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IBM Electronic Support

Easy, Fast, Smart. Your customized support experience.

Work with Support

When you need to contact IBM Support, use online tools to guide you through the process and to provide important diagnostic data so IBM can help identify and solve your problem:

Complete, customized support.

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Software support handbook

Detailed description of support at IBM, including support contract and contact information

Features Benefits
Find answers to support questions Complete reference document for all aspects of support at IBM.
Access and search information quickly Available in HTML for easy access and navigation. Also available in pdf for those who want a hard copy.

Online Service Requests

Online tool for reporting and tracking service requests

Features Benefits
Open, edit and track problem reports online View and manage all service requests online, regardless of channel of input or of open/closed status. Service requests archived up to one year are also available.
Update your profile to personalize Use your profile to personalize many functions, such as "Preferred Products/Components" and "Saved searches," to make common tasks easier to perform.
Attach files to service requests Attach multiple files to the service request online to ensure IBM support engineers have the relevant diagnostic data.
Create, view and update service requests in your preferred language Available in 13 languages, allowing you use the tool in your native language.
Provide access to your IBM Business Partner Collaborate on service requests with your IBM-authorized business partners, giving them access to review the problem, diagnostic data, and resolution.

IBM Assist On-site

A secure, on-demand, hosted service that allows IBM Support Engineers to connect to client systems

Features Benefits
Join a secure, remote session Allows IBM to resolve problems quicker by delivering virtual on-site assistance anywhere, at any time, without the need for any pre-installed software. Allows the IBM Support engineer to perform complex tasks directly and exchange information with the client system.
Reduce time to resolution Allows IBM to interact with client systems without requiring changes to the client's network configuration or firewalls.
Exchange information in a secure manner Strong security features, including encryption of all exchanged data, anti-spoofing and intrusion prevention features, and data privacy protection. Allows IBM and the client to freely exchange the information needed to resolve problems quickly.

Technical Support Chat

Instant messaging service to connect to IBM representatives available to eligible clients

Features Benefits
Chat with support about an open service request Provides increased accuracy of resolutions with ability to share command strings and Internet links. Saves time and reduces downtime. Convenient!
Establish a "Life line" with IBM Support Lightweight, fast way to keep in touch over longer running client actions - rebuilds, reloads. Great for making and maintaining contact with IBM, allows for status on progress, and provides an effective communication vehicle.
Supports variety of chat scenarios and group chat Can support live, callback and a variety of support center paradigms, yet allows sharing of a chat across experts, including you, IBM, and IBM Business Partners.
Accessible from IBM Support Portal If your product is supported by Technical Support Chat, you will find a quick link under Tools and Resources.

Customer Support - One stop for your administrative needs

Obtain information about contracts, order status, delivery, inventory, invoices or other order-related questions

Features Benefits
One stop for many of your administrative needs Provides you with general information about contracting, invoicing, inventory and orders as well as details for your IBM account.
Access to standard contract and agreement terms Central repository for all major IBM standard agreements, available to consult and download as needed.
Information about invoice and payment terms Find guidance on available payment options, standard invoice terms, maintenance coverage, inventory as well as links to FAQs and other relevant IBM pages.

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