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Updates to IMS Database Solution Pack for z/OS V2.1 Overview and Customization

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Updates that apply to IMS Database Solution Pack for z/OS V2.1 Overview and Customization (SC19-4007-04).


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Update 2

Date of change: December 2018

Change description: Documentation changes by APAR PI88705.

Topics: Changes apply to multiple topics.


Topic: IMS Database Solution Pack for z/OS overview > What's new in IMS Database Solution Pack


The following item has been added:


Functional changes

Support for IMS Administration Tool

IMS Administration Tool provides a comprehensive set of functions and features that can help you with the day-to-day tasks associated with managing IMS environments efficiently and effectively. The tools of IMS Database Solution Pack have been enhanced to support IMS Administration Tool.



Topic: IMS Database Solution Pack for z/OS overview > Tools in IMS database Solution Pack > IBM IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS


This topic has been updated as follows:


IBM IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS (also referred to as IMS Library Integrity Utilities) provides a set of utilities designed to validate, compare, map, recover, report, and regenerate a number of IMS libraries needed for operations.


Supported libraries include the ACB (application control block), DBD (database description), PSB (program specification block), MFS (Message Format Services) libraries, and RECON (recovery control) data sets. The utilities are used in conjunction with database maintenance tasks and migration operations, and to prevent accidental misuse in production.


To learn more about IMS Library Integrity Utilities, see the IMS Library Integrity Utilities User's Guide.


IMS Library Integrity Utilities also provides the DBD/PSB Map Viewer, which is an IMS Library Integrity Utilities extension for Tools Base Administration Console and Management Console. The DBD/PSB Map Viewer displays graphical visualization of a database structure map, program specifications, DBD and PSB macro source, and DBD and PSB XML document. You can also use the cross reference feature to list logical DBDs and PSBs that refer to a specific DBD.


IMS Library Integrity Utilities extends the functions of IMS Administration Tool by enabling database and application administration functions, such as viewing, adding, changing, and deleting IMS objects. It also enables comprehensive reporting of IMS objects, such as DBDs and PSBs, and validation of IMS objects, such as DBDLIB/PSBLIB, ACBLIB, and IMS catalog.


Update 1
Date of change: March 2017
Change description: Documentation update.
Topic: IMS Database Solution Pack for z/OS overview > Installation requirements

Operational requirements

IMS Database Solution Pack operates with the following IMS versions:

  • IMS Version 15 Release 1 (5635-A06)

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2000, 2017

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Component: IMS Database Solution Pack: Overview and Customization

Software version: 2.1.0

Operating system(s): z/OS

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Modified date: 07 December 2018