Announcement Letter Number 184-022 dated February 21, 1984
US - Last Revised on February 21, 1984

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

     IBM Instruments, Inc., announces a new desk-top computer.  Also
effective today, the IBM Instruments Computer System 9000 family is
renamed the IBM System 9000. The System 9000 family contains two
models: the 9001 Bench-Top Computer (formerly named IBM Instruments
Computer System 9000) and the new 9002 Desk-Top Computer. The 9002
Desk-Top Computer incorporates the functions of the 9001 Bench-Top
Computer, while providing a system more suited to a professional
desk-top environment.

Customer Letter Section

*   More compact system size
*   New hybrid keyboard integrating the functional keypad
*   Elimination of integral printer/plotter option
*   Additional port for user-provided system printer
*   All other hardware/software options preserved
*   Supports the IBM Personal Computer Color Printer 5182 Model 1
       The new 9002 Desk-Top Computer provides a modular physical
design concept and achieves a significant size reduction from the
9001 Bench-Top Computer for those applications where space is at a
premium. The "footprint" of the main processor cabinet is reduced 28%
(from 401 square inches to 288 square inches), consuming considerably
less desktop area. The Desk-Top Computer has the same flexibility in
horizontal and vertical adjustment of the display screen as does the
Bench-Top Computer.
       The Desk-top Computer has a new hybrid version of the
keyboard. This version integrates the keyboard and the keypad into a
single detached module, with only a slight increase in footprint (140
square inches to 169 square inches).
       The Desk-Top Computer has no integral printer/plotter option,
as the Bench-Top Computer does. Support is announced for the IBM
Personal Computer Color Printer 5182 Model 1 (announced November 1,
1983, in IBM Product Announcement "IBM Personal Computer Compact
Printer 5181 Model 1 and IBM Personal Computer Color Printer 5182
Model 1.") It is attached using a new 8-bit parallel port added to
the rear of the system. Alternatively, this same printer port allows
attachment of other user-provided system printers.
       The 9002 Desk-Top Computer includes the new hybrid keyboard
and the expansion feature. The expansion feature provides five slots
for additional cards. Only one expansion feature may be configured
with a system.
       With the exception of the keyboard and the integral
printer/plotter options, any combination of IBM System 9000 hardware
components can be configured identically on either the Bench-Top or
Desk-Top computers.
       Effective immediately, the IBM Instruments Computer System
Models F6092400 and F6092403 will be offered as standard
configurations which include the keyboard (F4780898) and expansion
feature (F4780893). Until now, these features were ordered
individually. The new feature numbers are listed under "Charges."
Also effective immediately, the following features will be withdrawn
from marketing:
*   F6092400  IBM Instruments Computer System without Printer
*   F6092403  IBM Instruments Computer System with Printer
*   F4780898  Keyboard
*   F4780893  Expansion Feature
       Orders will be accepted from customers with outstanding
purchase quotations for these features until the expiration of their
       Individual machine elements in the base system (display,
keyboard, and processor unit) are available separately. Prices will
be made available upon request.
       The following publications have been updated to reflect this
*   Product Description (GC22-9183)
*   Problem Isolation Manual (GC22-9192)
*   Operator's Manual (GC22-9186)
       Planned availability date is second quarter, 1984.
COMPATIBILITY: The following features may be ordered with the System
Number                                              Notes
F6404354    9001 Bench-Top Computer with            1
            Expansion Feature 4780893,
            Standard Keyboard - General
            Purpose Keypad Overlay and
            no Printer
F6404355    9001 Bench-Top Computer with            1
            Expansion Feature 4780893,
            Standard Keyboard - General
            Purpose Keypad Overlay and
            Integrated Printer
F6404360    9002 Desk-Top Computer with             1
            Expansion Feature 4780893 and
            Hybrid Keyboard - General
            Purpose Keypad Overlay
F6404340    5182 Personal Computer                  8
            Color Printer Model 001
F8642359    Display with diskette drive
F8642360    Display without diskette                drive
F4761896    256K-byte memory expansion card         6
F6089570    512K-byte memory expansion card         6
F6089571    768K-byte memory expansion card         6
F6089572    1M-byte memory expansion card           6
F8642489    Cabinet with 5-1/4" diskette
            drive                                   3
F8642490    Cabinet with two 5-1/4" diskette        3
F8642469    Cabinet with 8" diskette drive          3
F4770594    Cabinet with two 8" diskette
            drives                                  3
F6089573    Hard disk controller                    2,5,6
F6089576    Cabinet with 10M-byte hard disk         4
F6089577    Cabinet with two 10M-byte hard          4
F6106531    Analog sensor board                     6,7
A6419297    Printer cable for IBM 5182
1.  Requires a Display. There is no additional charge for the
    F8642360 Display without diskette drive.
2.  A maximum of four hard disks in any combination may be attached
    to the Hard Disk Controller.
3.  A maximum of four diskette drives in any combination may be
    attached to the System 9000.
4.  Requires Hard Disk Controller
5.  Requires Operating System Extensions program offering
6.  Requires Expansion Feature and uses one slot; maximum of one
    expansion feature per system.
7.  Maximum of one Analog Sensor Board per system.
8.  Requires 9002 Desk-Top Computer and printer cable (A6419297). Use
    under CSOS requires CSOS extensions.
       User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and
implementation of security features, for administrative procedures,
and appropriate controls in application systems.
       If sensitive data is sent over external communication
facilities, user management may wish to pursue the application of
CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY: The System 9000 is a customer setup machine.
Item Description    Price
F6404354  9001 Bench-Top Computer with  $6495
     Expansion Feature 4780893,
     Standard Keyboard - General
     Purpose Keypad Overlay and
     no Printer
F6404355  9001 Bench-Top Computer with   8590
     Expansion Feature 4780893,
     Standard Keyboard - General
     Purpose Keypad Overlay and
     Integrated Printer
F6404360  9002 Desk-Top Computer with     6495
     Expansion Feature and
     Hybrid Keyboard - General
     Purpose Keypad Overlay
F6404340  5182 Personal Computer Color   1995
     Printer Model 001
A6419297  Printer Cable for IBM 5182       55
FINANCING: There is an Installment Purchase Agreement for hardware
only of 10% down, and up to 60 months to pay.  Terms for state and
local government customers are 0% down, and up to 60 months to pay.
EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE: A 15% Educational Allowance is available.
VOLUME PURCHASE AGREEMENT: Volume purchase discounts will be offered
according to the IBM Instruments Volume Procurement Amendment. The
following schedule summarizes the hardware discounts:
Quantity       Discount
10-19           6%
20-49          12%
50-149         16%
150-249        20%
       The Educational Allowance, volume purchase discount, and any
other discounts or allowances are not additive.
WARRANTED: IBM Instruments warrants that each hardware product is, at
the time of delivery, free from defects in material and workmanship
and that it will conform to IBM's official product specifications.

The period of warranty coverage is three months. A nine-month
warranty extension option is available at a separate charge.
HARDWARE REPAIR CENTER: Upon completion of the warranty or extension
period, service is available under an IBM Instruments Maintenance
Service Agreement or on a per-incident service basis. To obtain
service, whether it is provided under warranty, maintenance service
agreement, or per-incident service, the malfunctioning unit must be
returned prepaid to IBM Instruments Customer Support Center in
Danbury, CT. Problem determination aids are provided to assist the
customer in isolating a malfunctioning customer-replaceable unit. An
"800" (toll-free) number is provided to the customer to be used in
obtaining a service authorization number and to provide information
including product serial number, location, and results obtained from
the problem determination diagnostic aid program. IBM Instruments
will, at its option, adjust, repair, or replace a malfunctioning
Note: These terms and conditions apply to all products and features
in this product announcement except the IBM 5182 Personal Computer
Color Printer Model 001. Refer to IBM Product Announcement, IBM
Personal Computer and PCjr, Charges, Terms, and Conditions, dated
November 1, 1983 for details on the terms and conditions that apply
to the IBM 5182.

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