Hardware Withdrawal: External USB CD-ROM from SurePOS 500 machine types 4851 and 4951

Asia Pacific Hardware Withdrawal Announcement WG06-0247
November 28, 2006


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Effective December 28, 2006, IBM will withdraw from marketing the following products. On or after the effective date of withdrawal, you can no longer order these products directly from IBM. You can obtain the products on an as-available basis through IBM Business Partners.

                          Machine                       Feature
Description               type          Model           number
Note: Models Z14 and E1Z are Japan only.
External USB CD-ROM       4851          514, E14,       7699
                                        Z14, E1Z
External USB CD-ROM       4951          514             7699
Note: The following feature is withdrawn from 4611-851 and 4611-951:
External USB CD-ROM                                     7699

Replacement product information: None
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Announcement countries

AP Distribution:  To all Asia Pacific countries for release.
Ctry/Region        Announced
ASEAN*         --     Yes
Australia      --     Yes
Hong Kong      --     Yes
PRC            --     Yes
Macao          --     Yes
Taiwan         --     Yes
Korea          --     Yes
Japan          --     Yes
New Zealand    --     Yes
* Bangladesh, Brunei, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia,
  Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

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