced scalability, resiliency, security, workload management, and SMF data collection capabilities you need to help manage enterprise printing.

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Key prerequisites
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An IBM System z® server running z/OS V2.1, or later
An IBM System z server running z/OS V1.12, or later

Refer to the Hardware requirements and Software requirements sections for details.

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May 23, 2014

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PSF for z/OS, V4.5 is designed to provide a number of new capabilities. PSF has been updated to reflect a number of additions to the IPDS data stream that represent extensions to the AFP architecture maintained by the AFP consortium. For several of these functions, PSF provides infrastructure but in order to use many of the extensions described, you will need, depending on usage, additional software and hardware that support the described functions. For more information about the AFP architecture, refer to AFP Consortium website at

Printer communication enhancements

Support is provided to allow:

These usability enhancements are intended to make PSF easier to use and reduce the time spent on related tasks. Each of these functions requires specific printer support.

Printer function enablement

PSF is now designed to support additional printer functions, including support for:

Also, PSF V4.5 is designed to support more paper folding operations when they are supported by the printers to which output is directed, including

Product Registration Services support

PSF V4.5 is now designed to use z/OS MVS™ Product Registration Services for enablement. This support, modeled after existing support for priced optional features of z/OS, allows you to specify that PSF V4.5 can be enabled on systems on which it is licensed and disabled on systems where it is not in use by using an appropriate IFAPRDxx parmlib member. It is designed to allow you to enable it quickly and easily after licensing the product by updating the parmlib member and issuing a SET PROD operator command.

Additional enhancements

PSF V4.5 in direct printing mode is designed to provide support for:

Also PSF V4.5 is designed to provide support that allows you to dynamically start and stop PSF message logging to the Infoprint Server Common message log. This enhancement is intended to allow operators to use the browser-based Infoprint Central component of the optional z/OS Infoprint Server feature. It will allow operators to have more visibility of and control over PSF-managed print jobs, including searching for, viewing attributes of, releasing, deleting, moving, and changing the priority of held print jobs.

AFP document composition enhancements

PSF 4.5 is designed to support these document composition enhancements when the printer also supports them:

PSF V4.5 is designed to allow you to specify a default color for IOCA object resources when using printers that provide bi-level IO-image color support and a default color for other object resources when using printers that provide bi-level grayscale image color support for object containers.

PSF V4.5 also provides new sample form definitions (formdefs) and page definitions (pagedefs) you can use to create MO:DCA-IS/3-compliant separator pages and message data sets. A new version of AFPCONCAT of z/OS Receiver is designed to support the concatenation of MO:DCA IS/3-compliant files. These changes are designed to enhance the support PSF has for MO:DCA IS/3-compliant data sets. The MO:DCA IS/3 architecture is defined by the AFP Consortium.

SMF recording improvements

PSF V4.5 is designed to add more information to SMF Type 6 records to help with accounting and chargeback activities, including the total page count, the number of pages used from each input bin on a printer, whether simplex or duplex printing was used, and whether 1-, 2-, or 4-up printing was used for each print job.

Download for z/OS enhancements

The Download for z/OS feature of PSF V4.5 is now designed to support two additional OUTPUT JCL statement parameters, COLORMAP and COMSETUP.

Accessibility by people with disabilities

A US Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) containing details on accessibility compliance can be requested at

Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act

IBM Print Services Facility for z/OS, V4.5 is capable as of May 23, 2014, when used in accordance with associated IBM documentation, of satisfying the applicable requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, provided that any assistive technology used with the product properly interoperates with it. A U.S. Section 508 Voluntary Accessibility Template (VPAT) can be requested from IBM's website at

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PSF is the strategic mainframe production print solution of IBM. PSF supports the print management of z/OS AFP output on host-attached printers. PSF is sophisticated, enabling automated print processes with system management of print files and attributes, resources, page-level error recovery, accounting, extensive diagnostics, and print process statistics.

PSF supports AFP Consortium approved AFP architecture changes. The AFP Consortium is an open industry standards body. The scope of this consortium is the complete AFP architecture, which comprises the following data object architectures: Mixed Object Document Content, Intelligent Printer Data Stream, AFP Line Data, Bar Code Object Content, Color Management Object Content, Font Object Content, Graphics Object Content for AFP, Image Object Content, and Presentation Text Object Content.

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Hardware and software support services
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SmoothStart/installation services

IBM Installation Services can be provided for PSF at an additional cost. Contact your IBM sales representative or IBM Business Partner for additional information.

IBM SmoothStart and Installation Services from IBM Global Services are not provided for this product.

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Program number
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Program       Program
number        name

5655-M32      IBM Print Services Facility for z/OS, V4.5

Business Partner information

If you are a Direct Reseller - System Reseller acquiring products from IBM, you may link directly to Business Partner information for this announcement. A PartnerWorld® ID and password are required (use IBM ID).

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Technical information
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Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

PSF for z/OS, V4.5:

A number of PSF for z/OS, V4.5 functions require corresponding printer support. Contact your printer manufacturer to determine whether specific functions are available for a particular printer.

Software requirements

IBM PSF for z/OS, V4.5 runs on z/OS V1.12 and later releases and versions of z/OS.

One of these products or features, at the minimum level listed, is required to provide host fonts:

To use TrueType and OpenType fonts, you must have:

To control the presentation space size of externally created PDF objects, use an application or product that creates a data stream in which the size of the presentation space is specified.


PSF for z/OS, V4.5 replaces PSF V4.4 for z/OS.

Performance considerations

The performance of PSF and its attached printers is dependent upon availability and efficiency of memory, storage, DASD, and channel and network resources in the system configuration. It is also highly dependent upon the content of the print data streams being processed. In general, data-intensive applications, such as those containing images, require more resources than applications containing plain text. If performance degradation is experienced, normal system performance analysis and tuning should be conducted before contacting IBM Service.

Planning information

Customer responsibilities

To use channel-attached printers with PSF, they must be defined to z/OS and to the JES2 or JES3 subsystem. To use network-attached printers with PSF, they must be defined to TCP/IP or to VTAM®.

Direct customer support

Direct customer support is provided by IBM Operational Support Services - SoftwareXcel Enterprise Edition or SoftwareXcel Basic Edition. These fee services can enhance your productivity by providing voice and electronic access into the IBM support organization. IBM Operational Support Services - SoftwareXcel Enterprise Edition or SoftwareXcel Basic Edition will help answer questions pertaining to usage, how-to, and suspected software defects for eligible products.


PSF for z/OS, V4.5 base program and optional features are shipped using the customized offerings, CBPDO and ServerPac. No fonts are included with the PSF base. If you need compatibility fonts, you can order the optional, no-charge compatibility font feature.

A softcopy program directory is shipped with each PSF order.

PSF V4.5 publications are planned to be available on the web in PDF format on May 23, 2014.

Security, auditability, and control

PSF uses the security features and programs of the z/OS operating systems.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

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Ordering information
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Ordering z/OS through the Internet

Shopz provides an easy way to plan and order your z/OS ServerPac or CBPDO. It will analyze your current installation, determine the correct product migration, and present your new configuration based on z/OS. Additional products can also be added to your order (including determination of whether all product requisites are satisfied). Shopz is available in the US, Canada, and several countries in Europe. In countries where Shopz is not available yet, contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner to handle your order via the traditional IBM ordering process. For more details and availability, visit the Shopz website at

Current licensees

Current licensees of PSF for z/OS, V4.5 can order this release as specified in the New licensees section. PSF V4.4 will not be orderable once PSF V4.5 is generally available.

New licensees

Orders for new licenses can be placed now.

Registered customers can access IBMLink for ordering information and charges.

Shipment will not occur before the availability date.

Unless a later date is specified, orders entered before the planned availability date will be assigned a schedule date of one week following availability.

Orders entered after the planned availability date will be assigned a schedule date for the week following order entry, unless a later date is specified.

Shipment will begin on the planned availability date. New users of PSF for z/OS, V4.5 should specify:

Machine Type: 5655       Model: M32
Basic license

PSF for z/OS, V4.5 is priced in Cumulative Block Tiers. The PSF tier is determined based on the number of printers PSF will be driving, and the impressions-per-minute rated speed of those printers. Printer points are assigned to each printer based on its rated speed. Points for all printers except those in Category 1 are accumulated, and the total number of points indicates the appropriate PSF price tier.

Printer speeds and associated PSF category are shown in an exhibit to the IBM System z Software Contracts: Print Services Facility (PSF) Intelligent Printer Data Stream Printer List at

How to order

To order a basic license, specify program number 5655-M32. Specify the 3590 Supply IDs, MLC entitlement identifiers, and desired tiers (usage levels). For example, to order usage for Tier 3, order by specifying the features for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

                              MLC              3590
                              entitlement      supply
Tier      Printer points      identifier       ID
  1          1 to   5         S01254B          S01662H
  2          6 to   9
  3         10 to  14
  4         15 to  20
  5         21 to  30
  6         31 to  46
  7         47 to  66
  8         67 to  86
  9         87 to 151
 10        152 to 301
 11        302 to 601
 12        602 and up

To order optional priced features of PSF for z/OS, V4.5, specify the 3590 supply ID and MLC entitlement identifier for each feature you wish to order from the table below:

                           MLC            3590
                           entitlement    supply
Feature name               identifier     ID
AFP Download Plus          S012551        S01662J
AFP Upload                 S01254S        S01662G
Compatibility Fonts        S012577        S01662M
ACIF                       S012556        S01662K
Download for z/OS          S012555        S01662L

Note: AFP Download Plus, AFP Upload, Compatibility Fonts, and Download for z/OS require Tier 1.

Single version charging

To elect single version charging, the customer must notify and identify to IBM the prior program and replacement program and the designated machine the programs are operating on.

Unlicensed documentation

A memo and program directory are shipped with the base feature. The following publications are available on the Internet in PDF format:

Title                                              number

PSF for z/OS: ACIF User's Guide                    S550-0436
PSF for z/OS: AFP Download Plus                    S550-0433
PSF for z/OS: Customization                        S550-0427
PSF for z/OS: Diagnosis                            G550-0428
PSF for z/OS: Download for z/OS                    S550-0429
PSF for z/OS: Introduction                         G550-0430
PSF for z/OS: Licensed Program Specifications      G550-0431
PSF for z/OS: Messages and Codes                   G550-0432
PSF for z/OS: Security Guide                       S550-0434
PSF for z/OS: User's Guide                         S550-0435

The publications are available online for viewing or downloading from the IBM Publications Center website at

The publications are also available from the z/OS Information/Knowledge Center at

To view or download a previous edition of a publication, use the correct suffix level for the version desired.

The following publication is shipped in softcopy with the base feature:

Title                                                    number
Tiered Pricing Exhibit for IBM and Non-IBM AFP Printers  Z125-4564

To access the latest PSF for z/OS, V4.5 (5655-M32) information, refer to

To access the latest PSF for z/OS, V4.5 tiered pricing exhibit, refer to

Customized offerings

Product deliverables are shipped only via CBPDO and ServerPac. These customized offerings are offered for Internet delivery in countries where Shopz product ordering is available. Internet delivery reduces software delivery time and allows you to install software without the need to handle tapes. For more details on Internet delivery, refer to the Shopz help information at

You choose the delivery method when you order the software. IBM recommends Internet delivery. In addition to Internet and DVD, the supported tape delivery options include:

Most products can be ordered in ServerPac the month following their availability in CBPDO. z/OS can be ordered via CBPDO and ServerPac at general availability. Many products will also be orderable in a Product ServerPac without also having to order the z/OS operating system or subsystem.

Shopz and CFSW will determine the eligibility based on product requisite checking. For more details on the product ServerPac, visit the Help section on the Shopz website at

For additional information on the Product ServerPac option, refer to Software Announcement 212-272, dated July 31, 2012.

Production of software product orders will begin on the planned general availability date.

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Terms and conditions
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The terms for PSF for z/OS, V4.5, as previously announced in Software Announcement 211-282, dated July 12, 2011, licensed under the IBM Customer Agreement, are unaffected by this announcement.

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For all local charges, contact your IBM representative.

Program number
Entitlement                               License option/
identifier      Description               Pricing metric
S01254B         PSF for z/OS, V4.5        Basic MLC
                                          Cumulative Block Tiers
S012551         AFP Download Plus         Basic MLC
                                          Flat Charge
S01254M         AFP Upload                Basic MLC
                                          Flat Charge
S012554         Compatibility Fonts       Basic MLC
                                          Flat Charge
S012556         ACIF                      Basic MLC
                                          Flat Charge
S01254Z         Download for z/OS         Basic MLC
                                          Flat Charge

Use level charge: Charges for this program are based on usage levels. When a customer upgrades to a higher level of usage, a usage upgrade charge will apply, equal to the difference between the charge for the current level of usage and the higher level of usage.

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Order now
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To order, contact the Americas Call Centers or your local IBM representative, or your IBM Business Partner.

To identify your local IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, call 800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968).

Phone:      800-IBM-CALL (426-2255)
Fax:        800-2IBM-FAX (242-6329)
For IBM representative:
For IBM Business Partner:
Mail:       IBM Teleweb Customer Support
  ® Sales Execution Center, Americas North
            3500 Steeles Ave. East, Tower 3/4
            Markham, Ontario
            L3R 2Z1

Reference: LE001

The Americas Call Centers, our national direct marketing organization, can add your name to the mailing list for catalogs of IBM products.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.

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Terms of use

IBM products and services which are announced and available in your country can be ordered under the applicable standard agreements, terms, conditions, and prices in effect at the time. IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this announcement at any time without notice. This announcement is provided for your information only. Additional terms of use are located at

For the most current information regarding IBM products, consult your IBM representative or reseller, or visit the IBM worldwide contacts page

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