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Storage Area Networks (SANs) have changed the way that data is moved, stored, and managed, allowing you to access your data faster and more efficiently. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager allows you to exploit your SAN infrastructure to potentially provide increased performance, greater flexibility in configurations, and more efficient use of your hardware resources. This IBM Redbooks publication describes the features of Tivoli Storage Manager, which can be deployed in a SAN. These features include LAN-free backup to tape and disk, tape library sharing, and server-free backup. It also discusses how to use Tivoli Storage Manager with other applications and hardware, such as STK libraries, mySAP, and IBM TotalStorage SAN File System. The emphasis of this information is on showing what can be done, why to do it, and how to do it. This book is written for people who are working for IBM, our clients, vendors, and consulting organizations and who want to understand how Tivoli Storage Manager fits into and enhances a SAN environment, as well as for those wanting detailed assistance in implementing Tivoli Storage Manager using SAN-attached storage.

This page provides links to the PDF versions of the IBM StoredIQ product documentation.

This page provides links to the PDF versions of the IBM StoredIQ product documentation.

This page provides links to the PDF versions of the IBM StoredIQ product documentation.

This page provides links to the PDF versions of the IBM StoredIQ product documentation.

IBM Campaign® and IBM Interact are critical components in an Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) platform. They are the foundation for optimizing your marketing campaign effectiveness, marketing operations, and multi-channel marketing execution. However, the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns is highly dependent on the quality, accuracy, and completeness of the underlying customer information used by the EMM platform. IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management (MDM) is a trusted source of that complete, accurate, customer information. Using your master data as the basis for running marketing campaigns provides the best information available for the best possible return-on-investment for your marketing operations. This IBM Redbooks® publication describes how master data about customers is extracted from an MDM hub and delivered through an "information supply chain" to your marketing data repository. This information supply chain includes capabilities such as data integration, metadata management, industry data models, and workload-optimized analytics appliance. The intent of this book is to give marketing organizations (both the business and IT functions for marketing) a blueprint for how to architect your EMM solution in a way that best takes advantage of your trusted master data.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication covers IBM TS7700 R4.1 through R4.1.2. The IBM TS7700 is part of a family of IBM Enterprise tape products. This book is intended for system architects and storage administrators who want to integrate their storage systems for optimal operation. This publication explains the all-new hardware that is introduced with IBM TS7700 release R4.1 and the concepts associated with it. TS7700 R4.1 can be installed only on the IBM TS7720, TS7740, and the all-new, hardware-refreshed TS7760 Models. The IBM TS7720T and TS7760T (tape attach) partition mimics the behavior of the previous TS7740, but with higher performance and capacity. The IBM TS7700 offers a modular, scalable, and high-performance architecture for mainframe tape virtualization for the IBM Z® environment. It is a fully integrated, tiered storage hierarchy of disk and tape. This storage hierarchy is managed by robust storage management microcode with extensive <strong>self</strong>-management capability. It includes the following advanced functions: Policy management to control physical volume pooling Cache management Redundant copies, including across a grid network Copy mode control TS7700 delivers the following new capabilities: 7 and 8 way Grid support through approved request for price quotation 16 Gb FICON adapter support for TS7760 (R4.1.2) Optimized host data compression which is based on software (not FICON adapter hardware) compression algorithm (R4.1.2) Control-unit initiated reconfiguration (CUIR) for code load improvement (R4

This page provides links to PDF versions of the IBM StoredIQ product documentation.

This page provides links to the PDF versions of the IBM StoredIQ product documentation.

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