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PowerPC 464FP H65 Embedded Core
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Implemented in IBM’s advanced Cu-65 (65nm) CMOS technology, the IBM PowerPC 464FP-H65 is a 32-bit high performance, low-power embedded processor core with integrated double precision floating point unit. The PowerPC 464FP-H65 is fully compliant with the flexible and scalable Power ISA™ 2.03.

The PowerPC 464FP-H65 core contains a dual-issue, superscalar, seven stage pipelined processing unit designed to provide 2.0 DMIPS/MHz performance. Additional functions include memory management, cache control, timers and debug facilities. The processor local bus (PLB4) is fully compatible with the IBM CoreConnect on-chip system architecture, providing the framework to efficiently support system -on-chip (SoC) designs.

The PowerPC 464FP-H65 core’s performance, power specifications and design attributes make it an ideal solution for wired communications, consumer, storage and embedded computing applications.

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