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Cell Broadband Engine
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The first-generation Cell Broadband Engine (BE) processor is a multi-core chip comprised of a 64-bit Power Architecture processor core and eight synergistic processor cores, capable of massive floating point processing, optimized for compute-intensive workloads and broadband rich media applications. A high-speed memory controller and high-bandwidth bus interface are also integrated on-chip. The breakthrough multi-core architecture and ultra high-speed communications capabilities deliver vastly improved, real-time response, in many cases 10 times the performance of the latest PC processors. The Cell BE architecture is OS neutral and supports multiple operating systems simultaneously. Applications may range from a next generation of game systems with dramatically enhanced realism, to systems that form the hub for digital media and streaming content in the home, to systems used to develop and distribute digital content, to systems to accelerate visualization and supercomputing applications.

A comprehensive Cell Broadband Engine resource center is located at

IBM SDK for Multicore Acceleration 

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!90nm CBE ErrataErrata Notice06/07/07
!CBE Datasheet Supplement for CABDatasheet07/21/06
!CBE Datasheet Supplement for CPBWDatasheet12/08/06
Cell BE Linux Reference Implementation ABI SpecificationSpecifications08/22/07
Cell Broadband Engine ArchitectureSpecifications10/11/07
Cell Broadband Engine CMOS SOI 65 nm Hardware Initialization GuideInstallation Guide06/08/07
Cell Broadband Engine CMOS SOI 90 nm Hardware Initialization GuideInstallation Guide11/30/07
Cell Broadband Engine RegistersSpecifications09/18/07
!PPE BookIVUser Guide07/18/06
PPU & SPU C/C++ Language Extension SpecificationSoftware Reference Manual08/25/08
Preventing Synergistic Processor Element Indefinite Stalls Resulting from Instruction Depletion in the Cell Broadband Engine Processor for CMOS SOI 90 nmApplication Note02/26/07
SIMD Math Library Specification for Cell BESoftware Reference Manual07/18/08
SPE Runtime Management Library version1 to version2 Migration GuideSoftware Reference Manual10/19/07
SPU Application Binary Interface SpecificationSpecifications07/18/08
SPU Assembly Language SpecificationSpecifications07/18/08
SPU Instruction Set ArchitectureSpecifications01/27/07
!Using JTAG Features in the CBE processorSoftware Reference Manual08/11/06

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