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Oracle 9i & 10gR1 on IBM AIX5L: Tips & Considerations

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The objective of this document is to provide considerations and recommendations to practitioners involved with the installation of Oracle’s RDBMS product on IBM’s AIX 5L operating system. Though not intended to function as a step-by-step implementation guide, this paper, when used in conjunction with published materials from both Oracle and IBM, will be an asset to you as you plan and implement a successful Oracle RDBMS solution for your customer. This paper contains a range of recommendations available at time of publication for implementing single-instance Oracle RDBMS solutions. Note: a detailed discussion of Oracle Real Application Clusters, (RAC), is not within the scope of this document. However, with the inclusion of content relating to release 10g added to these pages, some RAC related commentary is appropriate. Information specific to Oracle 10g will be included in a dedicated section of this document. Other areas addressed in these pages are base operating system set-up, and storage considerations. Although these topics are presented separately, it is important to recognize that they are tightly integrated in preparing an RDBMS environment, and further that they are independent of the Oracle database release deployed. The content has been provided by IBM technical support specialists experienced with Oracle products in AIX environments, and published technical references.

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