IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain enables you to set up your on-premises data store independent from where your blockchain peer resides

IBM United States Hardware Announcement 119-047
June 25, 2019

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IBM® Storage Solutions for blockchain brings together the necessary hardware and software components to setup or expand your on-premises off-chain data store for your blockchain peer, regardless where your blockchain peer resides; for example in the public cloud, private cloud, or on premises. IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain come with data management capabilities to simplify deployments using validated reference architectures.

IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain off-chain extension and data management capabilities are engineered for clients with multicloud needs, deployed on premises with components built to perform and scale for any enterprise. The reference architecture will bring the whole solution together with a set of instructions defining each component and the required setup. IBM subject matter experts will evaluate your business needs, develop a tailored solution to address your requirements, and help you through installation and setup.

Hybrid multicloud functionality combines the best of cloud and on-premises storage for blockchain environments:

  • Reduces risk to data by enabling cloud-based peers to keep critical data on premises for security, regulatory, or data latency requirements
  • Maximizes performance for critical off-chain data
  • Ensures access to off-chain data where internet reliability or accessibility can be a challenge

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June 28, 2019

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IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain offers proven solutions that can help lower risk, reduce costs, and increase blockchain performance.

Blockchain technologies represent a fundamentally new way to transact business. They may profoundly change the way we organize our economic, social, political, and scientific activities. Blockchain technology has been described as having "revolutionary potential" to reinvent how entire industry ecosystems operate.

IBM is the market leader in blockchain technology and solutions. The company has launched an entire business line devoted to providing comprehensive blockchain solutions, and has attracted more than 500 blockchain customers and helped construct 70 live blockchain networks.

The IBM presence in the exploding blockchain marketplace goes beyond providing solutions based on the IBM Blockchain Platform itself. IBM is also deeply involved in developing and offering IT infrastructure solutions designed to enable enterprises of all types and sizes to implement individualized blockchains that leverage both your existing data center systems as well as new technologies and multicloud architectures.

One set of these new infrastructure solutions from IBM is called IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain. These end-to-end, pretested, and validated infrastructure solutions for blockchain deployments offer a number of important benefits, including multiple high-performance storage and server options, reduced deployment times, and increased data and application security.

Constructed using proven, well-recognized members of the market-leading IBM Spectrum Storage™ family of software-defined storage solutions, IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain can help your business safely, securely, and cost-efficiently make blockchain technology your own competitive advantage.

Blockchain basics

A blockchain is a tamper-proof shared digital ledger that records transactions in a public or private peer-to-peer network, often referred to as a "hyperledger." Distributed to all participants or member nodes in the network, the ledger permanently records, in blocks of information, the history of asset exchanges that take place between the peers in the network. All the confirmed and validated transaction blocks are linked and chained, from the beginning of the chain to the most current block, thus the name blockchain. This architecture makes the blockchain essentially tamper-proof and acts as a single source of truth.

Industry analysts predict that the blockchain market is already growing at an astounding 82% and will reach nearly USD 10 billion by 2021. Using blockchain-based hyperledgers, businesses can save time and costs while reducing risks. Blockchain technologies promise improved transparency among willing participants, automation, ledger customization, and improved trust in record keeping.

Implementing blockchain solutions brings certain challenges. For example, there is no current method to prune or archive the hyperledger. Because of this and other reasons such as new governmental regulations, it is important to store larger files and sensitive information in what is called "off-chain" storage, which can be on-premises or in the public cloud.

Because of the extreme growth rates in these environments and the challenges of coordinating off-chain and on-chain systems, the underlying IT infrastructure supporting blockchain implementations must meet key requirements for security, availability, system performance, and scalability:

  • Security: Each participant or node in a blockchain implementation must employ effective data encryption and user authentication to ensure the integrity of their contributions to the blockchain.
  • Availability: Blockchain solutions are only as useful as they are available. To maintain user confidence and value, each node must utilize infrastructure that ensures very high availability.
  • Performance: As blockchains grow, low-latency/high-performance storage becomes more and more necessary in order to handle the increasing data traffic generated by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of concurrent users all accessing transaction records and utilizing smart contracts.
  • Scalability: Both capacity and performance requirements increase as blockchains naturally grow, and the IT infrastructure must be able to scale as needed.

To meet such challenging requirements, enterprises considering blockchain deployments are turning to powerful new end-to-end alternatives such as IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain.

IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain

IBM Storage Solutions is a line of all-in-one offerings recently introduced by IBM Storage. IBM has been rapidly adding new solutions designed to address the most pressing real-world business challenges, while at the same time increasing the breadth and depth of existing solutions. Offerings in the IBM Storage Solutions line are driven by pretested and validated blueprints designed to make deployment of these leading-edge solutions easier, faster, and lower risk. They include storage capacity, hardware, software infrastructure and servers, plus deployment support, detailed configuration documentation, and best practices advice.

Recently, IBM released a new offering called IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain. These are easy to deploy solutions that bring together the hardware and software components needed to set up or expand blockchain environments. Each of the IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain comes with data management capabilities to simplify deployments using validated blueprints. They are engineered for enterprises with multicloud needs and are deployed on-premises with easy-to-consume components built to perform and scale for any blockchain requirement.

IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain incorporates elements from across the IBM Storage portfolio, including hardware and software components, ordering and installation instructions and support, and several different expansion options. Pretested blueprints tie each solution together with a set of instructions defining each component and providing configuration details. Plus, IBM subject matter experts (SMEs) are available to help you through your installation and setup journey.

Solution components

A full multicloud Storage solutions for blockchain stack contains:

  • Hardware components
  • Software components
  • Ordering and installation
  • Expansion options

IBM Storage SMEs will evaluate the reference architecture and define the best components for your solution.

Solution components:

  • IBM Cloud™ Private 3.1.1
  • IBM LinuxONE
  • IBM FlashSystem® 9100
  • IBM Storwize® V7000
  • IBM Storwize V5000
  • IBM DS8000®
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • IBM Spectrum® Connect 3.6.1
  • IBM Storage Enabler for Containers
  • IBM blockchain platform for IBM Cloud Private 1.1.1


  • Pre- and post-sales support

IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain will provide an integrated support experience for clients. All components of the solutions are part of this unified support structure.

Payment options:

  • Purchase or pay as you go
  • Subscription license model

Expansion options:

  • Performance optimized
  • Capacity optimized

For additional information, see the IBM Storage Solutions for blockchain website.

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