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PowerPC 476FP Embedded Core
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Implemented in IBM CMOS Silicon-on-Insulator 45 nm technology, the IBM PowerPC 476FP is a 32-bit superscalar processor core with an integrated double-precision floating-point unit and coherency-enabled L1 caches. The PowerPC 476FP is fully compliant with the flexible and scalable Power Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), version 2.05.

The PowerPC 476FP core contains five 5-issue, 9-stage execution pipelines and two floating-point pipelines. Memory management is optimized for multitasking embedded environments and symmetric multiprocessor systems. Additional functions include cache control, power control, timers, and debug facilities. Companion cores include an L2 cache controller that supports memory coherency, a processor local bus controller that supports coherent and non-coherent functional blocks, and a DDR3 memory controller with coherency support.

The PowerPC 476FP core offers an ideal solution for a range of applications from digital TVs to highly parallel, high-performance computers.

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