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Open Mic Webcast: Troubleshooting Domino Policies - 29 April 2015 [Presentation, Audio, Videos, Q&A]



IBM hosted an Open Mic Webcast session with Development and Support Engineers on April 29, 2015. This session, which was led by Amy Knox, provided an in-depth look at the methodology and flow for troubleshooting and resolving issues with Domino policies (all types).



Audio Recording
  • 75 minutes 42 seconds
  • Q&A begins at 61:50


Troubleshooting Domino Policies - Policy Flow:
Using IBM Domino Designer to troubleshoot policies:
Troubleshooting Domino Policies - Testing Policies:

Web Chat Q&A

Q1. Any APAR in place to fix the "signed by" column in the policy view?

* * *
Q2. This solves a mystery for me, but feel it would be easier if we added code in the NAB if trying to copy/paste a policy doc to warn the admin
Within the same directory, you wouldn't have the problem, only issue is cross domains.

Yep, we merged two domains, and use multiple O's in each
Yup, that makes sense, most often see the issue when getting names.nsf from customers PMR

* * *
Q3. Do these mail settings also apply for iNotes users?
Many of the mail settings in the mail policy and mail part of the Desktop policy also apply to iNotes. There are also some Desktop settings that come through to iNotes as well.

* * *
Q4. Do we also have an SPR for the Policy Synopsis summary? Where Organizational policies show up at the top (even though they have the least precedence) and then the explicit policies show up in order of decreasing precedence. It's pretty confusing for new people and makes you have to stop and work through it when you're troubleshooting
I don't believe one so I'll create one

* * *
Q5. How can we avoid conflicts in inheritance where default values are provided in settings documents but they are not set to "Don't set Value"? i.e. security settings. When you create an explicit policy with a different settings document it seems all of those defaults will take precedence over potentially different settings in the org policy
  • Don't use too many policies/settings for ease of management and to avoid conflicts

This applies with even a single explicit policy. i.e. a group of folks who have a different need. I pretty much have to completely duplicate the original policy in the explicit rather than just update the things that are different. Also, having the default values in the settings documents makes it very difficult to see what is being set. Getting rid of the defaults would be very useful.
That is why Don't Set should be set in the Org and Dynamic policy, would prevent that.


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