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Add support for 4800-7x3 models (BIOS level 84KT150, 85KT150). Add support for 4838-xx0 models (BIOS level 8DKT120). BIOS

There are proven advantages to running Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix applications on IBM iSeries IXS (xSeries server on a card under the iSeries hardware enclosure) and IXA (xSeries server externally attached to the iSeries via external iSeries system cabling). Base documentation already exists in the iSeries Information Center and related IBM Redbooks about iSeries and Windows integration. The objective of this Redpaper is to make it easier to get such a network up and running. This paper is intended for iSeries-trained personnel who are responsible for getting a Windows applications-serving environment, managed by Citrix applications, up and running—and taking advantage of iSeries integration facilities. We give specific examples using a sample network with an iSeries system and multiple integrated xSeries servers using Windows Terminal Services, Citrix applications, and Windows-based applications. We build primarily on the contents of the IBM Redbooks publication Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Integration with iSeries, SG24-6959, extending the environment to Windows application serving. This Redpaper cannot make an iSeries-trained administrator self-sufficient in setting up such a network that uses iSeries integration advantages. It does, however, facilitate getting such a network up and running with the help of appropriate Windows and Citrix trained personnel.

This IBM Redbooks publication discusses the newest implementation of the Integrated xSeries servers, which utilizes the iSCSI protocol to communicate with the System i5. The iSCSI product offers an additional scalable network connection to the System i5 system bus or the HSL loop. In this book, we discuss: The architecture and scenarios for utilizing this new function Concepts and terminology of iSCSI Planning for the iSCSI environment IBM Director Server and iSCSI Operating iSCSI Servers Backup and Recovery of iSCSI attached servers Virtual Ethernet in an iSCSI environment This book offers planning and implementation advice and guidance for IBM, IBM Business Partners, and customers.

1 - 3 of 3 items found* Modified date

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