What is Download Director?

Download Director provides enhanced download capabilities for Internet and Intranet applications

Download Director is used to download files, resume interrupted downloads and perform downloads through firewalls. Download Director is a Java applet that is launched in a browser window to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for performing downloads and viewing download progress. Multiple files may be downloaded at the same time using a single user interface.

  • Overview
    Download Director provides advanced features not available with other download tools. Some key features include:
    Resumable downloads from interruptions or lost connections. When your network connection is lost or your system crashes, Download Director can save you download time by restarting the connection from the point of interruption with no loss on of data. Download Director automatically retries downloads when the connection is lost. It also lets you pause or resume the download at any time.
  • High speed transfers. Multiple connections enhance transfer speeds for users connected via high speed connections such as DSL, cable modem, T1 etc.
  • File access through a firewall. Download Director allows you to download files through a firewall by using the proxy settings that you provide.
  • Large file downloads. Download Director is able to download large files with increased reliability over FTP and HTTP. This eliminates the need to download files that are broken into multiple parts and must be reassembled by the user.
  • Small applet size. The small size of the Download Director applet (100KB) assures a reasonable startup time.
  • Multi-platform and multi-browser support. Download Director runs numerous operating systems as well as current releases of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator or Communicator.
  • Single user interface for multiple files. Download Director supports a download queue so that multiple files can be downloaded using a single user interface.
  • Additional downloads using previous configuration settings. Download Director saves configuration settings from previous downloads. It can automatically download additional files to the target directory specified during the previous session.
    Display download details. Download Director shows you details of the current download list and previously downloaded files.