Software support for IBM SWG products in a VMware® environment

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Software support services for IBM SWG products in a VMware® (virtualization) environment
This technote outlines the IBM Remote Technical Support policy for IBM
Software Group (SWG) software products running on VMware® images.
Such as VMware® ESX Server or VMware® Server.

IBM's Remote Technical Support policy statement for VMware® environments:
IBM Remote Technical Support will accept usage/defect-related service
requests for IBM SWG IPLA products running in a VMware® ESX Server or
VMware® Server environmen t. As with other environments, if IBM Support
cannot recreate the issue in our Lab, we may ask the client to recreate the
problem in a non-VMware® environment . I f the client has purchased an IBM
ServicePac Agreement® (for VMware®), the IBM VMware® support team can
assist in reproducing the problem in accordance with the terms of that agreement.

1. The above applies to service requests within scope for Passport Advantage support as per the "Software Support Handbook" at url:

2. The above statement is for Remote Technical Support only and does not indicate whether IBM products are "certified" to operate in a VMware® environment. "Official" environment statements are made in individual IBM product announcements.

3. VMware® is a third-party (non-IBM) software product that provides a hypervisor environment. For ad ditional VMware® vendor and product information go to url:

Questions & Answers:
1. Does IBM provide remote technical support for IBM
software products when running in a VMware®
Ans: Yes. If a client has a valid support contract (e.g. Passport
Advantage Software Maintenance (SWMA)) and encounters
a problem when running an IBM product in a VMware®
environment, IBM will provide remote technical support for
the IBM product.

2. Does IBM provide support for VMware® ESX & VMWare
Server itself?
Ans: Yes. IBM has a Business Partner relationship with VMware®.
IBM support for VMware® ESX & VMware Server is available
through an IBM ServicePac for Remote Technical Support from
IBM Global Services (IGS) url:
For supported product listing and details see url:

3. Does IBM provide remote technical support for IBM software
products that are not "certified" or state that they support
the VMware® environment?
Ans: Yes. Regardless of the individual IBM product "official" environment
statement, clients who have a valid License Agreement and an IBM
Support Contract (e.g. Passport Advantage Software Maintenance
(SWMA)) will receive remote technical support for the IBM software
running in a virtual machine environment (such as the VMware®
ESX Server environment).

4. Will IBM correct all defects for IBM products that are running in
a VMware® environment?
Ans: Not necessarily. As under other operating environments, IBM does
not warrant that all code defects will be corrected. IBM will issue
defect correction information, a restriction, or a bypass to IBM products
if the defect is also applicable in a native physical machine environment
(i.e. without the virtualization software). That determination may require
that the problem be recreated in a native environment by the client. If the
problem does not occur or cannot be recreated in a native environment,
it will not be considered an IBM product defect.

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