Why and how you should be using IBM Service Request (SR) to submit your support issues electronically

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Over the past several years, IBM has developed a set of world class electronic support capabilities that helps us provide more effective resolution of client questions and issues. Clients who use the web to submit, view and update service requests tell us how much they appreciate the efficiency of this entry point to the support process.

To ensure you also experience maximum benefit from these capabilities, IBM clients who license software through Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express are requested to open and update requests for software technical support using our electronic IBM Service Request (SR) tool.

The use of the SR tool is highly encouraged because of the benefits (outlined below) gained in resolving your issues. Some Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud-based offerings that do not use the SR tool are not included in this initiative.

It is important to note that using the SR tool will only change the method of how you open and/or update an IBM software service request and not how IBM responds to your request.

Key benefits of using the SR tool:

  • Faster creation of service requests – the SR tool allows you to maintain a user profile which simplifies and shortens the service request creation process. Your profile will include:
    • Contact information (email, work and/or mobile phone numbers)
    • Preferred method of contact (telephone, email or via the SR tool)
    • A customized list of products you normally support
  • Better problem descriptions – You'll enter detailed problem descriptions using your own words, ensuring that IBM's technical support representatives are able to quickly begin resolving your problem or question.
  • Shorter communication path to the experts – Attach all relevant documentation (logs, configuration and other diagnostic files)  when you create the service request – done in one step, saving you time and ensuring IBM specialists have the information they need.
  • Real time support request management – Online access to your service requests means you can view updates made by IBM, provide updates and responses when required and access easy-to-use self-assist resources.
  • Easier collaboration on service requests across your department or company (or backing up a colleague) – with secure and fully authorized access to SR you'll be able to view and/or update all of your site's service requests online.
  • Useful reports – SR has comprehensive reporting capabilities.  Sort and filter your report to your liking and even download it to a spreadsheet to allow further customization.

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