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PowerPC Compiler Writer's Guide
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Programmer's Guide
This book describes, mainly by coding examples, the code patterns that perform well on PowerPC™ processors. The book will be particularly helpful to compiler developers and application-code specialists who are already familiar with optimizing compiler technology and are looking for ways to exploit the PowerPC architecture. It will also be helpful to application programmers who need to understand and tune the output of PowerPC compilers and to faculty members and graduate students specializing in the study of compilers. We assume that compiler developers have already developed a compiler front-end and are seeking to develop a PowerPC back-end. The book does not attempt to teach the average programmer how to write a compiler or the accompanying library routines. Readers seeking this kind of information may wish to acquire some of the publications listed in the references. The book is a companion to Book I of The PowerPC Architecture. Detailed descriptions from The PowerPC Architecture are not repeated except in summary form, although we include several references to sections in the specification. The material and instructions described in Books II and III of The PowerPC Architecture are, in general, not included because they are primarily of interest to operating-system developers.

Revision Date: 01/01/96

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