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CoreConnect OPB Peripheral Cores
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Category of OPB peripheral IP cores.

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!EBC TO OPB for Cu-65HPErrata Notice03/01/10
!EBC TO OPBDatabook09/03/09
!UART 16750Databook06/03/09
!GPIO to OPB for Cu-65HPDatabook05/11/09
!GPIO to OPB for Cu-65HPSummary Datasheet03/23/09
!IIC 400 for Cu-65HP and Cu-45HPDatabook09/17/08
!IIC 400Summary Datasheet08/25/08
!UART 16750Summary Datasheet01/18/08
!IIC 400 for Cu-08Errata Notice10/18/07
!IIC Bootstrap ControllerDatabook05/15/07
!GPT VFG TO OPBDatabook05/09/07
!GPIO TO OPBSummary Datasheet03/13/07
IIC 400 for Cu-08Summary Datasheet03/12/07
UART 16750 for Cu-08Summary Datasheet03/12/07
!IIC 400 for Cu-08Databook03/12/07
!UART 16750 for Cu-08Databook03/12/07
!GPIO TO OPBDatabook03/09/07
!EBC TO OPB for Cu-08 Errata NoticeErrata Notice01/26/07
!EBC TO OPBSummary Datasheet07/06/06
Nand Flash ControllerDatabook06/22/06
Nand Flash ControllerProduct Overview03/03/06
!PCMCIA TO EBCSummary Datasheet02/21/05
!PCMCIA TO EBCDatabook02/21/05
!GPT VFG TO OPBSummary Datasheet01/28/05
!IIC Bootstrap ControllerSummary Datasheet01/03/05
!IIC 400 Cu-11Databook04/24/03
!EBC to OPB for Cu-11Databook04/11/03
!IIC 400 Cu-11Errata Notice04/19/02
!PCMCIA TO EBC for Cu-11Databook04/08/02
!EBC to OPB for Cu-11Summary Datasheet02/26/02
!UART 16750 Cu-11Databook02/25/02
!PCMCIA TO EBC for Cu-11Summary Datasheet01/01/02
!IIC 400 Cu-11Summary Datasheet10/22/01
!UART 16750 Cu-11Summary Datasheet04/06/00

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