IBM System - Client facing US parent

description for IBM System - Client facing US parent - UAT AMS testing ...

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Modified: 2021-05-11

银行业是数字化转型的排头兵,走在了时代的最前端。而对银行业数字化转型的技术展望进行解读。我们可以从构架方法论的层面开始谈起。 ...

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Modified: 2021-01-28
Digital Workers and the Hybrid Enterprise Workforce - IBM is creating a new workforce of Digital Workers

IBM is creating a new workforce of Digital Workers, capable of independently operating ...

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Modified: 2020-12-04
Tackle the Data Protection challenge - Featuring Insights from IDC

Learn about managing explosive data growth, speeding data recovery and more so that ...

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Modified: 2020-08-28
Leveraging socio-demographic data to understand employee needs and behaviors

This on-demand session focuses on employers' experiences and how they leveraged socio-demographic ...

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Modified: 2020-07-13
IBM 智能学习魔方

IBM 智能学习魔方,有型学习,无形发展,一站式学习入口,学习报告仪表盘,个性化学习推荐 ...

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Modified: 2020-07-03
IT Economics AssessmentIBM Power SystemsTM for SAP HANA

Detailed analysis based on your customized scenario and recommendations to reduce ...

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Modified: 2020-06-16

インシデント対応は、組織のセキュリティを守る最前線の業務である。しかし、現場は日々の煩雑な作業に忙殺され、手一杯の状態だ。反復の単純作業を自動化し、貴重な人材を高度な業務にシフトすれば、組織も成熟化する。その実現に向けた課題と対策を製造・流通・公共の顧客にコンサルティング・サービスを行う日本IBMの山下慶子氏が解説する。(2019.10 ...

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Modified: 2020-05-25
The Full Stack - Test Management

Christophe Telep takes on George DeCandio for a game of jenga while tackling interview ...

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Modified: 2020-03-30
Protección constante en tus dispositivos móviles - Cloud en 30

Hay 8,600 millones de dispositivos móviles, 112% más que la población ¿Estás preparado ...

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Modified: 2020-03-30
La ciberseguridad como habilitador del negocio - Cloud en 30

La ciberseguridad no es un bloqueador en los negocios, pero puede funcionar como ...

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Modified: 2020-03-30
How Watson Can Help Improve the Quality of Requirements

Learn from IBM's team of engineering requirements experts how Watson AI is injecting ...

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Modified: 2020-03-30
The Full Stack - Compliance

Graham Bleakley takes on Jesper Christensen for an exciting game of 'jenga' while ...

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Modified: 2020-03-30
The Full Stack - AI

IBM's Stella Liu takes on Joe Schmid for a game of jenga while being interviewed ...

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Modified: 2020-03-23
The Full Stack - Requirements Management

IBM's Dibbe Edwards takes on David Clark from Lord Corporation for a game of 'jenga' ...

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Modified: 2020-03-20
Practical Privacy - Managing Human Resource Data

Employee data is a growing risk vector. This Gartner report helps upper management ...

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Modified: 2020-03-06
Industry Marketing Industrial Evaluation

See your responses mapped against industry benchmarks, answer nine questions about ...

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Modified: 2020-02-24
A Strange Exchange: The Brain Scientist and the Public Safety Expert

What do a brain scientist and a public safety expert have in common? Data, innovation, ...

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Modified: 2020-01-14
10 takeaways from your clouds can 2019

Your clouds can 2019 was a daylong conference visiting NYC companies innovating with ...

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Modified: 2019-10-17
Webinar - How security automation can help organizations mature their SOC capabilities

A recent Analyst recommends that security leaders should consider SOAR tools to improve ...

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Modified: 2019-09-26
Webinar - MITRE ATT&CK framework and incident response

MITRE ATT&CK™ is a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques ...

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Modified: 2019-09-26
Pioneers Of Possible ep. 004: Why Data Is The New Oil In The Middle East With Bashar Kilani

In this episode, we chat with Bashar Kilani, IBM Services’ Region Executive in the ...

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Modified: 2019-09-23
Pioneers Of Possible ep. 005: Follow The Data With Charlotte Wang

In this episode, we sit down with Charlotte Wang, Chief Technology Officer of IBM ...

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Modified: 2019-09-23
IBM LinuxONE Overview - Platform Solutions for IT Technology

Find out how IBM LinuxONE solutions can help make your information technology work ...

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Modified: 2019-09-13
GCN Sponsored Podcast

GCN runs an interview with Amy Wykoff on the modernization of government technol ...

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Modified: 2019-09-11
Achieving Competitive Advantage in the Sports Industry

IBM looks at the forces disrupting the sports industry and how organisations must ...

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Modified: 2019-06-11
10 Reasons LinuxONE is the Best Choice for Linux Workloads

IT analyst firm RFG says that LinuxONE superior in at least 10 ways to x86-based ...

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Modified: 2019-06-04
Manage CICS systems with ease

CICS Explorer 5.5 comes with a wealth of new features and usability improvements ...

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Modified: 2019-05-09
API-enabling your mainframe applications

z/OS Connect takes the power of IBM Z to the API economy, enabling you to drive new ...

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Modified: 2019-05-09
Strange Exchange: Chef and Red Bull Racing

The chef and Red Bull Racing expert talk about critical communication, innovation, ...

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Modified: 2019-04-30
VMware Single-node special offer

VMware Single-node special offer to migrate and modernize applications ...

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Modified: 2019-03-29
Continuous Engineering Infographic - animated

This animated infographic illustrates the value of continuous engineering. ...

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Modified: 2019-01-24
"It's Fine" preview

This video describes the benefits of upgrading servers, not specific to Power. ...

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Modified: 2019-01-24
IBM Services for Managed SAP Applications

A video that outlines the advantages of hosting SAP workloads in an IBM cloud managed ...

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Modified: 2018-12-18
IDC InfoBrief: Modernizing Your Data Infrastructure: Strategic Priorities for Financial Services

Modernizing Your Data Infrastructure: IBM Storage Solutions are your key to digital ...

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Modified: 2018-10-04
IBM Z | Cloud (SME video)

A multi-cloud strategy with z14 at its core will allow you to evolve,adapt, and yes, ...

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Modified: 2018-04-26
IBM Z | Operational Excellence (SME Video)

In the IBM Z explainer series, watch IBM experts discuss OpEx capabilities of the ...

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Modified: 2018-04-26
IBM Z | Machine Learning (SME Video)

In the IBM Z explainer series, watch IBM experts discuss Machine Learning capabilities ...

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Modified: 2018-04-26
IBM Z | Blockchain (SME Video)

In the IBM Z explainer series, watch IBM experts discuss Blockchain capabilities ...

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Modified: 2018-04-26
IBM Z | Pervasive Encryption (SME video)

In the IBM Z explainer series, watch IBM experts discuss Pervasive Encryption capabilities ...

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Modified: 2018-04-26
IBM Z | DevOps (SME Video)

In the IBM Z explainer series, watch IBM experts discuss DevOps capabilities of the ...

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Modified: 2018-04-26
IBM Z | Systems Design (SME Video)

In the IBM Z explainer series, watch IBM experts discuss System Design capabilities ...

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Modified: 2018-04-26
Innovation with a secure, open and connected platform

Rockhopper II provides enterprise-grade service quality, secure cloud infrastructure ...

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Modified: 2018-04-26
Friend or foe? Friend or foe Catch-up conversations

Friend or foe? Insurtechs and the global insurance industry - Catch up conversation ...

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Modified: 2018-04-10
A Strange Exchange: Jazz Musician Meets Master Inventor

What do a jazz musician and an IBM infrastructure expert have in common? Both rely ...

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Modified: 2018-01-30

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