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zSoftCap - Software Migration Capacity Planning Aid for IBM z Systems (Replaced SoftCap)

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zSoftCap is PC-based tool that will evaluate the effect on IBM z Systems processor capacity when migrating to newer levels of software, including z/OS, z/VSE, CICS and IMS. zSoftCap assumes that the hardware configuration remains constant while the software version or release changes.


Note-1: If your currently installed zSoftCap version is older than C4.5, it MUST be uninstalled prior to installing zPCR C4.7 (package that includes Java).

This is necessary to facilitate conversion to the new IBM Java V7 runtime environment that is required for zPCR.

Note-2: Should installation of zSoftCap C4.7 fail to complete, you should uninstall your current zSoftCap version, and then install the C4.7 package that includes Java.

Product Name:
Product Version:
Version C4.7
Operating System:
Windows 7
Change Date:
Approximate Size:
7.4MB without Java
83MB with Java
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C4.7 (09/30/2015)
  • Added support for z/OS 2.2
  • Updated User's Guide and online help
C4.6a (06/15/2015)
  • Added support for CICS TS 5.2 on z/OS
  • Corrected a windowing problem when the Windows text size was set to 125% (Medium). Previously, the bottom portion of windows was being truncated.
C4.6 (01/31/2015)
  • New z Systems (IBM z13) processor models are supported for both z/OS and z/VSE

C4.5b (10/31/2014)
  • Enhanced IMS support
    • TCP/IP can now be selected when the Current is set to V12 and the Future is set to V13. Formerly only SNA results were available
    • Fast Path 64-bit Buffer Manager can now be specified for either TCP/IP or SNA when the Current is set to V11 or later and the Future is set to V12 or later.
  • Restructured Software Migration Scenario window
  • When TCP/IP and/or Fast Path 64-bit Buffer Manager have been selected and the Current IMS version setting is then changed to one where results cannot be generated, a dialog will appear stating that SNA is now selected and Fast Path 64-bit Buffer Manager is now unchecked.
  • The Upgrade CICS and Upgrade IMS buttons have been corrected to allow the Future environment to be any version greater than that specified for the Current environment. Previously there were situations where only the last available version could be selected.
  • User’s Guide and online help updated to discuss new IMS feature support
  • HTML output has been made to be more consistent with window content.
C4.5a (04/25/2014)
  • Added support for z/VSE v5.2

C4.5 (02/15/2014)
  • zSoftCap v4.5 requires the new IBM CPS 32-bit Java V7 runtime

The CPS Java-based tools, zSoftCap , and zPCR , have been upgraded to require the IBM 32-bit Java v7 runtime environment. Installation of either the zSoftCap v4.5 or the zPCR v8.5 package that includes Java will provide this upgrade. If both tools are required, then install the 2 nd using the package that excludes Java . Previous versions of zSoftCap and zPCR will not run under Java7.

The zBNA tool no longer uses Java from zSoftCap or zPCR. The zBNA install package always includes its own Java7 materials.

  • Windows Administrator Authority : It will be necessary to uninstall your zPCR and zSoftCap Java6 materials (Administrator Authority required) . The Java6 registry entries must be deleted from “ Local Machine ” so that the Java7 registry entries can be created under " Current User ". As a result, Administrator Authority will no longer be required to install/uninstall zSoftCap or zPCR.

Due to this change, a CPS tool and its supporting Java must be installed to the same user ID. CPS tools can only be run on the user ID to which it was installed.

Hide details for zSoftcap Abstract zSoftcap Abstract

zSoftCap is a PC-based productivity tool under Windows, designed to assess the effect on IBM z Systems processor capacity, when planning to upgrade to a more current operating system version and/or major subsystems versions. zSoftCap assumes that the hardware configuration remains constant while the software version or release changes. The capacity implication of an upgrade for the software components can be assessed independently or in any combination.

z/OS Environments Supported
  • z/OS : z/OS V1R5 through z/OS V2R2
  • CICS : CICS/TS-1.1 through CICS/TS 5.2
  • IMS : IMS V4 through IMS V13

Input required by zSoftCap includes the current z/OS version/release and the utilization represented by each of the following components: Batch , CICS , DB2 , IMS , Web , and System . The planned future z/OS version/release must also be specified. The processor family, the N-way of the image, and the use of HiperDispatch (supported on z10 and later) are all considered.

For CICS and IMS software upgrades (optional), both the current and planned version/release, and a high-level description of the subsystem's implementation is required.

z/VSE Environments Supported
  • z/VSE : VSE/ESA-2.3 through z/VSE-5.2

Information Provided

Results show the effective change in processor utilization and the net benefit or cost in capacity that can be expected when moving to newer software versions. For z/OS environments, if upgrading multiple components, a report is available showing the effect of each as well as their combined effect on capacity.

IBM Customers can obtain zSoftCap via the Internet at:

For questions concerning zSoftCap , contact Capacity Planning Support via E-mail:

Note: The IBM JavaTM Runtime Environment provided herewith shall only be used with the zSoftCap tool.

The performance data contained in this tool was derived by IBM in a controlled environment. A customer's actual performance results may vary significantly. Accordingly, IBM provides no representations or assurances that a customer will obtain the same or similar results. Users of this tool should verify the applicability of the data for their specific environment.

To use this, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader version that supports your operating platform. The latest versions of these readers are publicly available without charge from the Adobe Web site, found at ; click on "Get Acrobat Reader".

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