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The IBM® Coach Framework is a key element of the IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) product suite. With the Coach Framework, process authors can create and maintain custom web-based user interfaces that are embedded within their business process solutions. ...

Throughout the history of the IT industry, integration has been an important part of most projects. Whether it is integration of transactions, data, or processes, each has challenges and associated patterns and antipatterns. In an age of mobile devices, social ...

Almost all technological components in the data center are getting faster; central processing units, network, storage area networks (SAN), and memory. All of them have improved their speed by a minimum of 10X; some of them by 100X, for example, data networks. ...

To compete in a 24x7 global economy, enterprises need to be able to bring the applications that drive their business to the market faster and integrated with big data analytics. These applications must be able to handle larger numbers of concurrent users ...

This IBM® Redbooks® publication demonstrates and documents that the combination of IBM System x®, IBM GPFS™, IBM GPFS-FPO, IBM Platform Symphony®, IBM Platform HPC, IBM Platform LSF®, IBM Platform Cluster Manager Standard Edition, ...

This IBM Redbooks publication shows how to integrate IBM Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments (SDN VE) seamlessly within a new or existing data center. This book is aimed at pre- and post-sales support, targeting network administrators and other ...

To meet today's complex and ever-changing business demands, you need a solid foundation of compute, storage, networking, and software resources. This system must be simple to deploy and be able to quickly and automatically adapt to changing conditions. ...

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides information for attaching the IBM XIV® Storage System to various host operating system platforms, including IBM i. The book provides information and references for combining the XIV Storage System with ...

This IBM Redbooks publication helps the network administrator install, tailor, and quickly configure the IBM DVS 5000V for your data center's virtualized environment. It provides several practical applications of the DVS 5000V's rich feature set. ...

IBM® Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center V5.1 products offer storage infrastructure management that helps optimize storage management by centralizing, simplifying, automating, and optimizing storage tasks associated with storage systems, data disaster ...

1 - 10 of 3084 items found* NextModified date

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