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IBM Electronic Support

Easy, Fast, Smart. Your customized support experience.

What is IBM Electronic Support?

A portfolio of tools and resources to keep your systems, software, and applications running smoothly.

IBM electronic support can help you:

Getting started with IBM Support

Before using the IBM online support tools or calling for support, follow these steps to get set up.

Register for support

  • Create your IBM ID and Password.
    • Your IBM ID is your single point of access to many IBM web applications, including the IBM Support Portal, My notifications, Fix Central, Service Request, and IBMLink.
    • Use your company email address as your IBM ID.
  • Complete the Support registration process to use online support resources, including Service Request (SR) and Fix Central.


  • Gather the information you need for the registration process:
    • Your software Support Agreement
    • Your IBM Customer Number
    • For Software, the product and version number
    • For Hardware, the Machine Type and Serial Number
  • Review the IBM Support Handbook for detailed information about getting support for your IBM products.
  • If you need to download the full version of your software, request assistance from your Primary Contact who controls software downloads for your site through the IBM software agreement and Passport Advantage Online.

Find support information

  • Search IBM Support Portal for technical information, including flashes and alerts, technotes, known problems and resolutions, updates and fixes, compatibility, diagnostic tools and more.
  • Find fixes and updates from Fix Central.
  • Subscribe to automatic e-mail notifications to stay informed about new and updated content. Visit My notifications to set up your preferences.

Submit a service request

  • Collect the following information:
    • IBM Customer Numbers
    • Product name and version
    • Platform
    • Machine type and serial number
    • Unique contracts
  • Gather diagnostic data
    • Use IBM Support Assistant (ISA) automated data collectors or follow the Troubleshooting documentation on your product's support page.
    • Before calling IBM for support for a hardware problem, review this checklist.
  • Submit your problem online:
    • For a Software product, use Service Request to open a service request online. If you have a problem accessing or using the Service Request tool, submit a ticket using the online form.
    • For a Hardware problem, use IBM Electronic Service Call (ESC+) to enter an online request.

See the Work with Support tab to learn more about online tools available to help resolve issues while working with IBM Support.

Featured Video

This video provides an overview of the IBM Support Portal, a unified, centralized view of all technical support tools and information for IBM systems, software, and services worldwide. The IBM Support Portal is your gateway to all of your technical support resources.

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