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This IBM Redbooks publication is unique in its detailed coverage of multi-language solutions in distributed database client/server environments. It provides comprehensive information about implementation of the DRDA connectivity across countries using different national languages, and it shows how the multi-language requirements are supported by the DB2 family of products. It contains setup and usage information, including all related system definitions for the different platforms involved. These were DB2 for VSE and VM, DB2 for OS/2 and DB2 for AIX and their respective client/server capabilities. This was a joint project between ITSO and ZPIZ (Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance of Slovenia) and accomplished successfully within 10 weeks of cross country teamwork.

Integration Guide for IBM Emptoris Sourcing 9.5, IBM Emptoris Contract Management 9.5, & IBM Emptoris Spend Analysis 9.5

This IBM Redbooks publication describes the e-business options available to VSE customers to open their VSE environments to the e-business world. It offers a broad understanding of 2-tier and 3-tier solutions and of the products you need to implement these solutions. For the 2-tier solution, the use of products like IpServer from Data 21, Inc. and Web/VSE-Host from IntelliWare Systems, Inc. is described. The 3-tier solution is based on the IBM Application Framework for e-business and is implemented through a set of e-business connectors. These include CICS connectors (CICS Transaction Gateway), MQSeries connectors (MQSeries Client for Java) or DB2 connectors (DB2 for VSE & VM and DB2 Connect). This book will help you plan for an e-business transition. Detailed examples will help you install, configure, and set up the required products. The book is based on a business scenario that was developed to illustrate how the products implementing the IBM Application Framework for e-business can be used to develop e-business applications. You will learn how Friendly Foods - a fictitious company - accomplished the transition, step-by-step, from a traditionally operating company to an e-business enterprise. The provided examples can readily be adopted by companies of different industries.

1 - 3 of 3 items found* Modified date

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