IBM Professional Certification Program

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Member Registration

Have you ever wanted to access your own certification history? ...request certificates? ...change your address without sending an email? ...get your certification marks?

IBM's Certification Member Site allows you to:

  • View your test and certification history, including shipping status of certificates
  • Submit requests to merge multiple candidate/testing IDs
  • View and update your demographic information
  • Request additional copies of your certificates (softcopy via email or hardcopy)
  • Download the IBM Certification marks to which you are entitled

Check it out! Visit the Member site today!

Registration Process

  1. Ensure you have an IBM ID:
    This is an ID that can be used to login to many IBM applications. For example, if you already have an IBM ID for Partner World, please use this same ID. If you do not yet have an IBM ID, click IBM ID Registration to request one.
  2. Login to the IBM Certification Member Site with your IBM ID.
    • Please remember the IBM ID you first login with. You must use this same IBM ID each time you enter the Member Site.

    • You cannot use your IBM ID to login to another person's certification profile.

  3. Specify your Candidate/Testing ID:
    The first time you use your IBM ID to login to the IBM Certification Member site, you will be asked for your candidate/testing ID. Your Candidate/Testing ID is assigned to you by the testing vendor and is found on the score report you received at the time you took your test.