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CoreConnect PLB4 Bus Cores
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Category of PLB4 bus IP cores.
CoreConnect OPB Bus Cores 

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Attaching PowerPC 405 Core to PLB Crossbar ArbiterApplication Note04/27/09
PLB Performance MonitorUser Guide03/09/07
IBM CoreConnect and CPU support coresProduct Brief07/24/06
IBM CoreConnect Bus CoresProduct Brief07/24/06
DCR Arbiter CoreDatabook02/16/06
Device Control Register Bus 3.5 Architecture SpecificationsSpecifications01/27/06
DMA to PLB4Databook12/22/05
Using the PLB Performance MonitorApplication Note09/12/02
PLB Crossbar ArbiterUser Guide07/30/02
PLB Crossbar Arbiter CoreUser Guide07/30/02
CoreConnect PLB Random-AutoMode TestcasesApplication Note05/15/02
PLB Crossbar ArbiterProduct Overview03/14/02
PLB Performance MonitorProduct Overview03/14/02

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