IBM Connections Engagement Center on Cloud provides a robust cloud solution for increasing employee engagement, communication, and collaboration

IBM United States Software Announcement 217-481
November 28, 2017

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IBM Connections™ Engagement Center on Cloud:

  • Increases employee engagement, communications, and collaboration by transforming the IBM Connections Social Cloud environment into a digital workplace hub
  • Provides employees with personalized, easy access to content and resources such as corporate news, relevant content, links to important resources, files, and events, with content drawn from existing Connections features, including blogs, wikis, and applications
  • Enables internal communications professionals to integrate top-down communications with peer-to-peer collaboration, making internal communications more collaborative and engaging

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Organizations are faced with a constant influx of information, which presents a challenge for its employees as they wade through redundant and inconsistent content sources. Additionally, the lack of employee engagement with their management and coworkers can lead to high turnover, low morale, and lost productivity.

Connections Engagement Center on Cloud offers a digital workplace hub that provides employees with easy access to content and resources. Corporate news, links to important resources, files, and events can be tailored to each individual's role or location, and are integrated with and built on the social collaboration tools and content from Connections Social Cloud. By offering a single content repository for focused access to accurate, relevant information, Connections Engagement Center on Cloud simplifies content management, creation, and discovery.

Connections Engagement Center on Cloud is a separately priced add-on for:

  • Connections Social Cloud
  • Plans which include IBM Connections Social Cloud:
    • IBM Connections Cloud S1
    • IBM Connections Cloud S2

Connections Engagement Center on Cloud with Connections Social Cloud enables organizations to:

  • Establish a single destination for personalized communication: both company to employee, and peer to peer
  • Foster an informed employee base, drawing attention to important news, resources, and applications
  • Promote more effective collaboration through integration with Connections Cloud social collaboration applications
  • Simplify and democratize content contribution, empowering users to easily create and maintain content

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Key prerequisites

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An internet connection is required.

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Planned availability date

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November 30, 2017

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Connections Engagement Center on Cloud, a separately priced add-on for Connections Social Cloud, improves employee engagement and internal communication by transforming the Connections Social Cloud content into a digital workplace hub. It enables communications professionals to simplify and democratize content authoring, enabling any employee to use everyday tools, such as blogs and wikis, as a source for corporate news. Connections Engagement Center on Cloud brings the most important news and content to the forefront through a single, integrated destination for employee engagement, communications, and collaboration.

Combining Connections Engagement Center on Cloud with Connections Social Cloud S1, or S2 provides employees with a simplified user experience to access, in one location, content and applications that they need to be effective at their jobs. Engaged employees are a prime source of company innovation and have been shown to be connected with higher sales and profitability as well as lower employee turnover, absenteeism, safety incidents, and product defects. Empowering employees with Connections Engagement Center on Cloud and Connections Social Cloud capabilities is an investment in an organization's employees.

Benefits of providing a personalized digital workplace hub for your organization:

  • Engage and inform employees with newsletters, corporate event calendars, and other internal company communications.
  • Foster two-way communication and innovation with employees through prominently featured forums and blogs.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of employee thoughts and sentiment by listening to their comments and posts.
  • Reduce the time employees spend searching for relevant documents by targeting information to each employee's role, location, or business unit.

Business advantages of Connections Engagement Center on Cloud

Improved internal communication

  • Internal communications become two-way collaborative interactions (for example, content can be liked and a comment can be added).
  • Content publishing, liking, and commenting are integrated into the Connections Social Cloud activity stream so that they can be noticed by coworkers.
  • Responsibility for content publishing can be delegated to the line of business.
  • Fragmentation, redundancy, inconsistency, and governance problems can be avoided.

Improved employee intranet experience

  • Create an integrated social intranet that eliminates the dichotomy between top-down communication and peer-to-peer collaboration.
  • Implement a single destination for information so that employees do not need to choose where to browse and search for content.
  • Incorporate a high degree of personalization.
  • Provide a mobile experience for access while away from the desk.

Simplified content creation for authors

  • Technical training is not required for content creation.
  • Authors do not need to choose between two systems to publish their content.
  • Content owners can curate content (for example, publish blog entries from employees to the home page or landing pages).

Reduced technical complexity and accelerated intranet development

  • All content is within one index; no search integration is required.
  • Read access management is handled through Connections Social Cloud Communities; no separate initiative and management is required.
  • No special integration is required for activity stream and UI integration.
  • No special effort is needed to personalize content.
  • Intuitive page is designed with drag-and-drop widgets.
  • Easy integration of content using IFrame.

Reduced costs compared to traditional intranet deployments

  • Integration: Content from Connections Social Cloud, websites, and applications can be easily integrated with ready-to-use widgets that are provided.
  • Training: Business users can begin to contribute content by using tools with which they are familiar, such as wikis and blogs.
  • Ongoing management: Administrators can configure custom home pages, the display of widgets, and navigation layout.

IBM Connections Engagement Center on Cloud offers the features and capabilities needed to deliver an impactful engagement center and includes the following capabilities.

Adding content and applications

Connections Engagement Center on Cloud includes ready-to-use widgets to populate the digital workplace hub pages with a wide variety of relevant and useful content from multiple sources.

  • Content from Connections Social Cloud. Widgets are included, which simplify adding content from Connections Social Cloud blogs, wikis, and more.
  • An IFrame widget is provided to enable integrating elements of business applications into the web pages.
  • Custom widgets for unique needs. The published API enables application developers to create custom widgets to integrate content or functionalities from other applications.

Personalizing the content for employees

Web pages and the content of widgets can be targeted to employees using their Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) attributes, such as business unit, country, and location. Pages can be personalized by employees to reflect their individual needs and preferences.


Connections Engagement Center on Cloud pages can be extensively customized, making the experience more appealing, easier to use, and useful for employees. This can foster greater employee usage and participation in communities, blogs, and other collaboration aspects of the site.

Page creation and customization capabilities:

  • Multiple preconfigured page grid layouts
  • Custom page grid layouts
  • Ready-to-use widgets for adding content and applications
  • New widgets that can be created to further tailor the site to an organization's needs
  • Corporate branding and design standards that can be implemented using CSS
  • Custom landing pages for specific division, department, branch, or locations
  • Navigation between pages that provides an intuitive user experience to help employees browse and locate interesting and useful information

Accessibility by people with disabilities

A US Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), containing details about accessibility compliance, can be found on the Product accessibility information website.

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Program number

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Program number VRM Program name
5725-F82 Cloud Services IBM Connections Engagement Center on Cloud

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Offering Information

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Product information is available on the IBM® Offering Information website.

More information is also available on the Passport Advantage® and Passport Advantage Express® website.

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Technical documentation can be found in IBM Knowledge Center.

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Software Services

IBM Software Services has the breadth, depth, and reach to manage your services needs. You can leverage the deep technical skills of our lab-based, software services team and the business consulting, project management, and infrastructure expertise of our IBM Global Services team. Also, we extend our IBM Software Services reach through IBM Business Partners to provide an extensive portfolio of capabilities. Together, we provide the global reach, intellectual capital, industry insight, and technology leadership to support a wide range of critical business needs.

To learn more about IBM Software Services, contact your Lab Services Sales or Delivery Leader.

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Technical information

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Specified operating environment

Software requirements

An internet connection is required.

The program's specifications and specified operating environment information may be found in documentation accompanying the program, if available, such as a readme file, or other information published by IBM, such as an announcement letter. Documentation and other program content may be supplied only in the English language.

Planning information


This offering is accessed through the internet. There is no physical media or electronic deliverable.

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Ordering information

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Product group: IBM Connections

Product ID: 5725-F82

Passport Advantage

Program Description Part number
IBM Connections Engagement Center on Cloud Authorized User per Month D1VNKLL
IBM Connections Engagement Center on Cloud Authorized User Overage D1VNLLL
IBM Connections Engagement Center on Cloud Authorized User Pay Per Use D1VNMLL

Charge metric

Program name PID number Charge metric
IBM Connections Engagement Center on Cloud 5725-F82 Authorized User

Authorized User

Authorized User is a unit of measure by which the Cloud Service can be obtained. Client must obtain separate, dedicated entitlements for each unique Authorized User given access to the Cloud Service in any manner directly or indirectly (for example, through a multiplexing program, device or application server) through any means. Sufficient entitlements must be obtained to cover the number of Authorized Users given access to the Cloud Service during the measurement period specified in Client's PoE or Transaction Document.

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Terms and conditions

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The information provided in this announcement letter is for reference and convenience purposes only. The terms and conditions that govern any transaction for the acquisition of Cloud Services from IBM consist of either the IBM Cloud Services Agreement and the applicable offering Service Description or the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement or the International Passport Advantage Express Agreement and the IBM Terms of Use -- General Terms for Cloud Offerings and the applicable offering Service Description.

Technical support

Technical support is provided for Cloud Services and enabling software, as applicable, during the subscription period. Any enhancements, updates, and other materials provided by IBM as part of any such technical support are considered to be part of the Cloud Service, as applicable, and therefore governed by the applicable agreement as defined in Client's quote or transaction document. Technical support is included with the Cloud Service and is not available as a separate offering.

Additional technical support information for this Cloud Service offering may be found in the IBM Support Handbook or in service-specific documentation.

Terms of Use

Cloud Service offering-specific terms are available on the Cloud Service terms website.

Limited warranty

See the warranty defined in the applicable agreement governing client's acquisition for this offering.

Money-back guarantee


Volume orders (IVO)


Passport Advantage applies

Yes, information is available on the Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express website.

Software Subscription and Support applies


Variable charges apply


Educational allowance available

Not applicable.

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Statement of good security practices

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IT system security involves protecting systems and information through intrusion prevention, detection, and response to improper access from within and outside your enterprise. Improper access can result in information being altered, destroyed, or misappropriated or can result in misuse of your systems to attack others. Without a comprehensive approach to security, no IT system or product should be considered completely secure and no single product or security measure can be completely effective in preventing improper access. IBM systems and products are designed to be part of a regulatory compliant, comprehensive security approach, which will necessarily involve additional operational procedures, and may require other systems, products, or services to be most effective.

Important: IBM does not warrant that any systems, products, or services are immune from, or will make your enterprise immune from, the malicious or illegal conduct of any party.

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Business Partner information

If you are an IBM Business Partner -- Distributor for Workstation Software acquiring products from IBM, you may link to Passport Advantage Online for resellers where you can obtain Business Partner pricing information. An IBMid and password are required to access the IBM Passport Advantage website.

Passport Advantage

For Passport Advantage information and charges, contact your IBM representative. Additional information is also available on the Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express website.

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Order now

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To order, contact the IBM Digital Sales Center, your local IBM representative, or your IBM Business Partner. To identify your local IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, call 800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968). For more information, contact the IBM Digital Sales Center.

Phone: 800-IBM-CALL (426-2255)

Fax: 800-2IBM-FAX (242-6329)

For IBM representative:

For IBM Business Partner:

IBM Digital Sales Offices 1177 S Belt Line Rd Coppell, TX 75019-4642, US

The IBM Digital Sales Center, our national direct marketing organization, can add your name to the mailing list for catalogs of IBM products.


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