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IBM MQ provides regular updates containing new function and fixes. The following is a complete listing of available and scheduled fixes for Version 9.0.x with the most recent CD Release at the top


Release Date
Total number of APARs
Total number of Security APARs
Total number of HIPER APARs
30 May 2017
17 March 2017
18 November 2016

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Note: To download IBM MQ Fix and Refresh Packs follow this link.

Vulnerability risk information for IBM MQ can be found at Security Bulletin for WebSphere MQ

Example table

Security APAR
APAR Description
AB12345 Dummy description for dummy APAR AB12345
An example of a Security APAR
ZY98765 Dummy description for dummy APAR ZY98765
 An example of a HIPER APAR

IBM MQ 9.0.3 Windows, Linux

Last modified: 30 May 2017
Status: Scheduled
APAR Description
IT15522 Ftecleanagent run with no parameters does the equivalent of -all potentially clearing out scheduled transfers
IT15770 MQV8 memory leak in pubsub topic scavenger routine
IT16106 Corelation ID selector defined on a JMS message listener not passed to queue manager
IT16270 Ibm MQ8: an attempt to unsubscribe a managed durable subscription returns internal rc 29440
IT16441 MQ explorer takes a long time to connect to an LDAP repository which contains a large number of objects.
IT17200 WMQ V7.0.1.12 classes for java: bufferlength doubled if mqgmo_convert is active resulting in 2010 error
IT17234 MQ hangs, reports failures from mqconn, and memory exceptions when using LDAP authentication or authorization services
IT17271 MQ XA client calls mqdisc then mqconn. the later connection generates various errors
IT17392 Windows .NET client leaks memory when using ccdt with queue manager groups to connect to a queue manager.
IT17569 Uninitialized variable causes incorrect date in AMQ7486 message text.
IT17605 Browser client mqgets or async consumers do not see their message until the end of their wait interval
IT17772 MQ 8 mft plugin explorer: does not handle passwords longer THAN12 characters if mqcsp authentication on
IT17934 Hang or slowness in ssl/tls channels due to delays in ccigsk_environment_init
IT17947 Ibm MQ for Windows version 8 is missing the 64 bit amqrspin dll from EXITS64 installation path.
IT17958 Ibm MQ chlauth configuration event PCF messages are written with a blank addrlist, if it contains multiple addresses
IT18189 The strmqm command can fail with reason 545284880
IT18374 Ibm MQ memory leak if activity trace is configured and application ends without calling mqdisc.
IT18595 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT18616 WMQ mft transfer log contains message BFGTR0077I when using a protocol bridge agent.
IT18728 MQ explorer mft plug-in shows transfers in starting state even though they have compelted
IT18858 Xecs_e_mem_set_not_found FDC on ibm MQ appliance queue manager
IT18912 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT19070 MQ classes for Java app using ccdt fails to connect when using a blank queue manager nam
IT19101 The dmpmqmsg utility reports "invalid attribute line" during the load of a data set that is larger than 2GB
IT19182 MQ dot net managed client connection only attempts connection tofirst host in connection namelist
IT19194 Core file from sigsegv in zswlock under mqconnx
IT19225 Mq-jms queuebrowser using a selector with an uppercase jmscorrelationid does not find messages
IT19521 MQ V8 - telemetry channel - FDC with probeid XR051002 filling the file system.
IT19573 Mq-jms: cannot get or browse JMS message property which containsthe string value " xsi:nil".
IT19794 MQ 7.5: during queue manager failover MQ JMS client may send duplicate message.
IT19819 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT19833 Ampersand (&) in filename causes mft agent transfer to fail WITHBFGDM0097E entity name must immediately follow the '&'
IT19861 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT19923 Display qcluster AMQ8427: valid syntax for the mqsc command incorectly shows clwluseq as a possible selector
IT20119 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT20246 Delete qlocal command hangs for a cluster transmission queue when its q file is missing or corrupted
IV85049 MQ xms client 750: different RFH2 mcd folder returned by different versions of MQ
IV88318 Wcf incorrectly treats a message with expiry as a poison message
IV88861 Wmq-jms cannot consume messages encoded with character encoding ccsid '1201'
IV90040 Queue manager fails to start with error AMQ7017 following an abnormal termination.

IBM MQ 9.0.2 Windows, Linux

Last modified: 17 March 2017
Status: Scheduled
APAR Description
IT06884 MQ encounters sigsegv with probe ID XC130003 while deregistering a subscriber.
IT09572 Validateauth=no does not maintain file permissions on queue manager error logs
IT10079 XC514090 xecl_w_long_lock_wait FDC from xlsrwmutexrequest when subscriptions are being added/removed dynamically.
IT12682 Mft BFGPC0008E error "another already running" gives insufficient information for problem identification
IT12859 Probe ID VP009006 vrce_bad_version - AMQ7925 message version 3 is not supported.
IT13399 Ibm MQ trace returns AMQ7027 error when using the -c option witha probe ID greater than 8 characters
IT13736 Messages put with a RFH2 header are being corrupted when retrieved when the message has an invalid MQMD format field.
IT14385 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT14593 AMQ6047 conversion not supported errors in queue manager error log while running dmpmqcfg
IT14632 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT14802 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT14931 MQ V8: FDC generated reporting probe ID RM702021 from component rrmchecksubsforqmgr.
IT14934 A connection fails with error message AMQ9557 and mqrc_not_authorized error is reporting the incorrect userid.
IT15286 WMQ V8: MQ V8 ivt is not working with wildfly 10.
IT15391 Memory leak in managed .NET application as a result of mqrc_connection_broken (RC2009) situation
IT15735 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT15927 MQ queue manager receives AMQ6109 with probe ID XC130004IF comments or blank lines in qm.ini.
IT15971 MQ V8.0 managed file transfer agents publish xml status messageswith no format which appear to JMS applications as bytesmessages
IT15978 AMQ9642 error reported during ssl/tls two-way authentication
IT16014 MQ explorer memory growth when browsing queue
IT16056 JMS applications using the MQ V8 jca resource adapter running inwas liberty cannot establish secure tls connections
IT16196 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT16268 Hrce_log_full in hlgreservelogspace during endmqm causes corruption to the queue file
IT16270 Ibm MQ8: an attempt to unsubscribe a managed durable subscription returns internal rc 29440
IT16294 Mq-jms classes V8.0: incorrect error about jni library 'mqjbnd' when connecting to queue manager in client transport
IT16587 MQ classes for Java and classes for JMS application threads hang after channel quiecsed
IT16678 MQ explorer has incorrect range in warning for queue manager extended property "errorlogsize"
IT16751 MQ V8.0.0.5: extreme slowness putting messages to queues, after upgrade.
IT16767 MQ client app running under control of XA tm calls mqdisc, and MQ later rejects XA calls on the same thread
IT16856 MQ on Windows fails to read security group name from queue manager configuration file
IT16874 MQ fte: BFGSS0067W unable to delete the source file due to the ioexception: BFGIO0033E: there is an invalid checksum
IT16909 Mq: runmqsc can display qtime values with more the 9 digits
IT16915 Pcfmessage.getstringlistparamtervalue(int) incorrectly returns mqrc 2238 if PCF message does not contain parameter specified.
IT16958 Prepare MQ wizard configures the MQ service with the default MQ user ID even if the wizard is cancelled in the first page
IT17044 A WebSphere MQ mft agent generates an ffdc file reporting a concurrentmodificationexception
IT17062 MQ 8.0 change subscription with no parameter cause subtype change from proxy to admin, created FDC with probe ID PS000085.
IT17083 Internal errors reported during failover after a health check thread detects a problem with the file system.
IT17132 FDCs with probe ID KN170060, KN802010 are cut if application terminates without disconnecting from queue manager
IT17154 MQ V8.0 Java client fails to connect to z/OS with exception "AMQ6047: conversion not supported" in a non-ibm Java runtime
IT17224 Using option "used save password" in MQ explorer, connections fail if the password is greater than 12 characters
IT17225 Runmqras does not capture information on MQ advanced message security policies
IT17310 Createdate within a queue statistics PCF messages has wrong day of month, and has two unwanted characters at the end
IT17354 Add JMS ibm property to message allow subscription user data to queried
IT17392 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT17408 Endmqm -i leads MQ to crash and reports FDC with probe ID XC130031
IT17427 Mq-jms JMS message properties corrupted after consuming while using migration mode with a non-ascii based jvm file.encoding
IT17492 Tab key causes runmqsc to crash on MQ V9 on Solaris sparc
IT17550 BFGSS0034E may happen after upgrade to MFTV7.5.0.6 or above due to state queue is not empty.
IT17680 Mq-jms V8 application running in migration mode takes a long time to stop a JMS connection
IT17773 Queue manager becomes unresponsive, eventually reporting log full errors: AMQ6709 and AMQ7463
IT17812 MQ V8.0.0.4 redistributable client: unmanaged .NET application throws type initializer error.
IT17818 Ibm MQ 8.0 & 9.0: can not deploy MQ resource adapter into Oracle weblogic 12.2
IT17897 Memory leak when inquire queue status type(handle) is issued
IT17979 Ffdc files with probe ids MP003001 or MP003002 reporting RC=2161(MQRC_Q_MGR_QUIESCING)
IT18052 Chlauthearlyadopt modifications
IT18078 Mq-jms V8: JMS application receives JMSCMQ1006: value for jms_ibm_character_set 'IBM01141' is not valid
IT18131 Runmqras fails when "$" character present in the MQ install or data path
IT18207 A message put with mqpmo_no_context cannot be requeued to a backout queue if posionous by JMS
IT18218 Amqp listener service crashes following an error in acquiring subpool lock: probeid XY324103
IT18354 Validateauth does not maintain file permissions
IT18394 MQ channel process amqmrppa or amqcrsta consumes high cpu on Windows systems
IT18406 JMS queuebrowser browsed messages have null properties if RFH2 is not present in message
IT18436 Deadlock seen in MQ Java on session.close() when async consume in use and poison message cannot be put to dlq
IT18438 Ibm MQ amqp service system.amqp.service stops with message AMQ5029 immediately after it is started using runmqsc
IT18545 The time in MQ error logs does not match the time on the MQ Appliance
IT18569 Mqconfig for Linux incorrectly displays the number of processes instead of the number of threads
IT18624 WebSphere MQ activation specification deadlocks when serversession is renewed
IT18813 Queue manager can call xa_commit to an external XA resource manager even after failure to write its own log records
IT18952 Unexpected eof in archive error reported when installing MQC9 V901 on Linux S390X or ppc le
IT19130 Mft commands fail on ibm i after removing fixpack ptfs
IT19169 MQ Appliance HA queue managers not tolerant of network ping failures
IT19492 MQ Appliance floating IP not working if multiple or all interfaces use same subnet
IV78343 Runmqtrm incorrectly discards a non-trigger message if it fails to put it to the dead letter queue
IV85254 WMQ 7.1 recource adapter - listener ports connecting using bindings transport hang when being shut down
IV85650 WebSphere MQ 7.1 and higher does not support ibm.xms.ibytesmessage as bigendian
IV86495 Mqrc 2013 during backout requeue of a posion message due to incorrect message expiry time
IV91218 Improvement to AMQ9616 message
PI52942 Mft v 8.0 - cmd ftesetagenttracelevel has to be run under the userid of the agent otherwise it fails with BFGNV0112E
PI54331 Source gdg member transfer ends in BFGRP0036I and not BFGIO0056E when no user sandbox rule exists
PI64172 MFT v8.0 - File Transfer fails with RC 2030 - MQRC_MSG_TOO_BIG_FOR_Q
PI66388 Mft v 8.0 - transfer of a non-existant gdg dataset being completed as successful
SE65200 MQM400-INCORROUT MQ listener port from qm.ini not being honored by strmqmlsr
SE65977 MQM400-F/LIBMQMCS-MSGAMQ8146 dmpmqmcfg specifying mqmname(*dft) with various other parameters fails AMQ8146
SE66352 Dmqmqmcfg requirements for *oneline on ibm i
SE66549 Attempt to log errors in client mode may result in FDC

IBM MQ 9.0.1 Windows, Linux

Last modified: 7 November 2016
Status: Scheduled
APAR Description
IT09572 Validateauth=no does not maintain file permissions on queue manager error logs
IT09665 Mcauser is set to '*' when all incoming users are mapped to sameuser ID
IT10096 WMQ mft V7.5.0.4: the agent does not create OUTPUT0.LOG within the agent directory structure.
IT11742 WMQ fte not reporting error when transfer request contains wildcard path outside sandbox
IT12399 MQ V8: host name displayed as invalid or blank character in the MQ error log.
IT12443 MQ appliance userbackup command problem without using -f option for V8.0.0.3
IT12701 MQ 8.0: jmsadmin generates 'JMSADM4125 q unmappablereplacement' error when altering queue definition
IT12757 An MQ appliance boot reflash with new raid disks does not automatically initialize the MQ file systems
IT13006 Accoundting or statistics averagequeuetime displays incorrect large values
IT13212 When using connection property override functionality of APAR IT08043 java.lang.classcastexception is thrown.
IT13223 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT13758 WMQ, JMS app hit 'receive interrupted by async session start'
IT13862 WMQ explorer: remote appl name attribute missing from the list when displaying channel status.
IT13886 Classnotfoundexception when using ibm MQ classes for jmsapplications inside of CICS osgi jvm server.
IT14163 Memory leak in AMQZLAA0
IT14344 Mqconn hang - qmgr not accepting new connections
IT14568 MQ .NET application generates failure data capture file due to incorrect response to API call
IT14603 Ibm MQ V8 .NET application in unmanaged mode throws mqrc_hconn_error
IT14620 MQ chlauth rule type(blockaddr) and warn(yes) on svrconn channelgenerates AMQ9509, AMQ9214
IT14762 Mq-jms/java applications require ability to specify the MQ data directory location
IT14806 Mqxr service ends with FDC probe XR014005 negativearraysizeexception
IT14816 MQ .NET client fails with '2195' mqrc_unexpected_error during MQGet call.
IT14820 MQ JMS exceptionlistener is not invoked for non-connection broken exception
IT14915 MQ mft V8.0 reports BFGUL0002W when agent is both the source anddestination and enablememoryallocationchecking=true
IT14958 Intermittent message delivery fails in a managed .NET client application with SSL enabled
IT14983 Ibm MQ V8.0: bytes field is printed as a negative value in dmpmqmsg output.
IT15003 Ibm MQ 8.0 mft configurationdirectory and productdirectory values passed to user exits are incorrect.
IT15029 Unable to compile an MQ COBOL program using the ibm MQ V8 libraries.
IT15112 MQ amqrmppa memory usage increases over time.
IT15144 MQ explorer V8 does not allow selection of tls 1.2 cipherspecs for hp-nss queue managers upgraded to or higher.
IT15157 Addmqinf fails in a Windows multi-instance environment when the queue manager is created with the -ar option.
IT15208 MQ V8: FDC with probe ID ZX092012 generated when ending queue manager with -p flag
IT15253 MQ V8:"AMQ9629: bad SSL cryptographic hardware parameters" errorreturned when trying to ping an SSL channel
IT15274 MQ 7.5 JMS client hangs when attempting to receive a message from a queue
IT15318 MQ appliance 8.0 command "help dlthagrp" attempts to delete the ha group
IT15361 Ibm MQ mft V8 source disposition for transfer items is not processed at the end of a managed transfer.
IT15408 JMS client hangs during reconnect to a queue manager after a ha failover
IT15469 Bfglgmg jcl script fails with "BFGCL0048E: an unknown parameter was specified on the command line" error
IT15521 Update transfer recovery report log message to include partner agent name
IT15559 WebSphere MQ activation specification deadlocks when pool scavenger thread closes a serversession
IT15599 MQ channel stuck in initializing state and FDC produced from amqrmppa process with probeid XC130003
IT15639 After APAR IT04813 mft transfer can not be cancelled when remotefile server not available
IT15740 Ibm MQ V9.0 installation may hang when invoking mqconfig utilityon Linux
IT15833 Ibm MQ V8 Java client application using security exit gets MQRC=2035 when connecting to V7 queue manager.
IT15841 MQ command display q(*) results in AMQ8147 WebSphere MQ object * not found
IT15913 Queue manager becomes unresponsive, error log reports AMQ7463, queue manager log is full.
IT16007 MQ improperly reading EBCDIC message with iih & RFH2 headers when gmo_convert is used - error MQHDR0011 occur
IT16032 Queueconnectionfactory throws jmsruntimeexception creating jmscontext on zos when running in liberty
IT16093 Mft fteant command not using channel or port definitions from resulting in mqrc 2538
IT16161 Damaged object results in probe ID AQ205030 which incorrectly terminates the queue manager.
IT16228 MQ fte: probe FFDC_018 for ioexitwildcardfileimpl.isdirectory cause: "should not have been called"
IT16297 Dspmqver hangs if mqinst.ini contains comment or blank lines
IT16342 MQ V8.0.0.5: channel processes terminate abnormally, with probe ID XC130031, amqrmppa gets sigsegv in zsqatcbafter
IT16349 MQ explorer 9.0 does not display RFH2 properties when selecting show message properties as an MQRFH2 structure in message body
IT16493 Ibm MQ V8: telemetry using ldaploginmodule is unable to use multiple JAAS login modules for a login configuration file
IT16497 Ibm MQ 8.0: using PCF command, incorrectly able to blank out conname for non-default authinfo objects.
IT17060 MQ V8.0.0.5/, alter channel for sender channel on parameter propctl fails with AMQ8405 syntax error
IV78400 WMQ classes for JMS returns mqrc 2003 'mqrc_backed_out' when option mqgmo_syncpoint_if_persistent is used
IV82082 Segment violation in AMQZLAA0 when an application publishes messages within a distribution list
IV83734 MQ client reports 2119 mqrc_not_converted when trying to MQGet a message
IV83747 Deadlock closing JMS session in automatic client reconnection after APAR IV57472
IV83785 Wmq-java/jms classes may send data to the qmgr which is not 4-BYTE aligned
IV84461 Connectionfactory property shareconvallowed=no not functional incombination with sharecnv.
IV85650 WebSphere MQ 7.1 and higher does not support ibm.xms.ibytesmessage as bigendian
PI52942 Mft v 8.0 - cmd ftesetagenttracelevel has to be run under the userid of the agent otherwise it fails with BFGNV0112E
PI61361 V8: MQ mft migration job is failing with error BFGCL0502E.
SE64362 MQM400-MSGAMQ8298 dmpmqmcfg may generate incorrect output
SE64770 Wrkmqmchst may not list all channel statuses in a cluster
SE65200 MQM400-INCORROUT MQ listener port from qm.ini not being honored by strmqmlsr

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