5737-K93 IBM InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation V6.8

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Revised:  December 17, 2019.

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Product life cycle dates

Program NumberVRM Announced Available Marketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5737-K9306.08.002019/12/172019/12/20 - -
5737-K9306.00.022019/06/212019/06/21 - -

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Program number

  • IBM InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation V6.8.0 (5737-K93)

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InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation delivers a comprehensive data preparation platform that can scale to support large numbers of users and large volumes of data for a range of use cases. It empowers domain experts with intelligent visual interfaces that automate assessment and transformation of data. The data pipelines authored by these domain experts can be curated and operationalized by IT in a collaborative environment.

The demand for a data preparation solution is increasing. Large organizations need a single version of the truth to move quickly in competitive markets. Data preparation is the most time-consuming part of any data project, taking up to 80% of an organization's time and resources.

InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation, powered by Trifacta Wrangle Enterprise, enables the format of myriad and diverse forms of data stored in multiple databases to be quickly identified, and swiftly and easily extracted and processed, without the need for high-level specialist skills. The offering utilizes machine learning functionality that makes it easy to embed and scale data within a business process.

InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation enables business users, data engineers, and analysts to:

  • Scale to a large size and volume of data with a large number of users.
  • Use self-service facilities to do automated cleansing, formatting, and enriching data for fit for purpose use
  • Schedule and monitor workflows to ensure job completion per expected quality and performance criteria.
  • Connect to diverse data sources and seamlessly incorporate that data into the data preparation workflow. The results can then be published back to a variety of downstream systems for broader consumption.
  • Provide fast and confident data insights to drive better business results.

InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation enables organizations to prepare data using the following program families:

  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server
  • IBM Cloud Private for Data
  • IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

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IBM InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation, powered by Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise, provides a comprehensive data platform that empowers data citizens and line of business users to:

  • Use visual and machine learning guided interfaces that automate assessment and format of data without having to engage IT
  • Maximize the organization's IT investment in data integration, quality, and governance to deliver business-ready data
  • Maintain governance while empowering the business to get the data they need, faster

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InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation V6.8

InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation V6.8 extends these capabilities to organizations that have Red Hat OpenShift. New features and capabilities:

  • Enhanced operationalization with orchestrated flows
  • Enhanced connectivity with bulk loading supported for Oracle and SQL Server
  • Additional wrangling functionalities

Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act

InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation is capable as of June 21, 2019, when used in accordance with associated IBM documentation, of satisfying the applicable requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, provided that any assistive technology used with the product properly interoperates with it. A US Section 508 Accessibility Conformance Statement can be requested on the Product accessibility information website.

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Operating environment

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation will be provided on Linux. For detailed information on software requirements, see the Detailed system requirements for IBM InfoSphere Advan ced Data Preparations website.

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Planning information

Customer responsibilities

Not applicable.

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Technical documentation is included in the offering package.

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