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Cell BE Security SDK v3.0 Installation and User's Guide

User Guide
The IBM Security SDK for Cell BE is a complete package of tools for security-sensitive applications. Broadly speaking, users can choose between two approaches. With the first approach, the application developer simply signs and encrypts SPU (Synergistic Processing Unit) applications. The applications will remain encrypted until immediately before execution thus thwarting reverse engineering and piracy attempts. Furthermore, the application is verified for authenticity and integrity immediately before execution. This feature makes tampering, reverse engineering and piracy much more difficult for the adversary. In essence, the platform and the tools provide a secure communication channel between the application developer and the legitimate application user. For applications which require a higher level of protection, there is the second approach which builds upon the first approach. This approach invokes the hardware SPU isolation mode whereby the hardware provides a “vaulted” execution environment for the SPU application. The applications are decrypted and verified immediately before execution just as in the first approach, but the decrypted and verified application is further protected during execution. This feature is unique to the Cell BE and is considered a processor architecture differentiator.

Publication Number: v3.01

Revision Date: 09/10/07

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