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Fix Central

Consolidated tool to download software and hardware fixes for most IBM products

Features Benefits
Obtain fixes, device drivers, software updates and more Obtain software and hardware/firmware downloads 24x7 for support in one location with a common interface, eliminating the need to call a Support Center representative or look across multiple support sites.
Read about fixes, install instructions and change history Readmes, release notes, install instructions and change history files are provided with the recommendations and downloads. You get the complete package when you are ready to download.
Access special downloads Same interface for special downloads or customized content. Registered clients can access custom fixes, or beta program fixes, that are not ready for wide availability; there is no longer a need for you to call into support and ask for these fixes to be shipped on media.
Interim fixes for IBM products Immediacy - Fixes made available for clients experiencing a particular problem, without waiting for a fix pack or release.

Recommended fixes

Provides minimum recommended fix level information on key components with prerequisites and co-requisites considered

Features Benefits
Download fix packs using Recommended Fixes Comprehensive list of recommended, generally available (GA) fixes for IBM products. List of fix packs for one product by version. Includes fix packs and feature packs.
Download multiple fixes, tested together List of fix packs for one product by version. Includes fix packs and feature packs. All the fix information is included in one place.
Research recommendations before downloading Direct link to recommended fixes available under Downloads on the Support Portal product pages

Fix Level Recommendation Tool (FLRT)

A health check tool for comparing current system fix levels against recommendations from IBM

Features Benefits
Find recommended fix level information on key components of IBM Power Systems running AIX, IBM i or Linux Use FLRT when planning to upgrade key components or to verify the current feasibility of a system. Helps you keep track of cross-product compatibility requirements.
Find product-specific and cross-product recommendations Find and deploy preventive maintenance recommended by IBM experts. Cross-product recommendations (product prerequisites and co-requisites) are provided, eliminating the need to do extensive product research.

Compatibility Tools

Tools that provide product compatibility information and fix recommendations

Features Benefits
Critical planning information Use to plan key component upgrades or to verify current health of a system
Find high-level and in-depth reports for software compatibility Generate high-level reports based on operating system, prerequisites, hypervisors, or translations and in-depth reports showing system requirement details, hardware requirements, and end of service from the Software Product Compatibility Reports site
Available for many systems Use Fix Level Recommendation Tool for Power systems and software applications
Use IBM ServerProven for System x and BladeCenter offerings
Use the System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC) for Storage Systems
Look under Plan and install documentation or Downloads for your product to find the compatibility and planning information you need.

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