How to import Signer Certificates into AppScan Enterprise

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How do you import Signer Certificates in .CER format into IBM Security AppScan Enterprise?


The easiest way to import Signer Certificates in .CER format into AppScan Enterprise is by using the iKeyman utility as follows:

  1. On the machine where AppScan Enterprise Server is installed, go to the <ASE_installation>\liberty\jre\bin folder

  2. Run the ikeyman.exe program.

  3. Click on the the Open icon (it is called "Open a key database file"), as on the screen capture:

  4. Click the Browse... button and go to the <ASE_installation>\Liberty\usr\servers\ase\resource\security folder, in there you'll find a file named cacerts.

  5. Open the cacerts file, and then click OK, and you will be asked for a Password.

  6. Type the password for the Liberty key store (if you do not have the password, contact IBM AppScan support),

  7. In the in the iKeyman tool, select Signer Certificates from the pulldown menu.

  8. Then click the Add.. button and add your certificates to the Liberty key storage, as on the screen capture below.

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