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This IBM Redbooks publication describes the procedures used by the IBM Fulfillment Center to implement Lotus Domino.Merchant for internal employee sales on an IBM Netfinity server. In this book, we discuss the different Netfinity server models and their positions related to Domino.Merchant to help you select a server to conduct your intranet, extranet and Internet commercial transactions. This book provides information and instructions for anyone seeking to plan, install, and configure Domino.Merchant 2.0 Server Pack on the latest IBM Intel-based server. In addition, this book provides information regarding steps you should consider to configure your new IBM hardware, such as the IBM ServeRAID II Ultra SCSI Adapter and the IBM SSA RAID Adapter. The Lotus Domino.Merchant 2.0 Server Pack is a small-to-medium and departmental e-commerce solution for IBM's e-business strategy. It provides the means to build a merchant site and open for business on the Internet with an online catalog of your products. Designed to be installed, configured, administered and supported by value-added resellers, Domino.Merchant enables you to roll out a complete Internet solution to growing businesses in a matter of days, depending on a customer's requirements. This book will help you install, tailor and configure the Domino.Merchant for the following services: Storefront customization and management Site registration Leads management Order processing Credit card authorization Tax calculation Order management Secur

Netfinity servers have grown in processor power and storage capabilities at an exponential rate. This fact, coupled with high availability and clustering techniques, has led to increased sales in this market segment. Mission-critical applications such as SAP are increasingly being installed on this platform. Half of all new SAP licenses are on Windows NT. This IBM Redbooks publication will help you install, tailor and configure SAP R/3 on a Netfinity server. A sample installation is used to configure the hardware and software components on a step-by-step basis. This book gives a broad understanding of the architecture of SAP R/3 on Windows NT and the IBM Netfinity Server platform. This will assist a specialist in understanding what elements should be considered in an SAP R/3 installation on Netfinity Servers.

The purpose of the Lotus Domino Integration Guide for IBM Netfinity Servers to provide a resource for describing the roles and capabilities of the IBM Netfinity Server platform running within the Lotus Domino environment. The book provides Notes network design and capacity planning recommendations in the following areas: Operating system Network protocol Server placement within your network Wide area network issues Replication schedules Server selection Server RAM Server disk space Server peripherals Suggested installation and optimization settings for your server are discussed, along with methods to investigate and solve performance bottlenecks on your server. The Lotus Domino clustering technology is also outlined, which provides high availability and capacity solutions. The simplicity with which these clusters can be configured, thus providing users not only with increased response time, but also constant availability, is a key aspect of the Domino strategy and so is covered here in some depth. This IBM Redbooks publication will help those individuals who need to plan, tune, or size Lotus Domino for the IBM Netfinity servers through detailed examples and scenarios. Particular attention has been paid to the proper size and performance characteristics of various IBM Netfinity servers for disparate environments. Several tools that can aid in the sizing of your servers are discussed, as well as industry-standard "rules of thumb" for configuring small, medium, and large-sized Domino environments. Some

This IBM Redbooks publication contains information about Netfinity and PC Server products and options that were available in 1997. If you're interested in reading about the latest technology found in IBM eServer xSeries servers, we recommend you also review the book <A HREF= "">"Tuning IBM eServer xSeries Servers for Performance"</A> SG24-5287. This book is a reference guide for selecting IBM Netfinity and IBM PC Server hardware. Its primary purpose is to describe the technology that is used to produce high-capacity systems suitable for today's business environment. The book is divided into three parts. The first part describes the requirements your business may have when selecting a PC Server. It discusses what each of the server types is, what performance and availability requirements you should consider, and the level of management you require to maintain your systems. Part 2 describes in detail what technology is available that will meet the requirements you selected in Part 1. It covers the technology in each of the subsystems in IBM Netfinity and PC Server systems from processors, memory and disks, through to tape, LAN adapters and power supplies. Finally, Part 3 catalogs the Netfinity and PC Server systems and options that are currently available from IBM. The technical specifications of server models, enclosures, adapters, disks, tapes and management software are described, providing a one-stop listing of what is available and how they all f

This IBM Redbooks publication describes how to implement J.D. Edwards' OneWorld on the IBM Netfinity server. In particular, it covers the IBM Netfinity family of servers and their features, an introduction to J.D. Edwards' OneWorld and the architecture this solution is built upon, OneWorld's use of supply chain management and how your customer's business can be expanded to include its customers, suppliers and business partners and the Netfinity sizing and implementation process for optimizing and configuring OneWorld for Windows NT. This book also examines the use of IBM's ServerGuide that is used to set up the Netfinity hardware and prepare your system for Windows NT Server, and the Netfinity Manager, a systems management solution to monitor and manage the deployment and enterprise server as well as OneWorld workstation clients. Both, ServerGuide and the Netfinity Manager ship with the IBM Netfinity server at no additional charge as well as several other productive applications, such as Lotus Domino. In our example of the sizing and implementation process, we provide a scenario on how you would prepare and configure the IBM Netfinity server for OneWorld's Conference Room Pilot environment using Oracle8 for NT as a base. This scenario actually loads demo data rather than production data in order to provide a host of applications. This book is not designed to replace the J.D. Edwards' Planning and Configuration Guide or its installation guide. This book is designed to provide you with an easy understanding of th

This IBM Redbooks publication describes the procedure necessary to implement Novell IntranetWare and BorderManager services on the latest Intel based high-powered platforms. Particular attention is focused on the IBM Netfinity and IBM PC Servers hardware technology for large enterprises and small businesses. This book provides instructions for anyone seeking to plan, install, and configure the Novell IntranetWare and BorderManager services on the latest IBM PC Server hardware. The book provides information regarding steps you should consider to select and configure your new IBM hardware, such as, the IBM ServeRAID II Ultra SCSI Adapter and the IBM SSA RAID Adapter. IntranetWare includes the networking services of NetWare 4.11 such as Novell Directory Services (NDS), Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) and file and print services with new intranet and Internet capabilities. BorderManager is a software suite that centrally manages access privileges and security across an intranet and the Internet. This book will help you to install and configure IntranetWare and BorderManager for the following services: File and Print Services Web Site Services Firewall Services Advanced Proxy Caching A Virtual Private Network Microsystems's Cyberpatrol Once you've implemented your Novell/IBM solution and decide that a high availability solution is required, this book will help you install and configure one of the Clustering Solutions from IBM for IntranetWare.

This IBM Redbooks publication will help you implement Windows NT Server 4.0 on an IBM PC Server and to understand how to configure for the best performance. It explores the tools necessary to configure the server hardware, presents topics that should be considered before installing Windows NT, and details the options and process of installing the code onto your IBM PC Server. Performance monitoring is also covered in detail complete with example uses of Performance Monitor and TME 10 NetFinity to determine what performance bottlenecks may exist in your configuration. Some knowledge of PC servers and Windows NT is assumed. This book is a follow-on from IBM PC Server and Windows NT Integration Guide, SG24-4578-00.

This IBM Redbooks publication highlights the benefits of running a Windows server on an Integrated xSeries Server (IXS) or and Integrated xSeries Adapter (IXA) attached xSeries Server, rather than on a separate PC server. It provides the knowledge needed to plan for, install, and manage the Integrated xSeries Server when it is installed in your IBM iSeries server. This book also helps the reader gain detailed insights into and explanations of the support provided by the OS/400 Integration for Microsoft Windows Server software. This book is ideal for IBM customers, Business Partners, service providers, and personnel who need an in-depth understanding of how to implement Microsoft Windows Server running on the IXS for iSeries or on an xSeries server attached via the IXA.

There are proven advantages to running Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix applications on IBM iSeries IXS (xSeries server on a card under the iSeries hardware enclosure) and IXA (xSeries server externally attached to the iSeries via external iSeries system cabling). Base documentation already exists in the iSeries Information Center and related IBM Redbooks about iSeries and Windows integration. The objective of this Redpaper is to make it easier to get such a network up and running. This paper is intended for iSeries-trained personnel who are responsible for getting a Windows applications-serving environment, managed by Citrix applications, up and running—and taking advantage of iSeries integration facilities. We give specific examples using a sample network with an iSeries system and multiple integrated xSeries servers using Windows Terminal Services, Citrix applications, and Windows-based applications. We build primarily on the contents of the IBM Redbooks publication Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Integration with iSeries, SG24-6959, extending the environment to Windows application serving. This Redpaper cannot make an iSeries-trained administrator self-sufficient in setting up such a network that uses iSeries integration advantages. It does, however, facilitate getting such a network up and running with the help of appropriate Windows and Citrix trained personnel.

1 - 9 of 9 items found* Modified date

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