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Additional learning resources are available to provide technical information and help you get the most from your IBM products:

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IBM Education Assistant

Complimentary self-study education modules for most IBM software products

Features Benefits
Build skills with task-based training modules Online, task-based education modules provide step-by-step instructions for completing a task. Overview modules provide high-level product introductions.
Quickly learn software features Helps new team members quickly learn how to use IBM products, or serves as a refresher if you have not performed a particular task in a while.
View and listen online or download modules All modules are easily accessible and free.

Support Technical Exchange Webcasts

Complimentary webcasts with technical information on a broad range of products and topics

Features Benefits
View deep, technical presentations delivered by subject matter experts Offered weekly or multiple times a week, these webcasts are like attending a conference from your workplace.
View at your convenience The charts and MP3 files are available shortly after the webcast for replay. No registration is required.
Find webcasts for your products Select the product in the IBM Support Portal, then follow the Training link under Tools and resources

IBM Training & Certification

Formal education courses that offer in-depth training, worldwide, for the broad range of IBM products

Features Benefits
Find hundreds of courses in over two dozen curriculum areas Courses offered worldwide in a variety of formats to suit your needs. IBM Education offers worldwide classes in over 55 countries.
Choose the delivery format Courses offered in traditional classroom settings, as customized training to meet your specific needs, or through e-Learning and online training courses.
Gain product certification Opportunity to gain certification to validate and demonstrate your acquired skills. Education created and delivered by professional educators.

IBM developerWorks

Technical resource and professional network for the developer community

Features Benefits
Find in-depth technical information for developers and administrators IT industry's most comprehensive source of technical content, downloadable code, and community forums focusing on IBM software products, as well as on open-standards technologies such as Java, Linux, XML, Web development, and more.
Stay informed about latest developments Learn about new technology introductions.
Build skills with tutorials and training Includes technical tutorials and training.

Online support communities

Online Support Communities that often provide additional information or the ability to communicate with other members of the communities

Features Benefits
Share your expertise Share your knowledge about IBM products with others and connect with people with common interests.
Connect with community members Post questions and answers to forums for collaborative problem resolution.
Choose from a variety of communities Find a variety of social channels, including blogs, wikis, forums, user groups and more!
View multiple channels on one page Look for the Forums, blogs & social media link under Tools and Resources on the support product page

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