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My Notifications

Subscription capability for hardware and software technical updates

Features Benefits
Subscribe to stay informed about the products you use Receive proactive notification of known critical fixes and updates, as well as new or changed content, to help identify critical issues before they become a problem.
Choose how and when to receive notifications Select how often you want to be notified and how you want to receive the notifications. Delivery methods include daily or weekly email, RSS/ATOM feeds.

Electronic Service Agent (ESA)

Automated service request function that helps predict and prevent hardware errors by early detection of potential problems

Features Benefits
Transmit system inventory and configuration to IBM ESA transmits the system inventory to IBM upon initial installation and when changes are made to your system, giving IBM support engineers the latest information about your environment so they can provide timely support.
Automatically and immediately report problems to IBM Support Helps you avoid potential problems and downtime by proactively looking for and fixing issues before they affect your environment. Diagnostic data is automatically transmitted and attached to your problem report.
View System reports Interlocked with My Systems, so you can view detailed reports for your systems based on information sent to IBM by ESA.

Software Support Lifecycle

Provides support policy, general availability date and end-of-support date by version and release for IBM software and systems products

Features Benefits
Access end of support information quickly Quick access to end of support (EOS) dates to help you avoid having an out-of-support product in your production environment. Knowing EOS dates also allows you to plan for upgrades.
Learn about support type for each product Easily access the EOS and support type information for your IBM products through the Product Support Lifecycle.

Flashes and Alerts

Highlights critical information about known issues

Features Benefits
Stay informed about urgent technical issues These critical updates include potential security issues and high-impact, pervasive problems.
Learn about important product announcements Flashes and alerts are posted to the Support Portal and are available under Product Support Content. Also learn about critical updates by subscribing to My Notifications.

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