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PowerPC 750 Series Microprocessors
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PowerPC 750CL Microprocessor 
PowerPC 750CX and 750CXe Microprocessor
PowerPC 750FL Microprocessor 
PowerPC 750FX Microprocessor 
PowerPC 750GL Microprocessor 
PowerPC 750GX Microprocessor 

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PowerPC Microprocessor Family: The Programming Environments for 32-Bit MicroprocessorsSoftware Reference Manual02/21/00
PowerPC Microprocessor Family: The Programmer's Reference GuideProgrammer's Guide10/01/95
PowerPC 750GX Lockstep FacilityApplication Note11/18/05
Running PowerPC 740 Processors in LockstepApplication Note03/01/01
PowerPC 400 and 600/700 Family Programming Model DifferencesApplication Note10/01/99

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