Availability of IBM Services for Container Platforms

IBM Asia Pacific Services Announcement AS19-0012
April 23, 2019

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Enterprise clients are leveraging containers to realize dramatic gains in innovation and efficiency, with IBM Services™ for Container Platforms. IBM Services for Container Platforms provides end-to-end services for supported container platforms, including IBM Cloud™ Private, and other vendors' platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift, and others.

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Enterprise clients across all industries are leveraging containers for application modernization and cloud native development with microservices to realize dramatic gains in efficiency and the ability to rapidly deploy innovative solutions. This means faster releases of software, portability across hybrid and multicloud environments, and reduced infrastructure, software licensing, and operating costs.

However, containerization is also disrupting application development and operations. To implement such an enterprise production container platform is a challenge for most IT departments. It typically requires investment in a project to implement, automate, and maintain the container platform where there are very limited skills and even fewer established best practices. Operation and management teams also have to be retrained. These projects are often high risk and can require over 12 months for completion.

IBM® clients have reduced their container adoption timeline from 12-24 month to just 1-3 months, with guaranteed SLAs and defined outcomes.

IBM Services for Container Platforms is now available as an integrated service to help clients accelerate innovation using enterprise containers to migrate, modernize, and build cloud native applications. Clients' choice of deployment may include container environments be they on premises, hosted on public or dedicated cloud, or hybrid - with services for supported container platforms, including IBM Cloud Private, and other vendors' platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift, and others.

Beyond the managed container platform itself, IBM Services for Private Cloud provides a complete catalog of services for the infrastructure below the container platform, and for workloads running on the container platform, including applications and data analytics.

An auto manufacturer with operations in the US is leveraging IBM Services for Container Platforms to deploy an in-car service delivery application developed in containers with Red Hat OpenShift deployed on Amazon Web Services.

Banc Sabadell leverages IBM Services for Container Platforms as an integrated part of their transformation to microservices and containers, using container platforms for production, staging, and test in a hybrid cloud environment, running both on premises and on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. Luis Sahagún, CIO of Banc Sabadell, explains:

"For us (working with IBM Services) meant:
  • Shorter implementation times
  • Getting safely into a technology we were not expert in
  • Avoiding monolithic solutions
  • Lower implementation complexity
  • Being able to meet our regulatory needs
  • Starting production on premises and then moving to the cloud"

IBM Services for Container Platforms is a preintegrated enterprise container platform managed and maintained by IBM Services, with pay-as-you-go pricing. The service provides a scalable, secure, and proven integration of leading container technologies to support clients on their journey to cloud.

Key features of IBM Services for Container Platforms:

Client support

Provide "How to support" for platform usage and microservices-driven application development like error handling, operational efficiency, and security integration.

Remote platform operation

Operate platform with experienced team from centers either on or off shore.

Platform maintenance

Continuously maintain the platform components with a fully automated process. Special client requirements will be adapted in the automation process. The platform architecture will be adapted to technology changes and rolled out as part of the maintenance.

Multilayer security

Base security on platform layer implemented with configuration elements. In addition IBM can provide optional security on container platform consulting and managed service on container level.

Integrated tooling and automation

The platform operation is completely automated for operation, change, and configuration. This allows rebuilding and movement of building blocks with limited effort.

Validated architecture

The architecture is based on IBM Cloud best practices and improved on a regular basis. This includes exchanging and adding tools, and restructuring cluster layouts to achieve best-fit enterprise production results.

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April 23, 2019

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Accessibility by people with disabilities

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A US Section 508 Accessibility Compliance Report containing details on accessibility compliance can be found on the Product accessibility information website.

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For pricing information, contact your IBM representative.

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AP distribution

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Country Availability date
Brunei Darussalam 23 Apr 2019
Cambodia 23 Apr 2019
Indonesia 23 Apr 2019
Lao People's Democratic Republic 23 Apr 2019
Malaysia 23 Apr 2019
Myanmar 23 Apr 2019
Philippines 23 Apr 2019
Singapore 23 Apr 2019
Thailand 23 Apr 2019
Timor-Leste 23 Apr 2019
Viet Nam 23 Apr 2019
Australia/New Zealand
Australia 23 Apr 2019
Christmas Island 23 Apr 2019
Cocos (Keeling) Islands 23 Apr 2019
Cook Islands 23 Apr 2019
Fiji 23 Apr 2019
Heard Island and McDonald Islands 23 Apr 2019
Kiribati 23 Apr 2019
Nauru 23 Apr 2019
New Zealand 23 Apr 2019
Niue 23 Apr 2019
Norfolk Island 23 Apr 2019
Papua New Guinea 23 Apr 2019
Samoa 23 Apr 2019
Solomon Islands 23 Apr 2019
Tokelau 23 Apr 2019
Tonga 23 Apr 2019
Tuvalu 23 Apr 2019
Greater China Group
Hong Kong 23 Apr 2019
Macao 23 Apr 2019
Mongolia 23 Apr 2019
Taiwan 23 Apr 2019
The People's Republic of China 23 Apr 2019
India-South Asia
Bangladesh 23 Apr 2019
Bhutan 23 Apr 2019
India 23 Apr 2019
Maldives 23 Apr 2019
Nepal 23 Apr 2019
Sri Lanka 23 Apr 2019
Republic of Korea 23 Apr 2019

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